IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT From Ben & Paris To Our Liberty Writers Fans

Ben and Paris Wade
On November 8, 2017, exactly one year to the day from when Donald J. Trump was elected the President of the United States, our Facebook page for Liberty Writers, which boasted over 2+ million followers, was compromised and ultimately removed.
At this time, we are vigorously working on getting the page back up and running, and will be sure to keep all of our loyal visitors and Facebook followers up to date on the status.
In the meantime, please continue to visit us here at our official website,
We appreciate your patience as we resolve this matter. Thank you!


  1. I don’t depend on Facebook anyway I don’t trust them They have blocked comments I have made and call them spam it seems to me that Facebook is monitoring all comment there for controlling all the comments that people make to see that they’re politically correct.I will still keep going to your web page directly.

    • I too have discontinued use of Facebook.just another social monitoring device like debt/credit card chips…my chip broke/ cracked so they can’t monitor financial transactions as easily eithet


  3. I don’t know if other people are having the problem that I have encountered on Facebook where they want me to give them access to my computer under the guise that they somehow have a need to insure themselves that my computer has not been corrupted in some way by Malware. BTW, this problem does not originate solely from Facebook but in collusion with Windows. Since I will not provide them with the opportunity to snoop around in my computer, I am blocked from using Facebook, or at least, one would think so, however, by using a different operating system I can and do still get on Facebook anyway. I’m sure that must infuriate them, but I will not submit to their interfering with my constitutional right to free speech.

    Before using the above method of restricting my access to Facebook, they would just arbitrarily deny me access by not allowing me to login, or by interfering with my posting of political opinions, which are conservative and, therefore, supportive of our Constitution and President Trump and in opposition to the PRAVDA type news organisations we now have as well as communist organizations such as Antifa and efforts by the party of crooks, a.k.a. democrats, to undermine the rule of law of our Nation.

    • Ronald, I too had that message when I attempted to enter FB. I took a circuitous route and found another way in. I had been posting and looked back to post more and found that all of my postings had been removed and advertisements were put in their place. I screamed at them on my FB page to leave my personal FB page alone so eventually they stopped that, but I no longer get the messages from my former FB friends on my FB computer–only on my cell phone. They are really jerking us around.

    • Mine is doing the same thing, but if I login in through Yahoo instead of Google I don’t have the problem, which tells me Google and Facebook are in cahoots.

  4. FB is taking over many, many, comment sections…..I got shut down because I don’t have a mobile phone. This is no different from communism where the government controls what the population thinks, hears and reads. Brain washing

    • Why do you think I left Facebook. They spammed me twice. I got tired of it. The only social site I go to is Twitter. Two people tried to censor me on Twitter. Twitter tried to block me once. I called Twitter’s office in San Francisco and threatened them with a lawsuit, as well as get the attorney general involved. Not only did they unblock me, but no one on Twitter can kick me off Twitter, no matter how slanderous or vial my comments are, as they are afraid of me. They just tell users to block me.

  5. I have had the same things going on as many of you! Unfortunately! It’s their push for Globalism? Welcome to Globalism boy’s and girls! Now we know what we don’t want ! Do everything we can to fight it! It’s really just these fool’s who are in high places in boss positions that control things! It’s not that they are the majority! They in their corrupted minds control everything! Trump needs to stop this! Most of this was created by that Non American Commie Fruitcake criminal Obama! With this Communist Executive Order of Censorship!

  6. Facebook is punishing me for my comments about the corruptions of our former President and Clinton. They said my comments is trash, I just worry about that the USA is downing to the second world class, but this is the biggest social media to control our free of speech, that’s not right if Face book want to exist on our land, Face book should respect the US constitution to run their business, we have to do something on this issue. China is rising, US is downing by the corruptions, how we can compete in the following 20 years? This is serious issue for our country.

  7. What needs to happen is when Trump cleans out the swamp? Start rounding Bill Gate’s , Zuckerberg etc. and put them in prison for helping to destroy America for Globalism it’s called Treason! They need to be executed! They are doing a lot of damage. Whether they know it or not? They ate and have pissed a whole lot of us off! It’s a wonder no one has waited for them to do bodily harm? Or even worse? They would deserve it in my opinion! Especially! With all the threat’s from the other side? Like Killing Trump, taken over our Government , killing cops , beating up Rand Paul etc.! I’m amazed nothing had happened to any if these Globalist loser’s? Interesting?

  8. Why don’t you dump Facebook? I did three years ago, and I don’t miss them one bit. Remember, there are other social media sites that you can use besides Facebook. If everyone would dump Facebook as I did, they would be more responsive as a supplier. They need to be more respectful of their clients, or goodbye Facebook! Look at the NFL. Those idiots disrespect their clients/customers. See what happens when they are boycotted? They go down the tubes. Do likewise to Facebook.

  9. Why do you think Zuckerberg wants to run for POTUS? If he does run and win, just think what he can do with us with all of the information they gather on all of us. We all would be screwed. Therefore, we should never allow Zuckerberg to ever become POTUS. He is such a criminal that would put the screws to all of us. Watch, he will attempt to buy the presidency with his billions of dollars of wealth. Do not let Zuckerberg ever to be come the POTUS! Screw him now while he is just a rich idiot.

  10. Thank you to all of the people who wrote above. I,too, have several of my comments blocked and wondered what is going on.Now, I know. How do I get off of Facebook and subscribe to something else. I’d appreciate your response. Marie DeKnikker [email protected]

  11. Well, what ever happened must have been bad, u guys aren’t even keeping our web site up to date, nor any further explanations what happened. Guess I can remove Liberty writes from my book marks. good luck guys, see ya around sometime


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