Sarah Sanders Just BLASTED the Media Back to the STONE AGE Over Trump’s Pocahontas Joke

Via Twitter

Leave it to Sarah Sanders Huckabee to make sparks fly defending our President. She did not let the media get off easy at all when they started saying Trump made a “racial slur” about Native Americans today.

When the reporters tried to do their “framing” tricks by saying things like “Why did the President use a Racial Slur?”, Sarah was ready for all-out war.

She reminded them that Trump was holding a ceremony honoring Navajo code talkers during WWII and that’s the whole reason he was there. Not only that, but Elizabeth Warren used her “native American” claim to further her own political career.

Of course, this whole hullaballoo started during the WWII vet ceremony today for the code talkers, when President Trump quipped,

“I just want to thank you because you are very, very special people. You were here long before any of us were here. Although, we have a representative in Congress who has been here a long time, longer than you, they call her Pocahontas!”

There is no doubt that Elizabeth Warren used the whole “American Indian” claim to her advantage. Still, maybe the President chose a bad time to make an Elizabeth Warren-Pocahontas joke.

Look, nobody got hurt and there can still be no doubt the media looks to attack Trump for literally ANYTHING they can. Past that, y’all get to decide how you feel about the whole thing. Comment what you think below.


  1. LOL. LOL Elizabeth Warren is a joke anyway and I could care less how cnn starts they racial tirade about! Warren used native Americans when she doesn’t care one fig about them.

  2. It’s sad when you get blasted for telling the TRUTH,Warren DID use the native-American ancestry,which she DID NOT have,to further her career,SHE LIED,if she lied about that,she would lie about many other things to further her democratic agenda

  3. Haha Pocahontas!!! The media should have kept quiet on that one! You would think they wouldn’t want to remind us that Elizabeth Warren portrayed herself as an American Indian descendant.

  4. While the President WAS referring to the blonde “Pocahontas”, the MSM is consistently looking to defame him! While Elizabeth Warren used lies to get ahead, the MSM ignores that in an attempt to degrade the President of the United States!

    Wake up, media! WE THE PEOPLE aren’t as stupid as you seem to think! We can see through your idiocy! For Warren to PRETEND Native American Heritage is more of a slap in the faces of those Nations than anything President Trump could say! I believe he was, in his own way, letting them know he honors them by calling a spade a spade!

  5. LOL! The media grasping for straws again. It’s so laughable! Our President has a great sense of humor. The Democraps and the media really need to chill out sometimes and laugh a little.

    • He does have a wonderful sense of humor. The press would see that if they were not so intent in finding fault with him. The need to go back to school and get a real degree in old time journalism where they reported the facts and do not speculate, interject their opinions. They need not try to find out why the President says something. Report it and go on without trying to find out why. That is not your job.


  7. I am so proud of Sarah Sanders as I watch her tell the press or anybody how life really is. I
    She is a breath of fresh air amid a minipulative media. Wish we had more like her. She and Trey Gaudy
    in my opinion are in my opinion National Treasures.

  8. You liberals have no sense of humor. Trump threw this in as a joke because I am sure that the Indians that were present had heard how this “crazy woman” had claimed she was part Indian during her campaign. It was meant as a joke and what if Trump responded to all the “sick jokes” the media throws at him.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Such sick jokes they tell about … that’s the POT calling the kettle BLACK!
      OOPS – was that a “racial” comment??!! Seems they all are, these days!! Go get ’em Sarah!

  9. The press is not in any way like true journalists/reporters…..they are so infuriating in their behavior it makes me want to hit them in the head with a 2 x 4!….

    I am part Indian and have used the word all my life–that’s a long time, by the way.

    Tell them the public is insulted by their incompetency…by their method of “reporting” they lie.

  10. I was hoping Sarah was going to lay into these pompous windbags even harder, but in reality, she should never have had to respond to such an idiotic statement to begin with. The LIB MSM is so desperate to get at OUR President that they’ll latch onto any little thing, even a sophomoric comment made in jest. Keep up the UNpolitical Correctness Mr. President, those of us who were raised to speak our minds are 100% behind you. Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren should be the one to make an apology, and not just to Native Americans, but to ALL Americans!!! She’s a joke and deserves to be treated as one!!!

