RINOs BEWARE: Seconds Ago Trump Got Up And Told Ed Gillespie EXACTLY Why He Lost Virginia

Source: Youtube, Fox News

It was a disappointing day for Republicans in Virginia on Tuesday when Democrat Ralph Northam won the governor’s seat by about 200,000 votes.

Frustrated Republicans were left asking “why?” President Trump gave the perfect answer:

The president is dead on here- Gillespie never invited the president to campaign on his behalf, and didn’t mention him during his last speech before elections.

Considering President Trump has been wildly successful getting voter turnout and creating exciting campaigns that speak to a wide audience, it was foolish for Gillespie to hold the president at arm’s length. Instead, Gillespie campaigned with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.

Nevertheless, the president tried to help Gillespie during the day of the election, recording a robocall that said:

“Like me, Ed is tough on crime and on the border. Ed will protect your family from crime, drugs and violence — something Northam will never do. With your help, Ed Gillespie will help make America great again, a phrase that I like a lot. Vote Ed Gillespie.”

At the end of the day, this is just one state governorship and Northam’s win will not broadly affect national policy that the president puts forth. However, this is a good lesson for Republicans in 2018- ignore Trump and his base and you may just be out of a job.

(h/t The Hill)


  1. Republicans better wake up real fast…the people who voted them in by large majoritys are not voting, not showing up….because the Republican party is just as corrupt, just as anti American as the democrats. The majority tyhey have now will be gone forever soon at the rate they (republicans) are governing. We voted in Trump because we support his agenda, sadly, the republican party is sabaotaging Trump at ever turn, and they will be voted out of office. Dems will have the majority by 2020 in my opinion (people I work with are feed up, most say their done voting for anyone). The republican party has shown itself incompetent, treasonist and anti American!!!!

    • I can’t believe just how totally and consistently and selfish a handful of RINOS are. They have totaly destroyed the Republican party! I am sure that what your saying will be true……..bill

    • I pray for each of the states, that a person of honor will run to replace the Republican incumbent if that individual is not giving service as is due. I pray that God will raise up a new generation of Republicans who will honor the people of their state and serve them well rather than ignore them as are several of those in office today.

      I thank You, Father, that Rand Paul and others like him in the House and Senate will continue to serve with honor. For this I give You praise.

      Let me continue to serve You, Father, and I glorify Your Name!

  2. NO MORE RINOS !!! NO MORE RINOS !!! NO MORE RINOS!!! regardless of party affiliation…WE the people can set the term limits by how we vote

  3. It is really too bad because Gillespie seemed smart but appeared to be a rino. Like it or not, trump is president and any gop who does not embrace him, or openly goes against his policies(which happen to be good policies that the people elected him to enforce) will appear to be traitors! Quite a few if them actually!
    If republicans lose the majority because of their anti trump mentality, it will be the end of the republican party for the next 50 years! The democrats would be victorious in their socialist one world government. All the criminals in both parties, specially the dem party will get away w murder for years to come! It will be the death of america!

  4. The incompetent way Ed Gillespie ran his own campaign is pathetic. He made the fatal, strategic error by shunning President Donald J. Trump. If he embraced Trump and had Trump come to Virginia to hold a rally and campaign there, he would have had all of the Republican base excited. Instead, the Republican base stayed home, thereby, handing the defeat to Gillespie. Other Republican candidates had better learn a bitter lesson from this loss. We should stay away from running RINOs and GOP Establishment folks. They are sure losers. Run only “strict constructionist” Constitutional Conservatives, pragmatists, and populist candidates–especially during the Republican Primaries to win the party’s nomination. Get rid of all RINOs and Establishment people. They are poison to the cause.


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