WHAT Jimmy Kimmel Did To Attack Roy Moore Today Is Frickin’ Sickening


This video takes the cake. Jimmy Kimmel aired it on national TV and showed a 12-year-old girl interviewing Judge Roy Moore and then showed something… horrible.

Here’s what you need to know. The girl in the film is Millie March. She got famous for her adorable video of her endorsing Donald Trump at CPAC.

Jimmy Kimmel is absolutely frickin’ obsessed with Roy Moore and working to defeat him after their twitter argument. Kimmell donated $5,400 to Moore’s opponent Doug Jones.

Now watch one of the sickest videos you have ever witnessed major TV.

“Obviously we faked that, but if he had done it, they’d still defend him,” Kimmel said immediately after the clip to the audience’s laughter.

The interview was conducted in Alabama and was very professional compared to the lewd display that Kimmell aired on national TV.

“We decided that we were going to bring Millie to Alabama, after everything that’s happened in this Alabama Senate race up until this point,” said Jennifer Lawrence from the pro Trump America First Project Pac.

According to Dustin Stockton from the America First Project, the video was a “lewd” and “vile” video that has “triggered liberals across the country.”

It’s time to stop the degeneracy of the Democratic machine. Why are they showing this crap on TV? It’s simple. It’s because they’re sick.


  1. Demo_rats will lie at the drop of a hat. They have lied for years social security being short of funds. Demo’s keep taking out of it, to spend on pet projects and never paid it back.

  2. What an Ass Hole, I don’t watch this idiot’s show and IF I could I’d knock him on his ASS. And I’m a mild manner soon to be 68 years old and I’d like to know when this ass became able to find this man guilty.

  3. Jimmy Kimmel is a bleeding clinton liberal lying piece of crap nobody,donothing sissy! How he ever got put on TV is because of the punk ars hollywood dreamers that don’t know the first thing about ZILTCH !!!

  4. I will never watch this show and the people do are just SICK! jimmy kimmel should be fired I will BOYCOTT THIS SHOW JUST LIKE BOYCOTT NFL, NBA! jimmy kimmel is the problem he must be into porno and using children for his show which by the way STINKS!

    • Jimmy kimbell should be arrested, fined and jailed for lewd and indecent exposure to children and public , if this crap don’t stop the country will fall. He is as lower than low ,and anyone watches this crap is a low as he .

  5. Jimmy Kimmel should be fired for putting stuff like that out on National Television. It shows just how the Liberals in this country really are. This sort of political display also shows where the mindless bastards are. ABC……this Kimmel should be FIRED.

  6. This is exactly why our country is in the shape it is in. He says he is a father and loves his children, would he want someone doing this to his child. He is one sick man, I don’t watch his show, can’t stand him. He should be fired like the rest of the scum in Hollywood. Very few good actors and actresses left. Now all we get is want to be’s who can’t act. I don’t care about your life out there. I have my own to worry about. I am very sick of the name calling because someone voted for the President. Grow up and get a life.

  7. This is a disgusting ploy to get “laughter.” It is sick. I don’t care what party you are pandering to, my guess is Dem-plorables! You are shameless. Stick to comedy and leave politics behind. Crying baby.

  8. So tell me Jimmy, how does your Catholic religion play into all of this? Is that the excuse you use? Your a Catholic and that is why you pull these kinds of stunts?


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