FLYNN Just FLIPPED: What He Just Told Mueller Could END President Trump

Source: Gage Skidmore, Mike Licht

Well, shoot, y’all. Today has been wild and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Now former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has come out and turned on his own boss to help out Mueller’s investigation.

Today, Flynn entered a guilty plea of “lying to the FBI” with Robert Mueller in return for a SEVERELY reduced sentencing. You see, Flynn was facing up to 60 years in prison with the previous charges. Now, however, the maximum sentence for him is only 5 years.

According to the Prosecutors involved with the case, Flynn also admitted that he had coordinated phone calls to Russia with senior Trump officials before lying about the calls at a later date.

So what massive revelation did the Special Prosecutor manage to get out of Mike Flynn? Well, according to a source at ABC News, Flynn is ready to say that President Trump ORDERED him to make the calls to Russia before lying about have no knowledge of the calls.

If this is true, it does not look good for the President. It may not be the same a treason or even election tampering, but Trump’s insistence that he knew nothing may result in an “Obstruction of Justice” investigation and a potential impeachment lawsuit in 2018.

Now, even if that happens, an impeachment is not the end for Donald Trump. Only 2 US Presidents have ever been impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both survived the trial.

So, what do y’all think of what happened today? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I don’t care what Flynn might have said, where is there any proof? Where is there anything criminal except with Mueller and his team? I call BS here.

  2. I think you are jumping to conclusions. Especially considering that most of this supposedly occurred while Obama was still president.

    • We are drawing zero conclusions. We are a country of laws and have ways to legally settle all issue, even for a President. Flynn’s credibility is questionable at best, but that won’t stop 2018 Dems from seeking an impeachment. An impeachment, by the way, is only a legal trial, not the removal from office.

      • The house prepares and passes “Articles of Impeachment”. At this point the President has been impeached. Then there is a trial in the Senate. If the Senate finds the President guilty, he is removed from office. If, as in Clinton’s impeachment trial, the acquit the President he continues as president.

  3. It is sad when you think you can trust a person they lie about you. We have a President who cares about this nation, not one that wants to destroy it. President Trump is having to clean up messes made by the former administration. Come on people wake up!!!! We are in the best time for this nation. It had been torn down so much and the liars out there, I feel sorry for them they will answer to an higher authority. Read Isa 54:17 His Word does not lie.

  4. Mueller will do anything for the damned Stinking thieving Democrats.He’s the traitor covering for Comey and many others.Just follow the money TRAILS.How do you think the National deficit got to 20 trillion.Collusion of TRAITORS?

  5. They won’t be happy until they find something that they can pin the Donald 2. They won’t give up until they find something Obama was a no-good POS as a president and here we have a president that has taken our economy to a new new level and we want to cut him off at the knees. Come on you Trump haters let him show us what he can do or are you afraid of what you might find out that he really is a very intelligent man. Sometimes he says things that are a little out of text look at mr. Clinton how many women did he have in the Oval Office taken care of his sexual needs no talk of impeachment.

    • If he say’s he lied then anything else he says is NULL and VOID. This is the biggest scam ever. The economy is booming but these rat bastards just hate Trump so much they don’t even care about the citizens.

  6. The Jack Ass Mule Jew is forcing Huck Flynn to lie. That’s why he was hired. To make up charges and distract the president from getting anything done. Every Jew should ….

  7. I still believe this to be a witch hunt! Mike Flynn was being threatened with a 60 year prison sentence and would probably have said or done anything to reduce the chance of that happening. I believe Meuller himself should be investigated to find out his own ties to Russia. President Trump does not deserve this excessive investigation to continue. America finally has a president that loves America and Americans. Consumer confidence is the highest it has been in 17 years. Over 500,000 jobs have been created. The stock market has rallied immensely. Trump has done a lot to stop illegal border crossings and hired more ICE agents. Our President is working hard to Make america Great again!

    • I agree its a witch hunt .Who lied to the fbi ?comey Who paid him off clinton , Who covered it up ? loretta lynch ,Who cheated on the elections ?Demon rats .Who sold weapons to isis ? clinton & b h o. Who sold uranium to Russia ?clinton & odumbo.Who refused help to our ambassador in Benghazi killing 4 Americans ?Again clinton & odumbo. Why was there no investigation of judge Scalia ?Because the demon rats paid to cover it up .& the list goes on & on .

  8. I can tell you what will happen if POTUS is impeached. You will see a civil war. It’s already brewing. This country would be destroyed, all liberals will die if there is a civil war. People are pissed off and this country is turning communist so I promise you 2A will be excised hands down with no fear or compassion on the traitors to this country and there’s a lot.


  9. Some people will say anything to save their own butt, I am surprised at Flynn, is this how he got to be a General by screwing over others .

