NFL Owners Struck Dumb After Seeing Their ‘Punishment’ In Trump’s New Tax Bill

Source: Youtube

Who knew taxes could be so fun? Certainly not me. Usually taxes are like a brutal trip to the dentist,

But not with Trump leading this great nation.

The GOP tax bill – and I know they still have to get it signed in a do-nothing Congress and that is easier said than done.

But the GOP seems to be together and the tax plan looks to be a slam dunk.

In one stunning move, Trump followed through on his promise to get rid of the Johnson amendment that prohibited Churches from engaging in politics.

And delivered for the middle class like Obama never could or would.

But it gets better.

Because, after threatening and promising he may do it, Trump hit the NFL where it hurts.

In their taxpayer funded luxury stadiums that allow them to reap enormous profits while taxpayers foot the bill.

It is a terrible scam and Trump just ended it.

Closed the huge loophole the NFL and other sports owners use to blackmail local populations.

According to the Washington Times, the tax bill will “prohibit professional sports stadiums from taking advantage of tax-exempt bonds, which state and local governments often float for important public works projects.”

In other words the taxpayer funded gravy train is over.

Now get your employees off their knees before it gets worse. Share if you agree.


  1. To all you democrats…what did Obama and Hillary EVER do for the middle class. ZERO. Obama master pontificator spewing out his leftists BS and doing nothing except flap his lips. Hillary lying through her teeth. She’s told so many lies she can’t remember what she’s talking about. GO TRUMP GO #MAGA

  2. I’m not real sure if churches should be involved in politics!!! I do not believe politics should be preached from the pulpit and that is what will happen!!! The NFL should never have been subsidized by taxpayers – I’m sure taxpayers did not know this!!!

    • Penny, What hole have you been living in? Politics are the life blood of black churchs and the Catholic churchs are not far behind. All teaching a liberal message and supporting Democrats almost exclusively. The conservative minded churchs have almost all followed the law and kept politics out of the church. This only levels the playing field for conservatives who are a lot more likely to follow the law then their liberal counterparts.

  3. Penny, none of the Churches I have ever attended have ever preached politics from the pulpit. There may be some I’m not sure but not any Evangelical Churches do to my knowledge.

    • Why, should, I have my tax dollars, go to ,”any” industry, That makes billions of dollars. These folks don’t need my money. or yours. Question for you.
      Why should I help pay for a stadium, then have to
      Buy tickets to go there?
      How , about I don’t help pay for it. Then , I buy tickets for my whole family , for alot more games,
      Because , now my tax burden is less?

  4. Whether the NFL disrespects the flag, or not…. How in the world did they ever get this tax-payer funded free ride, anyway !? It should NEVER have been given in the first place !

  5. Heck, many of the sports players make enough money to pay the insurance premiums of those who don’t have insurance at all, under Obamacare, just to use one example. And thanks, Trump, for bringing this issue of tax payer funded stadiums, to the attention of the American public.


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