IT’S OVER: Alabama Just Picked a New Senator that NOBODY Saw Coming

Source: Youtube

After one of the most dramatic special elections in my lifetime, a winner has finally emerged to take over Jeff Sessions’s old Alabama Senate seat.

For the first time in several decades, a Democrat now represents the great state of Alabama in the US Senate. That’s right y’all…Doug Jones BEAT Roy Moore.

The sad part about this election for Republicans is not just that we lost a major US Senate seat, it’s that the honest to God truth is we EASILY could have beaten Doug Jones if ANYONE other than Roy Moore had been our candidate.

Maybe you remember a few months back when President Trump AND AG Sessions had both strongly endorsed Luther Strange to take the old seat. That is because they both knew what we know now: Roy Moore was unelectable.

It wasn’t just the alleged dating teenage girls issue that did it. Roy Moore was simply a guy who many people find disagreeable. He was a loose cannon with a horrible campaign staff. In fact, the ONLY reason he won the primary and we are in this position was because of the support he received from Steve Bannon. Otherwise, we would be congratulation Senator Strange right now instead of lowering the Republican majority to a measly 51 seats.

This is not good for the party, either. Since McCain almost never votes Republican and Jeff Flake might as well be a Democrat these days, we only have 49 votes left. That is not enough to pass ANYTHING concerning the Wall, DACA, ObamaCare, etc.

We do need to remember, however, that this is NOT a rejection of the Republican party or the MAGA agenda. This is entirely a rejection of Roy Moore and, if we remember that, we can still win big in 2018.

It is now more important than ever that Republicans manage to WIN the 2018 elections since now our majority is in a bad place. We gotta get everyone we know out to vote or else we are in for a VERY long 2 years…

Like always, leave a comment and let’s work together to make the USA great again. It’s not over til it’s over!


    • I agree there was voting beyond the grave as well. Just like the election in 2008. Some of the dead left their resting places and cast their votes. True facts. Fact Check if you please.

    • Exactly what I was gong to say. When it comes to elections, campaigns, and voting, among other things, I don’t trust liberals one bit. I’d demand a recount, and make sure every voter was legal, registered in Alabama, alive, and voted only once.

  1. Just a crooked, rigged election! What kind of country are we living in now?

    Time to sue Gloria Allred to kingdom come and also all those false accusers! McConnell and Ryan need to be probed as well!

    • Joan,you are so right.I say to the people of Alabama who when you get sh&^ on don’t complain,I did not believe these stories that happened forty years ago all listened to Obama when he was out there gathering up his African American’s filling their head full of bulls&^% and the people of Ala.should have known what Obama did not do in his eight years,when these rich Democrats in Washington and Hollywood going around buying up votes to get people to vote their way is enough for me and that is exactly what happened and I will never be a partaker of that corruption and evil.I did not vote for eight years I saw the demon in Obama and I was right and I want have to stand and face God with that and Washington is so corrupted and filled with the devil I will just wipe my hands of voting for I will not vote for these corrupted people that voters keep putting in Congress,Senate and any Government Official and be a partaker of their evil.and Trump has not fulfilled arresting Hillary nor has he gone after Obama and now he is being accused by women .I did not live in Alabama so you voters can deal with this when you see that things aren’t what they should be

  2. don’t do this to Roy Moore.. That man deserves better. He has served in Vietnam and been so honorable he refused to go into a brothel there and he and his men left.. because of HIM. does not sound like the guy you speak of and NOW you sound JUST LIKE the LEFT. DO NOT RUN DOWN YOUR OWN! just because the LEFT MANAGED TO DO THIS >> THAT MAKES YOU A BAD GUY TOO! HE WAS NOT A LOOSE CANNON! He was one of us.. ok? Just stop.. I usually Like your stuff. but no we do not TURN AND REND OUR OWN especially not one that the LEFT HAS JUST MANAGED TO RUIN AND DESTROY FOR LIFE!

  3. i am close to giving up The corruption is just so deep and in every corner they are going to get to the greatest president this country ever had because the republican party is weak dirty aand connected to democrats thru globalism ALABAMA I BELIEVED IN YOUR PEOPLE and you sold your soul to a baby killer

    • bit by bit the commies keep taking a part of our country, the vote wasn’t for Jones or Moore it was for freedom or socialism,,,Alabama you made a big mistake

  4. weren’t folks saying Donald Trump was unelectable as well? I agree with Trudy Gunn, look for voter fraud and stop believing everything you hear with all of these accusations coming out nowadays!

    • No, Leroy, the Dem’s have found a formula to bring down any candidate they want. Just have some paid fluzy make accusations, then hire several more to do the same, the news media will fan the fire and you can cause people to sell their soul to the hype.
      So, no they people didn’t come to their senses, they were sold a lie, and they purchased a man that agrees with killing babies, selling our country out, and agreeing with the world agenda’s that follow un-Godly principles!

  5. Knowing that George Soros was supporting this guy, I’m sure he bought a lot of votes for him. How sad. I demand a recount & investigation into who voted for this guy. If there are any illegals, then the election should be voided.

  6. Not from Alabama but have been watching this race very closely because of the balance in the Senate. From a moral standpoint I would probably stayed home tes voo. As far as Strange goes apparently Alabama conservatives were not impressed. Bottom line: The president was right AGAIN. What happens now between him and Bannon will be interesting.

  7. election fraud. Where’s the outpoll verifcations? why did they pass the rule, today, that the electronic votes could not be recounted?


  8. Well, I just listened to Judge Roy Moore and there has to be a certification by the Sec. of State, then a recount when the election is so close. And all the military votes were not in yet, so as the Judge says, it’s not over yet, folks. God is still in control. There sure could have been voter fraud as well. I do not trust those Dems at all. And if in fact, Jones has won, you can bet some of those loser rinos had something to do with it. Like Jeff Flake giving a donation to Jones. They didn’t want Judge Roy Moore going in there and upsetting their perfect world of corruption. But, folks, that is just what we need to turn this country around, a God-fearing, righteous man who stands for God, Family, Country and the Constitution. God bless Roy Moore for his faithfulness and standing up against the evil that was put upon him.

  9. American Women especially white Women are very powerful. They can destroy any man with a simple mis-conduct allegations. They just destroyed a good man. If they don’t like the way you touch them, they will held that against you even after decades. I am scared to sit near one of them..

    • Totally agree, women are out of control now and that is not pretty. Clearly don’t know what they are setting themselves up for and dragging the rest of good women down.

  10. Just saw the election announcement–was said to learn Roy Moore had lost. I always listen to my gut feelings, which this time said that he is innocent and all “these women” had been bought & paid for their “stories”. Would LOVE to see a recount and have him WIN!! May God BLESS Roy and his family…

  11. Good luck Alabama you screwed the entire country by electing a puppet for Otero, Clinton, and Soros. Just like Wallace, you are fools and morons.

  12. What is wrong with you people, ,,you so easily contribute voter fraud to this lost,,,,,but neither mention or even consider all of the many black and brown citizens of the great state of AL that have been and are still being disenfranchised through voter suppression and intimidation in your state and others across this NATION.

  13. People have been reprogrammed through TV and no longer think for themselves. That is the sad truth because even they know how badly their votes were needed, they still did not come out to vote in order to help themselves and loved ones. Let’s see how low was the voter count.

  14. with soros paying for votes,felons being allowed to vote,which is clearly against the law,moore didnt have a chance NOW its time we rid our conservative party of rinos,McConnell,Ryan,McCain,Lindsey graham and many more and the republicans loyal to their party STEP UP and stand behind or in front of our president and start fighting for our country


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