Reporter Forced To Apologize To Sarah Sanders After Saying This UNFORGIVABLE Thing About Her Appearance

Source: Youtube, Fox News

As the public face of the Trump administration, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is used to coming under attack. This week, however, the press secretary was hit by criticisms more disgusting than ever before — she was called fat, ugly, and stupid.

As chronicled by the Daily Caller, several liberal reporters have begun attacking Sanders for her appearance and weight.

“Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes,” LA Times David Horsey wrote in a piece on Wednesday.

But the worst thing came when he claimed Sanders “looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games” than a press secretary.


He was forced to retract the statement in a subsequent post.

At another paper, New York Times reporter Frank Bruni said, “to listen to her pronounce ‘priorities’ is akin to hearing the air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half of the consonants on the curb.”

This unforgivably disgusting attack on Sanders’ intelligence and appearance isn’t new. SNL once infamously mocked Sanders when she first appeared behind the podium, calling her mother a “southern hamburger.”

Sanders didn’t care then — and she doesn’t mind now. She’s too busy KILLING IT as our fabulous press secretary!

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She is too gorgeous and too good of a person to endure such a ridiculous attack.

Mark is a recent grad from California State University, Long Beach. Despite several years of college indoctrination, he emerged as conservative as ever. He blames his dad -- who raised him right. Follow him on Twitter using the link below!


  1. Sarah is beautiful, great mom, smart and loves the Lord. I’d say, we are fortunate to have her on our side in the White House.

  2. Sarah is beautiful and smart to be able to handle a room of reporters who is destined to ridicule and catch her in saying something the way they don’t like it . It shows how (unsmart) they are when they fall to name calling.

  3. Sarah you are beautiful don’t let those foul mouthed reporters or anyone else try to put u down they are ruthless .why don’t they talk about trashy stinky Hillary because like I said they are too stupid and they are cowards. Afraid of the Clintons. What ever you have on always looks so nice and clean and their woman of choice wears stained clothes and has gready hair.

  4. Bad! She’s very intelligent and she’s very attractive! I’m assuming this dude isn’t married. His mother would be very proud!

  5. I hope she can see the humor in those idiots. I thought the first time I saw her she was beautiful and still do! I loved her humor about her kids. She is smart , funny, has lots of sass and I think she is the very best. Oh yes I forgot the word beautiful again!

    • Sarah is a beautiful LADY…….sincere, honest and a fighting spirit..l….God Bless you Sarah as you take on the liberal morons!!!!!!

    • I greatly admire Sarah, she is filling a thankless role in our President’s administration and doing an outstanding job of it. Great, beautiful Lady, she has garnered my respect.

  6. I love to watch you make mince meat out of the reporters that Are disrespectful to you! Keep up your great faith in the Lord and don’t let them pull you down to their LOW level! You are doing WONDERFUL!

  7. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a beautiful, articulate woman, who can put many to shame!! She certainly has the honest, quick answers to ignorant reporters!!! Any reporter speaking so rouge to me would never get picked to speak!!!! You had better buy her a large, gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a very apologetic note for such crude remarks!!! He is such a dork!!!!!

  8. Yes she is beautiful. To put up with those stupid liberal reporters every day makes her a very smart person. She has more patience than I would have!!!

  9. Sarah is beautiful inside and outside…and she holds her own and her job is one of the toughest for sure…a great Christian woman with much strength and class…you go Sarah…

    Really, attacking her appearance, really a cheap shot…

  10. Sara is beautiful and knows her stuff. She puts them in their place and when they cannot counter they attack her. Just shows they lost.

    • What happened to the anti-bullying campaign? Sarah is a smart and highly articulate representative of our president who has to constantly put these anti- fact reporters in their place. They can’t verbally refute her remarks so they have to resort to bullying tactics about her appearance. Sad that so called journalists stoop to such low levels.

  11. Sarah is beautiful inside and out! She isn’t afraid of those rude reporters and she handles them with ease! We are so proud of you and we are sure the President is impressed with also! Keep up the great work!!!