  11. One thing these code-talkers can be very certain of, is that if the president says he honors them, there is no doubt that he means every word of it.
    Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said it. Period.
    It’s that simple.

    Pocahontas Warren, on the other hand, speaks the same code John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Hillary speaks and the Indians know that style, recognizing it as speaking with a forked tongue. Let CNN keep the airwaves flooded for another couple of weeks when Trump will throw them another bone, after which they will chase for four more weeks.

    In the end they will be tired and worn out and the president will have his agenda in place and working.

  12. This is real and the MSM is really that stupid. I learned this sick shameful fact when I was 16. I was given a self study assignment in social studies 44 years ago by a special teacher as at the time we did not have advanced placement like my kids had. My assignment (given to me by a special teacher. Although I tend to believe despite he gave me 100% grades on my report cards gave it to me because I was a pain in the butt). The assignment of my choosing was to go to the County Court house and observe trials and write reports. I grew up on Long Island in NY and. I would read Newsday the mext day and wonder if I had been in a different court room, the reporter was plain stupid o r a liar. From that day forward I found the unedited news through our dinosaur of a time sharing computer system in a former custodial closet and got ny news raw from the AP and UPI. At that time the AP was unbiased. The MSM has gotten worse sincece the 70s and liying Bob Wacker. So yes they are that stupid.

  13. He really is a funny guy and they have no sense of humor at all. When Obama was laughing he was always laughing at OUR expense .. meaning we on the right.. clinging to our God Our Bible and our Guns… so it is refreshing when the President instead makes fun of liars and cheats and people who do nothing but try to tear our country apart. He makes of them the JOKE they really are due to their own behavior simply by pointing out what they themselves have brought down upon their own heads! and OH BOY you would think the SKY WAS FALLING!!!!!!! HE HE.. its so fun to watch their heads explode every day all day long.. on cue…

  14. It is true that Elizabeth “Pocohotas” Warren used the idea that she was of American Indian heritage to further her career by lying. President Trump has a quick, sharp sense of humor but
    perhaps it might not have been an appropriate time when he was honoring the Indian heritage.

  15. First I would like to thank the Navajo code talkers. They are special people. Elizabeth Warren brought all of this on herself by lying and trying to get money for herself that she wasn’t entitled to. She has fought President Trump on everything that he does. Not because she cares for the American people, It is for her disgusting Liberal Left wing party and that is all. Power is all she is after. Everything she represents is a hoax and bad for our country. She is no better than Hillary Clinton and the Black Fraud. Give her a great send off to Siberia where she can weave baskets in an igloo.

  16. Typical and classic media provocation of one side against the other to see what develops into a controversial topic of narrative. This is what they are, perverting the right of free speech, to make a buck.

  17. How is repeating that Warren claims a Native American heritage a racial slur? If anything, she made a racial slur when she claimed that she is part Native American when there is no truth in her statement.

    • I am wondering the same thing. Why has the MSM labeled this “racial”? It doesn’t make any sense at all. She did do this to herself with her own lies to enrich her pocketbook. Why is it “racial” to call her out on this? And anyone who has studied Pocahontas knows that she was a savior to the Lewis and Clark expedition, a hero. Why does the MSM think the word, “Pocahontas” is a slur, because it is not, they are just so determined to eradicate our President that they are making things that are actually good to be evil. Shame on them.

  18. Keep up the good work President Trump!! I enjoy every jab you take at these unscrupulous A-holes! I LOL at the Pocahontas joke!! Being “politically correct” is a big joke! Like the new word…”misspoke”! Does that actually mean….”Oops! Did I just tell a LIE?”!!!

  19. Thank you T. Gr. I too, was in the corps, and am very proud of these Navajo code talkers, some of our best Marines. They are from a different time than I, Viet Nam came quite a bit later. semper fi, and may God bless America !


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