Police Report From Rand Paul’s Assault Reveals There’s Something FISHY Going On


Over the weekend, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was assaulted by a disgruntled neighbor and suffered minor injuries, according to initial reports.

Days after the assault, however, we learned that Paul’s injuries were actually much more severe than were first reported, and included bruised lungs and numerous broken ribs, according to Mediaite.

But Shephard Smith pointed out on Fox News that the release of the police report reveals there’s something fishy going on…

“Now the senator’s office reports he has five rib fractures, some displaced ribs and bruised lungs,” Smith said. “Police arrested Rene Boucher. The charge, fourth-degree misdemeanor assault. They say they don’t know what this was about. Which means they haven’t asked? Also, fourth-degree misdemeanor assault? He’s out on $7,500 bail after attacking a sitting United States senator and sending him to the hospital for a prolonged absence in great pain.”

Chad Pergram weighed in as well, and Smith followed up on Pergram’s comments by asking whether anything had been heard from Paul’s family:

“Not a word, not a word. And the fact that it took a couple days to hear from Boucher’s attorneys and describes it in these bromides that it’s just an unfortunate incident, that qualifies as pretty strange as well,” Pergram said.

Smith commented: “Smells like a skunk in the chicken house, but I haven’t seen the skunk.”

Here’s a link to the police report:

And here’s the clip:


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