Laura Ingraham Accurately Predicts GOP’s Future If They Keep Running Away From Trump Like Cowardly Ed Gillespie

Source: Youtube, Fox News

Laura Ingraham just made an ominous prediction and the GOP better listen up. In a big race with no national implications but plenty of national hype, the GOP did the unthinkable.

They ran a card-carrying member of the GOP establishment named Ed Gillespie.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza described him thusly:

“A former chairman of the Republican National Committee. A senior member of Bushworld. A GOP lobbyist. A conservative but someone willing to compromise. A pragmatist, not an ideologue.”

And this is the guy the GOP pick to run? But to make it worse, Ed ran away, not towards President Trump.

It is the same mistake the Democrats made when they all thought Obama was toxic to voters and ran away from him only to see Obama win a second term and the Democrats lose seats.

It was a classic beltway blunder – they believed the polls and ran cowardly races.

The GOP better not make that same mistake or they will find themselves losing Congress.

As Laura Ingraham pointed out on her show last night. She bashed the GOP for running a weak candidate with a weak message who would not embrace Trump. And made an accurate prediction of the GOP’s future if they don’t embrace Trump.

She said,

“I made this point really consistently that there is no middle ground with conservative populism. That is the wave of the future. That there is no constituency for open borders, open markets, and endless military interventionalism. So maybe Gillespie wouldn’t have won if President Trump campaigned with him. But trying to be half-in half-out with Donald Trump was never going to work. If you dip your toe in just a little bit you’re going to turn out just like Ed Gillespie did – political road kill.”

Laura is correct – embrace Trump and what America really wants or be political road kill. Choose wisely GOP.


  1. may just be the establishment’s way of limiting Trup’s power. I think the establishment swamp rats would rather have Obama in than Trump, simply because of how weak Obama is. Trump will hold feet to the fire, and not allow pathetic excuses abound the DC. Beltway. So, they could destroy our state-wide candidate base by pulling these Gillespie types out of the woodwork, and ignoring the Nationalist, Populist consensus that got Trump elected in the first place. I think Bannon and McConnell coming to a ceasefire on the war on establishment rinos was a bad idea. Est. Rinos obviously aren’t interested in the nationalist, populist movement like Trump’s base is, and yet they won’t pick a nationalist, populist candidate? I want to know if this is on purpose or simply a mistake to learn from. Im either case:


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