Trump Started Speaking At Disney, SUDDENLY Liberal Thug Did Something Sick


Disney theme parks are supposed to be some of the most happiest places on earth. They are not when Liberals are around though. Check out this crazy liberal thug attacking an animatronic version of President Donald Trump at the Hall of President’s exhibit in Disney World.

You are about to witness one of the dumbest things you have ever seen. It is symbolic in its stupidity. Get ready to watch… Here you are. Go to the one-minute mark to see what happens.

Isn’t that ridiculous? This liberal protested a fake Donald Trump and chanted “Lock him up!” when the Trump animatronic began speaking.

Here’s what the speech usually sounds like without the sounds of liberal lunacy trying to drown it out.

As you can see, people were not happy about the intrusion and responded to the man that did it on twitter. Here are the conversations that happened.

The man’s reasoning is not very sound and said without any basis in fact that Trump is going to murder trans individuals and is ripping healthcare from children.

Next time I go to Disney World to see the Hall of President’s, I’m going to ask that they add a sign outside the exhibit that says the following: “Trigger Alert: You must be THIS normal to enter this ride.” 

Don’t want anyone else to go insane on a plastic version of Trump.


  1. I’m glad I visited California way before all the craziness. It’s a beautiful state with some beautiful people. It’s really a shame it has sunk to its current level. I seriously I’ll ever go back.

  2. Libtards like this were born stuck-on-stupid. He probably has one of those sex dolls for his boyfriend. Keeping him out of the gene pool is a necessity.

  3. First of all, just not an appropriate thing to force on people who are trying to enjoy their outing and don’t care for politics being forced on them…they paid for that not for what that person did. Second, those people are doing a lot of mind-reading and jumping to conclusions….not good, not smart….really dumb….maybe we should spend a lot more on mental health in this country…..just sayin

  4. This liberal went too far. He should have been arrested for disturbing the peace. The Repubs never acted this way when BHO was elected, so why should these people get away with this behavior?

  5. First place he’s an idiot and second place he needs a good ass whippin and 3rd place he’s a sorry excuse for a person! and if he’s gay he’s really a dumbass cause Trump is not anti gay and fifth place he needs to stop cause people like him are going to make it hard for “their” kind to make it!!! what an idiot !! why doesn’t Disney have some security to handle perverts like this???? these people think they can do this without repercussions??/

    • Why is it do difficult yo figure out that we are having these types of problems. Protesting , rioting , temper tantrums etc.. they are all mentally psychotic and bloomin insane! Frothing at the mouth like rabid dog’s!

  6. Disney does have security and with all the Islamist threats hitting soft targets why the heck were they not organized enough to take out this whiny jerk who felt the need to frighten every child in that theater I sure liked it better when everyone was quiet about their own issues Liberals just need so much attention they have to create drama everywhere they go. They know what they r doing is wrong They know it will start fights but something is twisted inside them and they like the fear the hysterics and this has nothing to do with what they believe in It is all about the theatrics Notice most people who believe in the politics have moved on from this and into policy and elections of the future. It is only he twisted ones left screaming alone for attention

  7. Where was security? you would think that he would have been handcuffed and dragged out of there, by the second, and at the very least, the third… ‘lock him up!’ _ I’m anxious to see as to whether or not Disney locked him up!!! think it might be a good time for Disney to put a metal detector, and security, as they do in all airports, at the entrance…it’s nut-jobs like this one…and all of those who ‘will’ be following his lead, doing only G-d knows what, that Disney has an obligation to protect all visitors from…how sad and frightening this world has become, these crazies will stop at nothing.


  9. The only one that needs locking up is the idiot protester. Liberals just don’t care if they ruin an event for others, because they only think of themselves, while pretending to care about others. Nobody cares what he thinks and he just made a case for people to be even more offended at how obnoxious and violent the gay movement has become. If they don’t get what they want, then they are going to try to make everyone miserable. All he accomplished was to make a fool of himself by spouting lies about Trump and showing his ignorance about what is really going on. It seems that Disneyland is going to have to make safe spaces for conservatives to be protected from liberal goons.

  10. He’s just another Library that wants more free to him , but costs the American TAX PAYERS billions to help those that are able to work. I’Ve been blessed to be able to work all my life & support my children & I’m extremely proud of it. I choose to not support those that are able to work themselves!!

  11. If I had been there, near this A$$CLOWN, he would have gotten a severe beat down from my cane, untill they pulled me off the MORON.


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