Please email all applications to [email protected]
Liberty Writers is a nationally recognized media & news website that provides openly opinionated discussions of genuine news, delivered in a comedic and entertaining style. The outlet’s main goal is to generate conversations surrounding hard news that is first and foremost important to their readers, but yet enjoyable, distinct, and interesting to read.
Originally established in 2016 by millennials Paris Wade and Ben Goldman, Liberty Writers covers political breaking news and current events. Since its launch, the platform has been classified by Alexa as one of the top 300 websites in the nation, and is currently receiving 20+ million unique visitors a month.
On the rise, Liberty Writers will soon expand into covering additional topics such as entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and more, including the development of its own original video content.
Liberty Writers is seeking an experienced, creative, and audacious writer who can cover a wide range of topics. Candidates will have a deep background on research, fact checking and reporting, as well as have strong knowledge and passion for politics.
In addition, the ideal candidate will thrive working in an ever-changing, competitive environment. He/She will have the unique ability to transform a story by delivering real news to our audience in an authentic and entertaining approach.
To be considered, candidates will need to send in, along with their resume, a current political news story and their own organic 200–300 word article about it. Please include a chosen header image (royalty-free with citations) to be used for the story. The article should also include a catchy and honest title, as well as citations to verifiable sources. Note: Article should lean toward politically conservative.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is preferred
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience in professional writing
  • Proven ability to write accurately and fact check
  • A mastery of journalistic standards & grammar, spelling and style
  • Excellent communicative, collaborative and multitasking skills
  • Candidate must be legally able to work as a contractor in the United States
  • Genuine interest in political current events is a must 
  • Passionate about writing/reporting and storytelling
  • 3-6 articles daily, 3-6 days a week
  • Develop and implement creative, bold articles regarding the political climate and current events
  • Making successful, timely, and relevant articles that receive large amount of traffic when published
  • Managing a Facebook audience 
  • Finding free use images
Please email all applications to [email protected]