  12. Sarah is a beautiful,sophisticated, intelligent woman who you are obviously intimidated by. Shameful moronic wannabee. You should stay home and put your pen where the sun doesn’t shine!

  13. Sarah is smart, attractive, has a big heart and one of most articulate, educated and well versed person…. whom I enjoy listening to whenever she speaks

  14. I believe Sarah is doing a great job and is not only putting the press corps on their toes but to go so low as to insult her beauty and intelligence. Sarah is not only smart and beautiful, she’s someone to always watch because she is so prepared and not going to be caught asking questions.

  15. Sarah is not only beautiful, she is strong and smart, caring and gracious!! Thank you Sarah for being someone I am very proud of to represent our President!!

  16. Sarah is a natural beauty!!!! She is “matter of fact”, extremely well prepared, and super smart!!!! She is probably the best Press Secretary we ever had!!!!

  17. Sarah is beautiful both inside and outside.
    Dimwit reporters are jealous….they want
    to be as good at their jobs as she is at

    • That will never happen for reporters as their jobs are to sensationalize. Sarah is very good at her job as press secretary and I love it when she puts those showboats in their place. Go Sarah.

  18. The absolute best press secretary ever! When they have nothing relevant/truthful to say they resort to these childish tactics. Liberals have no class!

  19. Sarah u can’t fix stupid. And there r a bunch of them asking such stupid questions Pay them no mind and those that attack u I would look over them. U r a beautiful woman and u r not there for them to say such stupid remarks about U. U r one of the best we have had in a long time. They r just jealous because u r so much smarter then they r. We love u. Don’t ever doubt it. Just a bunch of idiots trying to get u up set. Ignore the jerks and trashey thugs.

  20. I have not seen a thing wrong with Sarah’s body or attire. Those who pass remarks should be put out and not allowed back in. She is a very attractive woman and a beautiful mother. Bunch of SCUMBAGS.

  21. Shame on you LA Times and the New York Times. You are both a corrupt,nasty,disgusting, violent,so called news.I will remember the disgusting thing you said about Sarah Sanders and the American people will also.You both are trash news.

  22. Sarah has more class in her pinkie finger than most of the reporters that makes millions tying and telling false stories. I think she is doing a wonderful job. Sarah comes from a good family and Gov Huckabee can be very proud of her. Any lady that wears pearls with everything has class and is proud of herself and doing her very best at whatever it is she attempts to do. GO Sarah.!!!!

  23. What makes all of these cool-aid drinkers think they are any prize packages? They should look in the mirror, also take a,look at your hearts!!!

  24. Go get ’em Sarah! They are just jealous that you are doing such a great job and they can’t find a ‘stop button’ on you. You crush them every time you open your mouth and that’s what they need —someone to tell them ‘how the cow eats the cabbage’!!! Keep it up, your are great and beautiful besides!

  25. Why do these news people have to diminish someone to make themselves look smart?!? I would like to tell them it’s what’s in the heart that makes great people not smartie mouths like them who have no idea about treating others like they would like to be treated!! They will reap what they sew!! If they sew love they will reap love but if they sew discord they will reap discord!!!

  26. Sarah, you are beautifull and, clearly, you have emasculated your critics and rendered the eununchs powerless, frustrated and very angry. REVOKE their WH Press Passes for disrespectful stupidity.

  27. What is wrong with these idiots? No respect for Sarah who is doing her job, no respect for the law, protests whatever with no reasoning other than destroying other people’s possessions and it goes on and on and on. I think we need to have a huge march for the what HC called “deplorables” and show them why she lost. If we did any of those things, we would be in jail! Don’t let these reporters in and let’s continue to support our President who is really doing a great job despite all the Rinos, Dems, and others that are anti-Trump. Save the USA from these idiots or we will be another US of Europe soon. I spent 6 weeks there and what I saw was deplorable and it is getting worse, not better. We don’t want socialism in our country!

