Virginia Governor Race CALLED. The Result Is A Good Sign For Republicans For A Surprising Reason

Source: YouTube/WAVY TV

Democrat Ralph Northam has just been declared the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial race.

A few weeks ago, that news wouldn’t be surprising — but a serious of missteps by the Northam campaign paired with a strong performance by Republican Ed Gillespie turned the race into a nailbiter.

The surprisingly thin margin of this race was propelled in part by an ad that was aired on behalf of the Northam campaign. That ad, which showed a fictional Gillespie supporter running down minority children with a truck, backfired spectacularly.

In the end, however, it didn’t matter. While it may have eaten into the Governor-elect’s margin of victory, it wasn’t enough to cost him the race.

But don’t cry for Gillespie. This wasn’t supposed to be a close race to begin with. President Donald Trump lost Virgina by 3 points one year ago this week. Since then, the media have been pushing the narrative that Trump is hurting his party across the country.

In reality, Virgina is still blue and the margins are still small. Neither party forced a state-wide shift, as precinct-by-precinct data shows. Gillespie overperformed Trump in some counties and underperformed in others.

In other words, Trump isn’t killing the party like the media says. He isn’t really changing much at all. 

This actually bodes well for Republicans next year, where the geographic makeup of the open seats favored the GOP by a considerable margin. With the current trajectory — which appears pretty flat — it looks like they’re still poised to win.

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He may not have won, but he performed above expectations!


  1. Republican, Trump supporters are not showing up at the voting booth, why?? Because republicans supports the democratic agenda, they back stab Trump at every chance. Why I’m NOT voting republican anymore: DACA still alive and well, No wall, Obama care not repealed, Clintons not charged with numerous crimes, DNC rigging of primarys going unpunished (massive federal crimes ignored), Judges blocking vetting of illegals, sanctuary citys alive and well,….the list is just to long to support the republican party anymore. I work with a lot of Trump voters, and were all saying the same thing…..If republicans what to govern like democrats, and support democratic crimes…then why vote at all. Me??,how will I vote from now on…whos the green party candidate?? if they speak English, they have my vote


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