NFL Won’t Recover From What Wife Just Admitted Anti-Flag Players Did To Hurt Patriotic Star QB

Source: Twitter, Youtube

All I can say is wow. If this is true it will damage the NFL beyond measure and there is really no coming back from this.

Now it must be said the Oakland Raiders are denying this story. Fair enough but the wife of one of the players is confirming Roger Goodell’s worst nightmare and if she is correct the NFL is done.

Here is the backstory. Star quarterback Derek Carr is a vocal Christian in the locker room and an even louder American patriot.

He often asks his teammates to pray before games and his offensive line was not down with it. They were arguing before a game about praying when they told Carr they would all be taking a knee for the anthem.

Carr was not happy and and told the NFL’s only all black NFL Offensive line that that was unacceptable.

Because the offensive line has played well and because that particular week (Week 3) Derek Carr got sacked multiple times and got injured conspiracy theories flew around the league that they did threw the game on purpose.

Until today they were only conspiracy theories.

According to Breitbart, Miko Grimes wife of cornerback Brent Grimes just confirmed Goodell’s worst nightmare and said it is all true.

She is claiming the offensive line threw and game and let their star, patriotic quarterback get hurt because he was against their anthem protests.

This will sink the NFL, share if you agree.


  1. I knew when I heard he got injured that was what happened….they should fire all the line and replace with the second string and adjudicate every last one of them….They are typical liberal brain dead kool aid drunken idiots ….this is the reason WHY the police are always “disrespecting ” them….THEY bring it on themselves and then holler….

  2. Goodell should not be in charge of anything. I for one, am not watching these idiots play for millions. Hopefull their salaries will tumble way down…


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