Pope Francis Considers Massive Change To Centuries Old Practice That Just May Save Catholic Church

Source: Youtube

Pope Francis just made the first move that may save the Catholic Church. The church is still popular, especially in developing countries where it literally does God’s work.

But the rule against letting priests marry has held them back and has left many a black eye on the church’s reputation.

Many priests leave and get married, some in scandal. Or worse, many priests turned to other, disgusting ways, to deal with their sex urges.

With the numbers of priests declining and young priests ever more scarce, Catholics the world over have pleaded with church leaders to let priests marry.

It is time – it is an old law that is not central to the faith, even though it seems like it after all these centuries.

The Pope has said, according to the Telegraph, that this is a question of “the discipline of the church, rather than dogma, meaning that it can be discussed.”

And in earth shattering news, the Telegraph is reporting from Vatican sources that Pope Francis is not only considering changing the rule, he is calling a conference to debate the matter.

Right now this would most probably apply to rural areas, like the backwaters of Brazil. As it is the Brazilian Cardinals who cannot find enough priests to serve the rural areas as paganism is taking root.

So the Pope wants to know what other Brazilian church leaders think before he makes a decision.

And if he allows it in Brazil it will spread fast and literally save the Church.

The pope called the debate after Brazilian Cardinals asked him to change the rule citing lack of priests to carry out their mission.

He will allow only the Cardinals from Brazil to vote and influence his decision and they will surely vote in favor which will, at least for that area, lift the ban.

But as I said, once it becomes church law there will no stopping it from spreading.

And it will save the church. Share if you agree.


H/T New York Post


  1. If it leaves the children from perverts alone then hell yes go for the it. But if this opens doors for more abuse than no way. Will they marry minor children to have sex with. To many perverts in the churches around the world so be careful.

  2. The problems of the church are much more than priests not being able to marry. Changing from Latin (a dead language) to languages which are constantly changing the meanings of words have caused millions of Catholics to leave the church or to ignore those tenets of the church that restricts their life style. Again the church too often in the modern world has made too many deals with tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and Mao for many of it’s members who value truth and freedom.

    • Exactly! The celibacy rule didn’t really take effect until the middle ages. Rome itself, had a long standing celibacy rule, but that was considered a local tradition. I really don’t know if during this time most of the male clergy were part of religious orders -Benedictines, etc. Part of the rationale for enforcing universal celibacy had to do with inheritance and the Church providing for the welfare of the wives and kids of the priests. This lifting of celibacy would only affect the diocesan clergy. Groups like Franciscans, Dominicans Jesuits, are considered monks (loosely) so they will remain celibate. A pedophile will be a pedophile no matter what. With a married clergy, the Catholic Church will be less inclined to attract homosexuals because it would no longer be “celibate” club. Actually I can see friction happening between straight married priests and gay celibate ones.

  3. Will this allow gay marrying priests? This so called jesuit pope has all but killed the church…I am a Christian thru and thru….man made religion can not save you….only Faith in Christ can….



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