  10. I agree with everyone, this is such crap, the entire thing stinks, Mueller was involved with Uranium One and Clinton and should be removed, he cannot be trusted and bribing Flynn is horrendous and it is a WITCH HUNT to destroy Trump before the truth comes out about all their corruption! Why hasn’t there been a special counsel and prosecutor by now against the Uranium One debacle, now that is TREASON!

  11. Flynn would do anything to save his own butt, He’s a LIAR and a TRAITOR to his country and the military. the liberal democrats will do anything, lie, cheat, pay people to lie and cheat. Trump supporters won’t believe ANYTHING the liberals say.

  12. Statements were made by the party of crooks, a.k.a. democrats, that indicated that President Trump and/or members of his staff, colluded with Russia in order to win the election. There was no proof that any of these allegations were true, in fact, the proof was that they were all lies. Now, the unbelievable begins. A special investigation headed by Robert Muller starts to snoop into every thing the Trump administration is doing and bringing up additional allegations about this, that and the other thing.The investigation itself is a phony since it is based on lies, but instead of canceling it and the people involved in it, they are allowed to bring charges against people in, or at one time in, President Trumps administration. The entire business of the so-called special prosecutor and his staff is nothing short of criminal and fools believe it to be lawful.

    • The irony here — really, the HYPOCRISY, is that it’s the Democratic Party that is guilty of collusion with the Russians…it has become their M.O. to accuse everyone else of what THEY are guilty of!!!

  13. Hitler Trump I knew nothing but he did everything within his power to kill this investigation. Now we know why he was doing that. Hatred only brings about your own downfall.

    • Tell that to members of the party of crooks, a.k.a. the democrats. Ever since President Trump won the election, the party of crooks and its followers have been waging a war of obstruction against the President and, to borrow a most fitting phrase from the bard, “FULL OF SOUND AND FURY, SIGNIFYING NOTHING”.

  14. Yeah… we are gong to impeach him because he didn’t remember a phone conversation….. the hubris of Mueller engaged in Uranium 1 is unbelievable.

  15. This news (?) item brings to mind Shakespeare’s cauldron-stirring hags that spoke in riddles. The answer to one simple question of utmost importance: Is Mike Flynn, an avowed liar, credible considering his remarks are obviously deeply tainted by reasonable doubt?

  16. 63 millones de americanos votaron por DONALD TRUMP. Yo soy dominicano y si en los Estados Unidos se arma la guerra civil, por causa de los ateos corruptos demócratas, allí estaré peleando en al causa de DONALD TRUMP.

  17. Flynn was Obama’s criminal bitch. Flynn has ZERO to do with Trump and everything to do with that punk ass TRAITOR Obama, Hillary and many other domestic and international terrorist’s, (democratic party). Let’s get these punk ass traitors in JAIL, run them through court and promptly hang the punk ass traitors. Starting with Obama and Hillary. DOJ, FBI do your damn jobs ya bunch of punk ass traitors. And thanks for the shooting in Vegas FBI, some of us know about the gun running to ISIS and Saudi’s..

  18. Records show that Obama used taxpayer’s money to fund terrorists and Obama released captured terrorists to kill again. Why isn’t Obama, Hillary Clinton or any democrat on trial for the crimes they committed? Why aren’t the democrats that have many women stating that these male democrats sexually harassed these women taken out of office? Are democrats above the law and free to do anything they wish?

  19. The Hillary tools, Mueller, Rosenstein, and others were part of collusion with the Hillary team and coverups within the FBI keeping Bill and Hillary out of trouble. These people will do or say anything to bring down Trump. They should have been eliminated from this effort a long time ago. This is like hiring Al Capone to bring down a Mob Family Rival. If Mueller does anything at all in Trumps direction, it is time for him to be taken out. I look for Progressives to die before this all shakes out. A civil war one more time is very probable.We The People are tired of this crap, up to here. It is time to take out these elitest Progressives and do this the way our forefathers intended.

  20. So let me get this right, Flynn was National Security Adviser to the President and six weeks after the President was elected he was talking to the Russian Ambassador, is this the smoking gun??? LOL I bet he was also speaking the the British Ambassador, The Egyptian Ambassador, French Ambassador, and every other ambassador also. Ya that would be his job as incoming National Security Adviser would it not be. This is a joke.

  21. The lieberals seem to be spoiling for a civil war. I think they have forgotten that President Trump is backed solidly by the military and law enforcement and real, working Americans. Americans who have all the guns. I’ve written it numerous times in numerous places; I don’t believe conservatives and lieberals can continue to live side by side. So, the lieberals need to move…while they still can.

  22. I think Flynn is being paid to flip his story. They have gotten to him as a last result to get at the President. I don’t believe what he is saying. I think he is lying again!!! I don’t think President Trump would have done that.

  23. I don’t believe anything that comes from Mueller witch hunt! Once a liar always a liar! Why is Mueller still a proscuter, he should have been fired along time ago! He has over stepped his postdoctoral authority!!! I don’t think there is any person in politics that is honest, except Trump and Pence…

  24. No Problem. President Trump will deal with this.
    BUT, NOW PROSECUTIONS must and will be brought against Obama, the Clinton’s, Lynch; Comey and others; and yes MUELLER as well. No Problem.

