What Mike Pence Just Did Makes Mila Kunis Immediately Regret Abortion Donation In His Name

Source: YouTube/ODE

A few days ago, actress Mila Kunis donated to the Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. Soon afterward, her donation backfired SPECTACULARLY.

Shortly after Kunis’ donation was made public, a pro-life group began soliciting donations for their own cause in Mike Pence’s name.

When Mike Pence found out about this plan to counter donations to the Planned Parenthood, he got on board, retweeting the link and adding his approval.

Neither tweet referenced Kunis’ actions, rendering her initial “peaceful protest” irrelevant. Meanwhile, money will now be flowing to organizations tasked with ending abortion.

So Mila Kunis didn’t get what she wanted. In the end, the biggest winner here was Mike Pence and the pro-life cause. He kept it classy and they’re getting the money.

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While celebrities try to tear him down, he’s trying to lift up causes that are close to his heart.


  1. Why don’t I ever hear conversations from these abortion advocates about a woman and man’s responsibility for their own actions? I see on a daily basis how woman have multiple abortions just because they can and they are proud of it. Having unprotected sex has always been a problem in our societies yet no one addresses the irresponsible act, they only discuss terminating the “result” of ignorance not the problem of it. There is not one good or valid reason why the entire human race should condone sexual ignorance and irresponsibility. Instead of telling these people to act as adults we encourage them to continue being irresponsible by telling them, don’t worry, we got your back. “WE” will pay for your mistakes, you are our responsibility because you incapable. I believe Planned Parenthood has always exploited the irresponsible actions of these women and are now being paid millions annually by the government to continue exploiting them and these women love it. This country condones ignorance and refuses to expect people to act responsibly. And this is the mentality of this entire country. Abortions should only happen in severe cases such as rape, incest or life threatening to the mother or infant.

  2. What????? If you can’t afford condoms, then you shouldn’t be having sex. It shows complete irresponsibility by those involved in having an abortion. If you can’t accept responsibility for your actions, maybe you should invest in sterilization.

    • One way to stop multiple​ abortions , is to sterilize these women, on the second child !!!! Once maybe an accident, but the second child, they know what causes it !!!! No excuses !!!!


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