The Minute Sarah Sanders Appeared In Asia, Journalists Noticed The SHOCKING Thing On Her Shoulders


On Wednesday, Trump visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone. One “brave soldier” did huge chivalrous act for Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

According to the Yonhap News Agency, the weather was cold that morning and hovered around 40 degrees at the US Army Garrison at Yongsan.

Sanders was seen “shivering” and a U.S. Army Ranger offered his jacket to her.

Image Source Twitter via @PressWestWing

While attempting to transport Trump to the Korean DMZ, military pilots were unable to see each other because of the dense fog. They turned around.

“There wasn’t enough visibility to land,” Sanders said. “It would have been really dangerous.”

According to Western Journalism, they waited for the weather to clear but conditions just got worse instead.

It’s a shame how the media treats our President. He is such a champ and yet they attack and attack him. Share this if you think that we have the best people in our military.

Let’s send them a thank you on behalf of every Trump supporter. Comment “Thank You soldiers” for helping out our Sarah Sanders.


  1. I love this story!! Thank you to our thoughtful military. How in the world can anyone describe our fabulous Sarah in two words?? Just wonderful….comes to mind. I am so proud of our President and all that are with him in Asia. God bless you all❤

  2. The leftist MSM will never praise the POTUS. Might as well get used to that. Everything they do, a person can see coming. They are the laughing stock of america and they don’t see that either.

  3. thanks to the army RANGER who acted. as a man concerned for a freezing women. what a true hero he is and is a credit to our men in uniform who the facist left including so called republicans up the ass of these scum bags paul ryan, john mccain, mcconnel. and flake. are not concervatives but filth of this country. they should be fired for treason against our true republican party.

  4. Thank you, brave soldier, for loaning your jacket to Sarah Sanders.
    Thank you, Sarah , for being brave in dealing with the evil MSM the
    way that you do. WE THE PEOPLE, are behind you, all the way.
    There are enemies, within the gates, that are working overtime in their
    attempt to destroy our identity as Americans. Now, in addition to the
    kneeling baloney, they are attacking the Pledge, as well as the National
    Anthem. The blacks have made a science out of getting offended, and “finding”
    racism where none exists. For all of the years that we have said the Pledge
    of Allegiance to our flag and have sung the National Anthem, they have just
    now, today, found it to be racist. How amazing, that it took these “geniuses”
    all of these years to “discover” it is NOW racist. I wonder if they ever studied
    anything so diligently as they “study” ways to get offended and how to apply
    the race card to everything? Dear Black People, It may be a shock to you to
    learn that other races and cultures reside on this planet. You may want to
    consider that you are still a minority. This planet was created with the purpose
    of accommodating EVERYONE! I hear Syria is thinning out their population,
    perhaps y’all could take up residence there. Y’all have a lot of other nations
    where you could apply your “in-your-face tactics, I’m sure they would love it.

  5. Thank you Susan Dix! It can’t be said any better! We have the BEST now in our Government working overtime to get it back American for all of us Americans that love OUR Country as it should be!!!!


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