  28. When adults talk and act like this don’t blame their kids for being bullies. Bullies learn behavior from ignorant parents. Take a long careful look in a mirror. Sarah can hold her head up high everyday.

  29. are any of these people real reporters or are they just pulled off the street to fill up space on a piece of paper. they must be since they have the IQ of a rock.

  30. Sarah is beautiful, smart and will not back down to these rude and disgusting reporters. She is doing an awesome job. Keep it up Sarah. We are so proud of you. From one PK (preacher’s kid) to another.

  31. Sarah is beautiful and very composed. Quick responses to reporters with all their liberal questions. What do these reporters look like?

  32. Sarah, You are beautiful, intelligent. wonderful Mother, great Christian lady. You are ‘THE BEST” Press Secretary ever. So proud of you and also bless you for t he way you do you work. God Bless you and your family.

  33. Martha Youngblood Handley Incredibly smart and wonderful for out Country! I appreciate her honesty and carefully taking care of our President, Donald Trump! Prayers for safety to her heart! Much Love to her for her SERVICE!

  34. Sarah has more class in her little finger than any of these idiots have in their whole body. She can walk with her head high. These reporters should hide under a table some where.

  35. Sarah is smart as a whip and she keeps those reporters in line. She is a real sweetheart who knows her business. Shame on those men for saying those things about her. She looks a whole lot better then old Hillary in her many pants suits or Michelle in some of the stupid outfits she wore. Now the left is out there woman shaming because she always makes them look as dumb as they are. Sarah does an excellent job and she always looks nice. She probably is or will be a soccer mom and she might prefer sweat pants, who doesn’t. She is not ugly or fat and she has more manners then the lot of you. The fact is they just can’t stand the fact that she is smarter then they are and she always has a quick response to their stupid questions. They can’t push her around. She stands her ground and gives better then she gets. Love you Sarah.

  36. Sarah is beautiful and smart. She isn’t afraid of any of those jokers, referred to as reporters ! Keep up the great work……I think you’re the best Press Secretary we’ve ever had !!

  37. Pretty is as pretty does. You do a fabulous job. You are very pretty lady. Be tough on these idiots. Tell them you will leave the stunning outfits for Melania. You are there to do a job, not a style show.

  38. Have you noticed the most intellectual gets attacked the most by the least intellectual? I think she’s beautiful and kind unless she needs to be unkind to the ones that bring it out of her.

  39. She is great and very intelligent, Sarah don’t let those jealous jerks get you. You’re doing a spectacular job and we all appreciate you.

  40. This reporter s ignorant, Asinine, rude, Arrogant. Sander is a WOMEN with experience in handling punks like this guy. She has Beauty through and through. She presents herself, Intelligent, responsible to handle anything or anyone put before her. She does a excellent Job in press Secretary. Stupid reporters don’t understand Beauty, he owes Sanders an apology immediately.

  41. Really? Right wing goofballs? Leaping upon your “mistake”? Did we hurt your little feelings David? (cue the pity party) First of all little David, conservatives saw your statement as in-grading, insulting and hateful because that is what you intended to be. That was no “mistake”. And second, your comments were no mistake anymore then our response was. Your statement about Sarah only shines light on and proves your true character. You have no honor my friend. You are a narcissist who cannot deal with anyone painting you as something less then the perfected piece of work you view yourself as. Narcissism is a result from decades of a disease called political correctness. Narcissists motto: “You will see me as I see myself or I shall unleash my fury upon the world. (But I don’t have to be just or make sense doing it)” You came off sounding like some spoiled teenage boy asking a girl for a date and being rejected then spouting lies about her and trying to disparage her. And it made you feel good to do that. (What a hero for the left you are) The behavior of a true Narcissist. Your “mistake” was a breach of good manners and showed ZERO character and ZERO honor. The sign of a true left wing nut. You need some serious self examination little guy. We simply cannot improve upon ourselves without it. You are proof of that statement. No mistake. You are the poster child of everything wrong with this country today. I will leave you with 4 words of advice, “Say no to Drugs”.

