BREAKING: Kentucky Representative Kills Himself, See Sick Reason He May Have Done It


Last night, Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson took his own life. He was under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct and molestation. Johnson has denied the charges and

Johnson denied the charges and was not charged criminally. He was charged by the media. It’s a horrible story. Whether someone is guilty of sexual molestation, it’s just evil to cheer on his suicide. He was a father and grandfather and nothing was ever proven.

Kentucky Representative Dan Johnson killed himself

Johnson was accused of molesting a 17-year-old girl at Heart of Fire Church in 2013. He was never charged because of the accusations. Via WDRB, Johnson’s suicide note was posted on Facebook. Here is the screenshot below.

Johnson’s body was discovered in Washington on a bridge. Horrifying. Now, look how people are attacking him on twitter.

Image source Twitter

This is worse.

This is even worse.

This is even worse.

Keep in┬ámind that these sexual allegations haven’t been proven, yet. These people are calling for politicians they disagree with to die.

This level of language and calls to die have not been seen in this country since the civil war. We are all American brothers and sisters and that is important to remember this Christmas season.

Share the brotherhood of being born in the greatest country in the world and get this article out so that we can heal the divide in this country.


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