    America and the Free World have Donald Trump; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    Lord Bless, love Michael and Meriel. ❤

    Love; Pray for your enemy says JESUS the Christ.

  25. When did it become a crime to speak to a Russian official? This means nothing. I’ll bet Trump’s campaign spoke to Irish officials, Brazilian officials, Pakistani officials as well as others. That’s what presidents do. Hillary spoke to Russian officials too. So what? At last they didn’t pay Trump millions of dollars like they did to the Clintons. This is so much garbage drummed up by the left in order to make something innocuous appear criminal. Trump committed no crime here.

  26. This whole thing is such a rash of S%&*@. Just because Trump isn’t a politician and conforms to the way Congress runs this country is BULL. He’s a business man and this country is a business and needs to be run like one. The whole thing is crazy. You have politicians committing sexual misconducts, granting contracts to friends, and where does this get us? The biggest criminals are running our country and no one seems to do anything about it. What about the part of the constitution that says government employees should have to have the same insurance as the rest of our country? How many of them do you think are subjected to Obama care? The whole thing is stupid.

  27. The president of the USA is entitled to conduct foreign policy as he sees fit. How come it is ok for Dems to talk with Russians or even sell them our Uranium but not OK for Republican presidents to talk with them. THis is all insane and we are becoming a self destructive nation. It’s time to stand up to the the Gestopo techniques of Progressive Leftists who are willing to detroy the nation to get power. Our nation is dying and it’s all because one side, the Liberals, have no rules no morals no limits no respect for anyone else who disagrees with them.

  28. So when did Flynn really lie? The first time, or when he turned on Trump! How sad , America is surrounded by liars! On every party at every turn! I don’t believe flynn! I still support President Trump, and it was more likely money changed flynn mind, more than truth. He was probably a undercover obama, clinton operative for their BS, just like pelosi, she vetted Obama, mad max, racism at its worst! And poor Russia, the big bad boogie man, according to Putin associates, hillary, and Bill clinton. And don’t forget the Mike was still on when obama stated, he would have more power after he won the 2nd time. He was so sure, only because it was a fixed election. I could go on for pages about the corruption and demonic pedifiles of the government, wish them all death like they do to our missing children!!

  29. Mike Flynn is only trying to get his sentence down by lying about Trump! He figures why get 60 years? When he’ll get 5 years for doing what the Demoncratic Party wants! So why not throw Trump under the bus! When Trump isn’t defending him anyway! He’s just a hack stabbing turn coat like any other crook would do? LIE!

  30. Its not against the law for an incoming administration to liaison with their perspective foreign contacts prior to actually taking the reins. In fact it would be very stupid to not do so. I do not see any thing here that is against the law. Logan Act does not apply here.

  31. Exactly Bonnie Lee!! They are a devious bunch IMO! Sneaky as snakes and running scared for their own hides. Our President can’t be bought and that alone is scaring the pants off of them. The swamp is so desperate to stay out of jail they will do anything and pay any price IMO to skate. The hatred shown toward a good and decent man (our President) is appalling but also very telling. Why would anyone hate a man so much whose only goal is to Make America Great Again?? Who would resist such a wonderful thing? Let that sink in. What comes to my mind would be the ones who ARE guilty of treason and collusion and will do and say anything to save their own hides. Another thing that comes to my mind is “the enemy within”. Why wouldn’t anyone who loves this country as much as our President does and who has done such an excellent job in his first year in Office be so hell bent on trying to impeach him? Common sense would wake people up if only they used it!

  32. I agree, total bullshit. This nutcase had HIS ass on the line.
    They said his son was going to go to jail, he says now, that he is broke. Now, he turns on Trump.
    Our President cannot get a break, he cannot trust anyone, except his own family.
    Why, all of a sudden they go after this bum. Where have all the investigations, ir have there been any, on the Clinton’s & Obama’s.

  33. Just an attempt to get rid of a President that they can’t control. What a joke. Look at all the shit that Bill and Hillary did. The American people are wise to the corruption in Washington like never before.

  34. I stand with my Vote for Trump, Democrats live on a double standard and its time to clean house and I mean really clean Washington out. Hillary, Obama,all involved in the sale of our Uranium to Russian company should be investigated and put away for good. The FBI and DOJ are so corrupt they to need to be torn down and rebuilt, Hopefully in 2018 there will be new faces in a lot of old places including Republicans who have work against Trump. As bad as it will be a good cleansing of Our Country would be a good start to fixing the corruption in our government from the states up. The citizens need to be back in control of the government working thur people that want to help this country and world instead of helping themselves first and country second.

  35. We the People don’t believe anything the effing meuller team has to say! And if you want to see what the Second Amendment was REALLY for then try to take our President away!!!!


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