    • you need to go straight to him and tell him this on his TWITTER PAGE like I do! Your words are AWESOME and TRUTH!.. it will take you four or five messages to send him this where others can see it but its WORTH IT! HE NEEDS TO SEE THIS AND SO DO HIS FOLLOWERS!

  42. Sarah is beautiful. And she displays the true beauty of a kind and loving , rather than the ugliness of attack by this reporter.

  43. Sarah is a beautiful breath of fresh air to the press conferences! She does a great job while dealing with the bottom feeding press club. Stay focused Sarah. You are the smart one and we love and appreciate you.

  44. Ever notice when the liberal don’t have anything else they start throwing out unwarranted criticism. Fat ugly and stupid? Is that all they got? Perhaps they should go look in the mirror.

  45. Beautiful, smart and very intelligent, tells it like it should be told and stands up for what is fair and right, doing one fantastic job!!!!!

  46. Liberals are garbage. I know you to be a strong woman and you are
    Doing a great job. You are a beautiful young woman. We will be praying
    For you.

  47. Sarah has em where it hurts and they know it. Of course, when she absolutely runs circles around them they resort to personal attacks because that can’t touch her on any substantive dialogue. She is smart and beautiful. The world is blessed by her presence.

  48. And exactly what’s wrong with a soccer mom who serves snacks? I was a soccer mom who did the exact same thing while running my very successful multi-million dollar company!

  49. Sarah is one of the President’s best asset.
    Her poise in front of the cameras and the ‘press animals’ is unbelievable.
    Proud of the way she handles the press.
    Maybe that is why they attack her – they can not break her!!
    And she does it so sweet – she is a PRO!
    Keep it up Sarah – we are all very proud of you!

  50. Whoever that reporter is should be fired for being stupid, incompetent, and a real jerk! If I were Sarah, I would never ever call upon that idiot again to ask another question. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is better looking, smarter, and more professional than all of those idiotic press clowns combined in her daily briefing. If I were President Trump, I would eliminate that daily dog-and-pony show and only allow the press to submit written questions (one per day) with the press secretary having the authority to answer only those questions she so chooses. There shall be no more snotty questioners in the press corps (more like corpse).

  51. That’s how the left works. They just aren’t intellectually equipped to engage in constructive debate, so they go to elementary school playground bullying tactics.

  52. I think Mrs. Sanders is a beautiful, smart and strong woman, and to pull a cheap shot like that was completely unnecessary and mean spirited. It was a cheap shot, and I hate cheap shot type of people. Sara Sanders; you go girl. Keep doing what you’re doing because nobody has ever done it better than you do. You do one hell of a job standing at the podium of that nastry, vicious shark tank. All the best to you and yours.

  53. Agree with all of these responses ~ she is one tough cookie and that infuriates the liberal media. Hang in Sara, you have them on the run…..they have to resort to UGLY, because that’s all they know.

  54. Was that a CNN or MSNBC reporter by chance. Neither of them could get their own Mothers name right. Sarah is very smart and dresses like a lady. I think he had her mistaken for his wife when he was talking to her. They can’t take it when they come across a Lady such as Sarah they feel threaten by her. They can’t keep up with her so rather than they aren’t as smart as her they take to name calling just like kids do when they run across a smarter kid. They all need to grow up or get the hell out of the business. If they can’t run with the big dogs they need to stay on the porch.

  55. Sarah is beautiful. It is refreshing to see someone who is proud to be just who she is. So many of our beautiful southern ladies have been made to feel that they have to become like every other women in broadcasting. God forbid that anyone can tell that you are from the south.

  56. The Lord hears and sees all their days are numbered so rest assured Sarah you will have the last laugh. God bless you and keep you safe.

  57. These liberal boys are acting like immature playground bullies. I think Sarah is great, smart, quick on her feel and someone I admire very much. Jesus said “He who is without sin let him cast the first stone” Perhaps they are jealous?

  58. A classic example were intelligence supersedes stupidly. This dork should be recognized and never again be able to ask a question.

