After Viciously Attacking Mike Pence For Months, Mila Kunis Gets Spanked By Middle America

Source: Youtube, TBS

Hollywood liberal Mila Kunis just went too far. She is just another Hollywood phony, following a long line of legendary disgraces to come from that mecca of make believe.

And Mike Pence did not believe his ears when he heard what Mila has been doing in his name. For months. Just out of spite.

Look, Mike Pence is a man of faith. He is a man with deeply held beliefs and convictions. He does not hide who he is or what he believes and that enrages the left because they want everyone to agree with them.

So she has been making donations to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence’s name. Just to spite him and mock his beliefs.

“I apologize if I offend anyone… I put him on a list of recurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood. Every month, to his office, he gets a little letter that says like, “An anonymous donation has been made in your name.” I don’t look at it as a prank, this is like, I strongly disagree, and this is my little way of doing it. It’s a peaceful protest,” she said.

As Breitbart is reporting, Middle America immediately gave her the spanking this little brat deserves.

It looks like we may need to boycott to teach her to stop the nonsense. Share if you agree.






  1. s Another thing that can be done is to boycott her new movie about bad mom’s at Christmas, that will get her right where it hurts…the wallet!

  2. Another Hollywood stupid added to the list. You have a right to your beliefs, but you have no right to try and cram them down someone else’s throat. She wouldn’t want him sending her pictures of dead babies every month trying to get her to see his way. I no longer drink, but I have a big sister that drinks Jim Beam, and I will be calling her to boycott. I won’t see any movie or show with dingbat in it. I don’t understand why they think their money and power gives them the right to force their opinion on other people!

    • It’s they’re liberal mind!!Do as I say —-Not as I do!! same old, same old!! The beat does continue!!! As usual with these silly people!!

    • That’s the problem that get to much money for to little work! and it shows their real thought processes!! very few things interest me from Liberalwood and it’s mostly those that make sense and are real patriots and care about America!! They rest are ????

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself Mila Kunis!!!!! Not funny!!! You should donate to his church to apologize for your unethical meanness!!! A large amount!!! Our ViCE PRESIDENT IS A GOD FEARING MAN, WHICH MAKES THIS PRANK EVEN WORSE!!!! We have the utmost respect for him!!!!

    • Who would want any monies from this soulless person!!Mila ought to be ashamed of herself… This jerk is a Mother of two!!!How sad for them!!! Boycott works for me!!

  4. she is pathetic. typical stunt for a liberal democrat. not a very good spokesperson for Jim Beam. guess we will not be buying any of their products.

  5. Wow I guess she’s really a bad MOM in real life! ANyone who can give birth to children and still believe they aren’t a life is totally stupid or just don’t really give a crap about babies! So when those two kids were moving around in you, what was that Mila, gas? When you heard your babies hearts beat what was that, gas? Why did you celebrate with baby showers, they were just blobs right? I don’t drink alcohol so me boycotting Jim Beam won’t change anything for them! But I promise you I won’t be watching your reruns or ever seeing another one of your movies, EVER! You don’t deserve to have anymore children! I hope you never get pregnant again!

  6. Stupid, ignorant, moronic, idiot of a female that never grew mentally past the age of 14! No wonder Wienstein was able to do what he did for so many years with such women in Holly Wood!

  7. Pp is a murderous entity. How any mother can not believe that with conception comes the responsibility to preserve life and to protect that life.mila you are the worst mom and I will never watch you again. Boycotting Jim beam

  8. Boycotts have proven very successful so Jim Beam now makes the list. Also, there is an online decorating site Kunas represents called Houzz…..Boycott that as well…..there are many more sites to refer to. Boycott everything she does, even appearances and all movies.

  9. There is no accountability for people with no common sense.Hoolywood just like Washington DC
    Needs to drain the Swamp and maybe produce Films of value not the trash that has been feed to us.

  10. Do the laws of our Country considered this a crime? If this is so, then she belongs in jail! If not, the least she should get is Community service cleaning out the horse stalls crap and all. To use anothers name and our esteemed vice Presiden’ts no less is akin to stealing another person’s ID! Lock her up.

  11. This is so cruel Obviously you don’t know the mind of a christian. We would never agree to abortions. They kill babies tear them apart. What if someone came and got your children after you gave birth and started tearing them apart? You are a spoiled brat. There were other ways you could have let VP Pence know how you felt than this . cruel cruel person.

  12. Those Libs have called our Vietnam vets “Baby Killers.” However, the Libs in association with Planned Parenthood has killed an estimated 20 million babies to date. Now who is the Baby Killers., you tell me.

  13. These baby-killing Hollyweirdos should go out of business just like the NFL. We don’t need Hollyweird. We don’t need the NFL. People need to go back to church and find God instead of enabling Satan.

  14. Mila Kunis, by her callous antics relating to abortion, is bit by bit creating her personal Hell from which there will be no escape: the brain is an indelible note taker that remains an implacable source of ultimate revenge. .

  15. You would hope that she or her husband might think this is a careless thing to do and NOT DO IT. Of course she is the female voice on that comic show (Fred) so what can we expect? they make fun of Catholic teachings, anything that hurts. So mean.

    • Donna, I didn’t know who she was. I think I’ll try and find that show and see what they say about the Catholic’s since I’m Catholic! Thanks for the info!

  16. Better than protests !!! `Make an anonymous on going donation of any small amount in her name, to your local chapter of CARE NET (Christian Counseling) that provides sonograms and a variety of services to those who decide to carry their child to term. Amazingly, they also provide POST ABORTION counseling to both women and men who have been traumatized by the experience. Request that an acknowledgement be sent to Ms. Kunis. Finally, challenge three of your friends to do the same. WHAT an impact that will have AND you will have helped save a precious baby from a horrible death. God bless you one and all.

  17. Use to like her but she turned out to be another left leaning loon that I can no longer support by watching anything she is in. She is disgusting to bring something so personal as abortion into her acts of childish behavior. Love it when they show true colors so I don’t have to reward bad behavior anymore. And now I can stop supporting the companies like Jim Beam. If they want to hire a political freak that loves to make fun of someone’s beliefs just because they don’t match their own and especially over something so personal then they don’t need my business either just like the NFL.


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