SECONDS After Taunting GOP With Election Results, Obama Got CRUSHED By Trump’s Instant Payback


It’s no secret who Obama was rooting for in the recent Virginia elections, but his behavior following the Dems’ narrow victory was beyond childish. Not only did he state the painfully obvious, but he did so in an effort to jab President Trump and the Republican Party.

Obama made his statement on the Democratic gubernatorial wins via Twitter Wednesday morning.

“This is what happens when the people vote. Congrats @RalphNortham and @PhilMurphyNJ . And congratulations to all the victors in state legislative, county and mayors’ races. Every office in a democracy counts,” Obama tweeted.


What about “the people” who DIDN’T vote Democrat? Or “the people” who elected President Donald Trump? Where’s his praise for those American voters, who are also part of his democracy?

The funniest part about Obama’s celebration is the lack of real competition his candidate faced. President Trump made a last-ditch effort to bolster Gillespie’s chances, but it was clearly too late. If Gillespie had followed the President from day one, there’s no doubt the governorship would’ve been far more obtainable.

“Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for,” Trump tweeted after the election results went live.

But Trump wasn’t done. His next tweet shut down Obama completely and reminded the country who’s in charge.

“Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!”

Hard to argue with numbers. Obama and his leftist minions may need to throw a parade for every little victory, but President Trump has his sights set on the bigger picture. It’s no surprise that Obama would continue to think small, but more and more Americans are thinking bigger everyday. Making America great takes real leadership, and President Trump will not sit by and let spineless swamp rats like Obama drag his name and party through the mud.

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  1. Obama should be tried for his illegal usurpation of the Presidency, in that he was born in Kenya! He should also be put on trial for grand theft due to his confiscation of funds belonging to the Democratic Party; for espionage for his use of foreign and domestic spies; for treason due to his actions regarding Iran, Iraq, Syria, various areas of Africa, Israel, “Palestine”, Korea, etal.

    As a foreign immigrant who used assumed identities and other means of hiding his place of birth and other facts relating to his past, he should be tried and convicted, and sentenced to death!

    Michelle should be put on trial, as well, for her part in the deception and lies, and for grand theft for items stolen from the White House!

  2. I would believe in miracles if the Obama’s could just get lost and never come back or interfere with American politics. He should be tried for treason for all the money he stole. Marjorie Kurtenbach

  3. small minded people glory in the defeats of others. Obama and most liberals think big only when it comes to wanting big government and reduced daily freedoms for the people. Remember the wondrous glory on Michelle Obama’s quote:”when they go low, we go high” Well, we’ve seen the hideous depths celebrities and dem liberal politicians have sunk. Like most democrats, it’s all about the words, not about the actions and results and that is what separates a business man President from a swamp residing President.

  4. Barry whoever the hell he really is Obama? Soetoro? Davis? Sabuh? is very fond of “un-masking” others. I think it is long passed time to “un-mask” him – let’s have a look at all of those records he was so damned desperate to keep away from the public. I would suggest starting with a DNA/paternity test to see who his real father is and hone maybe also a test on the “Obama” girls – Has anyone on the planet ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michael Obama?

  5. OMG! Lisbeth, you could not have spoken more truthfully or eloquently. Nail on the head. Call it what you will but you are spot on. Thanks for your comment. President Trump is the right man, in the right place at the right time in our history. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  6. How about when Obama STOLE his 2nd election by LYING about Benghazi. Hillary, Rice and the debate commentator ALL LIED. I for one have never forgotten Benghazi, the lying cover-up and the 4 lives that were lost. Obama and Hillary are too stupid and too conceited to be ashamed of themselves.

  7. I wanted Obama to get lost right after the election in ’08. I knew he was bad news, but then he turned out to be even worse that I thought he would be. And, I loved his little comment, ‘I won, you lost’ & the ‘elections have consequences,’ But, that sure wasn’t the case when Mr Trump won. These people need to move to a deserted island somewhere, & make their own little country, & leave us alone. Or they can hurry up the Big One in Cali, & that can be their private island, & country. A bunch of childish crybabies!

  8. I did not vote for the Obumanation because he was black, but because I thought that he was too immature and naïve to be a successful President. After all, he was a junior senator two years into his first term when he announced that he was running for President.

  9. That is the type of President the Left loons want. Someone who has little to none experience in the real world and they got Obummer. We the people knew we needed someone with people experience, work experience, life experience and we got President Trump and a America that is becoming great again. The left can keep their 3rd world order and we will keep Trump. Thank you.
    Mr Trump, Thank you for doing what you said you would do. Now its time to keep promise on Criminals like Hitlary and Obummer along with both of their disgusting partners Bill and Mochelle.


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