WHILE In Japan Trump Gave Order To Congress That’ll Have North Korea Hiding In Their Huts


This is hot off the press. Donald Trump has now asked Congress for $4.0 billion to buy missile defense enhancements to fight the threat from North Korea. He is asking for $.07 to repair damaged US Navy ships and $1.2 billion to support Trump’s South Asia Strategy.

Congress needs to back up Trump. They cannot back down now. The President also hit them right where it hurts and asked for another $1.6 billion to the build the wall.

Congress cannot get anything done and we need to make this go viral so that they support our President in his fight to keep this country safe.

Share this if you are glad that we have Trump and not that witch Hillary Clinton to face off against North Korea.

We need to pray for the safety of our President as he squares off against North Korea.



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