SNL Fat-Shames Sarah Sanders Then Removes Her Pants. Her Response Is Heroic


SNL writers have many reasons to dislike Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Beyond just politics, it’s simply less fun to make fun of Sanders compared to her predecessor, Sean Spicer.

But that didn’t stop them from trying. In their first portrayal of the press secretary, they tried a bit of fat-shaming, calling her mother a “southern hamburger.”

Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, called the sketch “a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist.”

In their follow-up, SNL decided to blast Sanders’ confidence — by giving her no pants.


In true SNL form, the sketch favored preachiness over comedy. The reporters in the scene we’re portrayed as the adults in the room while Sanders pranced around in a skimpy outfit sining Demi Lovato’s “Confident.” Interspersed between her choreography were ridiculous comments made to make Sanders look like a foolish oaf. It was a far cry from the image the Christian mother tends to portray.

But at least SNL got one detail right. Their Sanders had a clear disdain for thhe questions posed by the press. So does the real Sanders.

She also doesn’t seem to care about the show’s nasty portrayal. During it’s airing, she was busy honoring our military in Japan with Donald Trump.

Confident, indeed.

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It’s not bad that she believes in Trump. It’s AMAZING.

Mark is a recent grad from California State University, Long Beach. Despite several years of college indoctrination, he emerged as conservative as ever. He blames his dad -- who raised him right. Follow him on Twitter using the link below!


  1. Sarah Sanders is the most refreshing lady on the air..she is quick..truthful and not afraid to speak her mind..i love her and her attitude

  2. Just goes to show just how idiotic the producer’s of SNL are! That’s why true Patriots in America don’t watch the slanderous show! They all spew crap on SNL, must be all the StarBucks they drink!

  3. These are the people who yell and scream about hate. She takes the high road. They are disgusting. She is awesome and beautiful inside and out.

  4. Sarah, you are doing a great job. Don’t let these “wantabes” get you down. Their IQ’s are so low they aren’t able to digest anything above 2nd grade level. Love you and love what you do for our president.

  5. .Cowards fear and disparage what they cannot defeat. Cowardly News Network is right up there in that class. Sarah ( @PresSec )terrifies them because she is a strong, confident conservative woman who does not suffer their foolisness.

  6. I consider myself to have a sense of humor, but this is beyond funny, beyond ignorance, to the point of stupidity!! And you tell me WE were called deplorables!!
    We love you Sarah!! You are Fantistic in performance & appearance just the way you are!!!

  7. We, also have NOT WATCHED some for several years. It’s just NOT FUNNY like it used to be!! The writers must all be libturds!! Sad they have to demean good women to TRY to BE FUNNY!! Not happening!!

  8. I have decided, in my opinion, that all comedians are insecure. People who make fun of intelligent human beings, usually have a low self concept and respect. I have not seen one of these idiots who show one ounce of integrity what so ever. So with that said, Sarah is the most intelligent person and perfect for the job. No one “rattles” her.

  9. Snl is not the funny show I used to watch—now it’s just stupid and shows how liberal the left really is—there is funny and just stupid.

  10. Never paid much attention to the Press until I discovered Sarah Sanders. She amazed me! She is very intelligent. I really enjoy the way she answers their questions, especially when the Reporter doesn’t have the facts straight.

  11. In the old days, SNL was truly funny and a relief to watch from all the drama we each experience day after day. However since President Trump has been elected our president, SNL is nothing more than political bashing routines. I have not watched SNL for years and due to its current content, I will continue not to watch it. Sarah, we love you and to not let the haters get you down. They are just jealous of your popularity!

  12. SNL Has always made fun of current President’s, but they made it funny. Like Obama with elephant ears. Now they are just plain mean spirited and not funny at all. I don’t watch SNL.

  13. We so love and admire Sarah Sanders. she is so intelligent and is brilliant in her way of handling the insulting reporters. God bless you Sarah and your family!

  14. Every time I hear of the comments by the Libs and Dems against our Sarah, I just shake my head in disbelief of how could so many be so crude and rude. It just goes to show the mindset they have. They obviously hate themselves so such an extent that they can’t bring themselves to be civil and honest. KARMA will be visiting these horrific portrayers of the left.

  15. Sarah Sanders is a beautiful woman….Any woman on tv on SNL, could only dream about having a figure like Sarah. Plus, She is so intelligent, it makes the so called men in the media, feel like school boys “taken to the woodshed”.

  16. So now all they have left is to make fun of “fat people” who aren’t fat! Such a waste of air time and really does show their stupidity and lack of good manners. Never watched SNL and never will…all the real comedy left the show a long time ago according to my friends.

  17. Sarah is amazing, incredible, brilliant, and confident!
    ” Those that matter, don’t care and those who care, don’t matter.”

  18. Sarah is one amazing beautiful strong godly woman…it really does not take any brains to make fun of someone like SNL…a program that out of date…years ago it was funny because it did not berate people…that time has long past…nobody watches anymore…

    It is so refreshing to watch Sarah because she does have what it takes…class and dignity…

  19. Sarah, you have more class than most journalists ever thought about!
    Stay just like you are, honest,truthful,and brave enough to tell them like it is! You have my respect!!!

  20. When will they learn / only the EVIL ones Laugh when you make fun of others … MANY were TAUGHT BETTER / SAYS a LOT for THEIR parents ?

  21. I love this lady she is a breath of fresh air. I don’t watch SNL anymore so I didn’t see what the slimeballs put on there program and don’t care.


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