TRUMP WINS BIG: Net Neutrality Just Burned in FLAMES After What Happened Today

Source: DoD

There has been a massive fight over the internet going on here recently. They called it: NET NEUTRALITY.

Well, thanks to the hard-fought efforts of Trump’s FCC chairman Ajit Pai, the battle has finally been decided…President Trump ELIMINATED Net Neutrality!

Now, let me explain to you all what that means for the country and for you.

On one side, you had Republicans who want to allow government oversight and competitive pricing for Internet Service Providers. They stood against net neutrality.

On the other hand, the Democrats wanted to keep Obama’s net rules which give absolute authority of the internet to Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Because of this authority, they have been able to kick conservatives like Liberty Writers off their websites and nobody can do a damn thing.

Now there will finally be competition. Are cable providers perfect? Hell NO! They operate as sanctioned monopolies and many areas and overcharge their customers. However, ANYTHING to take away power from the Internet giants is a good thing right about now.

Thanks to the new rules, ISPs will now be able to charge companies like Facebook for the amount of internet they use. As of now, Facebook pays about as much for the internet a month as you do to support Billions of users. That’s not fair.

Net Neutrality has also slowed the internet down by stopping ISPs from investing in new infrastructures to improve speeds. Also, it’s worth noting that Net Neutrality has only existed since 2015. The internet worked just fine before it and will work fine without it.

As an American voter, the final verdict is yours to make. Let Trump and his FCC know what YOU think about the end of Net Neutrality in the comments below.


  1. Not sure what it all means, but I do know we need a free means of expression and that is why I like the internet…as long as they let everyone have their say….Thank You for following this…

  2. don’t quit understand but if Donald thinks it will be better or the same, but they can’t put you in jail for what you may say that they don’t like, that’s great.

  3. This is great news. Obama and his cohorts did everything in their power to corrupt this nation’s LIBERTY and FREEDOM as though they were themselves gifts from heaven. Thank goodness the damage the left wing idiots did over the past eight years will eventually be repealed, replaced and otherwise negated. They were the worst group to ever plague this nation and disregarded at will the Constitution and its mandates. They must never ever again be allowed by uninformed voters to regain a stranglehold on our fellow citizens.

  4. well done Mr. President .. as a user of the internet i’m sick of being charged these prices . i was promised taxes and all my bill would be 145 a month. well the joke was on me , after signing a two contract, i’m now paying 179 a month

    • Is that amount just for internet….or does that include your cable and phone in the bill? I have one company for all three services. I had to drop cable…I just kept internet and phone and I still pay $85 a month. But I can still watch my soaps etc. by computer the next day….ha ha!

  5. FINALLY America goes in the direction that once made us great…LESS GOVERNMENT, LESS REGULALTION, LESS CRONY KISSUP , graft, corruption that drives the little guy out of business with burdensome regulation AND MORE COMPETITION lowering prices BOYS AND GIRLS! Europe had our Inet speed beat a long time ago because of this self-induced stupidity inspired by the past 8 years of fascism.

  6. Thank you so much, President Trump! I love my freedom and the less Gov. interference the better! I was missing Liberty Writers and wondered why. Now, I know. Welcome back Liberty Writers! Love your posts. Continue the great work of reporting. Why anyone would be against net neutrality is more than I know. Must love their loss of freedom.

  7. We’ll see when your internet bill become as high as your cable and satellite bills. And all the unwanted advertisement that you don’t want but will get now.

  8. I oppose Net-Neutrality, however, I also think that cabal companies should be monitored for overcharging their costumers and especially in areas where they have a monopoly.

  9. I think this is very to cut the size of the government down and let free enterprise work its way thru all the mess that Obama(the idiot) ideas be done away with. Also gets rid of another probably liberal democrat spending our tax dollars for stupid stuff.

  10. I am very glad to hear this, especially sense Facebook and Google got their start from the government with our tax dollars and they have made it hard on anyone to compete with them. I would like to see all monopolies be busted up actually and much less government interferance as well as burracratic interrferrance. Thank you President Trump. When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is LIBERTY.

  11. Anything the Democrats support turns out to be regressive to the people, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they were getting a nice kickback from the Corporations that benefitted the most from it!!!

  12. There is no honor in the Republicrats that violate the fourth amendment and the rule of law. Americans must take a defiant stand to protect and defend their inalienable rights against a tyrannical government that wants to govern your life. Yes, protecting our rights is the responsibility of the government against those that seek to destroy our nation, but you must have civil servants to do this and uphold our laws as written in our Constitution. A call to arms is the foundation to defend our lives and property.


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