YIKES: Donna Brazile Just Dumped Another MASSIVE Heap Of Dirt On The DNC


Donna Brazile’s book was released on Tuesday, and it effectively dumps another massive heap of dirt on the heads of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, via Fox News.

Brazile says in the book that despite financial woes, there were a plethora of perks allotted to former Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz to keep her “fat and happy”, such as a large SUV for travel and a “body woman.”

Check it out:

“Debbie had a chief of staff and a body woman. She also had media consultants and a fund-raising consultant. I was free to hire my own consultants, two or three if I liked, and bring in a new communications team. All of that would go on the DNC payroll,” Brazile said.

Brazile went to say that she did almost none of the above. She sold the SUV and chose not to hire a team of consultants.

“God knows I didn’t need a body woman,” she also said.

Brazile suggested the cushy situation set up for DWS was part of the strategy behind the contractual agreement that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had made with the DNC.

“This was the way to keep the chair fat and happy: Give her a huge staff and lots of perks and don’t ask her to do anything,” she says in the book.

Brazile revealed that Clinton had set up a financial arrangement with the DNC one year prior to her nomination in a Politico article that was printed last week.


  1. Donna Brazile is the only person in the Democrat Party who truly wants to fix a broken party. They should listen to her instead of scorn her.


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