After April Ryan Asked Her Nasty Question, Sarah Sanders Tore Her Apart In This Viral Video


Sarah Sanders is in a fight with April Ryan and it is getting nastier. Earlier this week, Sarah Sanders started sharing step-by-step tweets about her baking a pie. This is in response to April Ryan from CNN accusing her of not making the pie that she posted a pic of on Thanksgiving.

It was called Piegate. You can check out the videos below, but let’s take a look at what Sarah Sanders said today right in April Ryan’s face.

You can watch the moment occur here at the 6-minute mark.

April Ryan got pied in the face. Check out the ongoing feud that Sarah Sanders and April Ryan have kept after #piegate.

The White House press secretary is totally making April Ryan look like the petty person that she is. It’s so funny.

Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders is hilarious and is beating the media every time they try and go after her. We need to keep fighting for Sarah Sanders because she is

Everyone have a wonderful holiday and eat lots of real pies. Even if the mainstream media tries to tell you that they are fake pies, trust your own gut. A pie is a pie and the MSM is the enemy of the American people.

They are starting to get harder and harder to stomach. Let’s show some support for our heroes in the Trump administration that are fighting to make this country great.

Give Sarah a “GO!” in the comments.


  1. What goes around comes around. They still have not learned. Anybody trying to smear the innocents, will bring judgements on themselves.

  2. Sarah, those homemade pies look absolutely fabulous! Almost better than my own. Most people who know their way around the kitchen knows actually how simple it is to make a pecan pie (hardest part is to get a consistent crust, for some of us). You go, girl!!

  3. Sarah we support you at the WH press corp. but admire at the way you handle yourself amongst these hungry, vicious lions who want to make this President look bad. Keep up the good work on behalf of the President.

  4. I can see it now….the main event at Wrestlemania…..Sarah Huckabee Sanders versus April Ryan in a TLP match….Tables and Ladders and Pies.

  5. Love Sarah because she doesn’t let these liberal rats get under her skin. She handles situations so great!! Keep up the good work, Sarah. Show them you are way above their pettiness!!!

  6. Oh Sarah you were a hoot!!! So cool of you to keep your word to the bunch of scum bags in the press corps. They did not deserve your kind gesture toward them. Love, Love how you got under April’s skin like you did. She said it was a ‘joke’. We all know better. Love you girl!

  7. Sarah, you are just the best. Every time I see you. much less hear you speak, it makes me smile. It makes me know for certain who the winners truly are. Thank you.

  8. God bless you Sarah. You are kind, gentle and yet very strong delivering your responses. You are undoubtedly one of the greatest assets of this administration. People who really want to know the truth should listen to you rather than listening to or reading liberal news.

  9. Lets tear into April Ryan’s background – does she even know ????? What has she done voluntarily to assist the “black’ community. She is disgusting and reprehensible. Why doesn’t the white house stop these briefings. Put out in a memo – that is all these scumbags deserve.
    Sarah you are first class. Leave the April roll in the gutter where she belongs

  10. The Pies look great! When I worked in an all male job me being one of the few. My husband taught me to secretly sing “I’m better than you are” if nothing else it makes me laugh. I still think it’s funny. April doesn’t seem to be associated with a News Source. I’m really not sure what she’s doing in the Press area. She’s rude and lacks tolerance of others. You are doing great Sarah! To be honest I really appreciate all you do.


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