  59. Sarah is beautiful, both inside and out, and one of the best press secretaries ever! I love watching how she so skillfully cuts down the Hillary loving liberal media whose questions often seem to be designed to try and frustrate her. She’s one classy lady! Keep up the good work, Sarah!

  60. Sarah Sanders Huckabee is not only beautiful but she’s sharp, a bright star that puts the press in their place and takes no <> from any of them. She doesn’t back down or back off. Don’t mistake her for a shrinking violet – as she is one tough lady.
    Men who make these kind of commentaries, their aim is to knock down their target a few pegs…but in this case, it’s quite clear what David Horsey was trying to attempt, but struck out in an epic FAIL. Commentaries like Horsey’s only draws attention to his own blemishes of abuse, speaking volumes about who and what he is.
    He spit into the wind.

  61. Why has she been kept away from us for so long?
    Oh! And a pox on those sitting in the bleachers with their catty remarks
    Class wins out every time.

  62. Sarah does what the Liberal Media hates. Tells the truth and lets all know who is in charge. They are not and she is. That soccer mom crap was so wrong it should never have been printed. Wrong. Sarah is the right person for the right job right now. Go Sarah go. Your Dad is very pleased with your work and how to stand again the Liberal main stream media.

  63. These kinds of comments are directly from Saul Alinsky’s rules for Radical, Rule #5, Ridicule, It is Crude, Mean and Infuriating and has no defense. This is the left’s ploy to silence, intimidate and control the narrative. Strike back, strike hard and often. These battles are not won by Sheep who are willingly sheared.

  64. Sarah, please dump the hideous lashes, too tacky, be yourself in what’s most comfortable and come out swinging. Your classy and attractive.

  65. Keep up the great work Sarah! Your critics are bullies! If these reporters have children they are setting a pitiful example!

  66. Sarah you are Beautiful the liberal reporters don’t have clue on reporting the truth and the worse then print the more opposite the truth is from what they say Keep up the good work

  67. Unfortunately, President Trump is the one who set the tone for name calling. This is inappropriate behavior for so called educated journalists. What is this teaching to our younger generation. She is doing a good job and I comment her for all the BS that she has to put up with.

  68. He has ZERO CLASS no manners and no respect for women. He is a misogynist first class. Sarah is a perfectly wonderful women and a class act. He needs to take his half baked apology and shove it. He doesn’t even have the intelligence to know how wrong he was.

  69. Only an envious subhuman would voice such a disparingy remark about a fellow person. World would be better off without these kind.

  70. Sarah is a first class LADY that knows how to let foolish remarks just slide off her shoulders because she know she is beautiful and she can take anything the idiots from the press deal out. She knows she is on the RIGHT side and she will be there for our POTUS Donald Trump. Keep it going Sarah. You are beautiful and you are the one we need to face up to the liberal press.

  71. Sarah is a beautiful ray of light coming from heaven to a lost and dying world, dark with SIN and Destitute. The world cannot stand that ray of light because it shows up their evil deeds. Satan is alive and well but he is a loser and so are all his cohorts. Praying for you Sarah and may God grant you the courage to continue to shed forth that heavenly light.

  72. Sarah brings competence, intelligence and grace to that podium. What a refreshing change from the people Obama put in that job. It’s a tough job and she doesn’t shrink from meeting the challenges it imposes. Keep up the great work and know that you are appreciated and admired!

  73. Sarah is a refreshing alternative to these feministic fools more worried about fingernails than policy. she is both beautiful and intelligent and the true american woman of today. stay strong sarah, you are the tops.

  74. Sarah is beautiful. She also has enough stuff about her that I don’t think those news boys is going to rattle her to bad. She is doing a great job. As a woman, I am very proud of her.

  75. Sarah, I think you are great. I can hardly wait to see your releases! You handle the lefty reporters professionally and leave them stuttering and stumbling around. Great work!! I also think you are FINE looking lady. These reporters are simply following their mentors….the far left politicians….who campaign on snide and false personal attacks. Morons all!! Keep on keepin’ on young lady.


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