URGENT: Vladimir Putin Just Issued a Dire Warning for America that Every Voter NEEDS to See!


Tensions between Russian and the United States is at it’s highest since the Cold War. It sure is hell not making it any better that Hillary keeps trying to blame Russia for all of her dirty deals being leaked.

Leave it to Vladimir Putin to be the one to finally take definitive action. That’s why he sent his ally, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, to make this powerful declaration to the world:

“Americans voting for a president must realise they are voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary, it’s war.”


Wow! That is a pretty straight forward way to put it. And not just any war, NUCLEAR WAR!


According to Zhirinovsky, “there will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.”

Apparently, Russia is praying for Donald Trump to win. They genuinely believe Hillary Clinton will fire the nuke to start World War 3! (H/T – Daily Mail)

“Victory for Trump would be a gift to humanity. But if Hillary Clinton wins she will be the last US president ever.


I cannot believe I am about to say this, but I agree with Russia.

Obama and Hillary Clinton work for the UN and George Soros and Saudi Arabia. All 3 of those groups HATE Russia. It’s no wonder Putin believes Hillary could end our nation!



  1. The November American Presidential Election is Entirely The Prerogative of the American voting Public, therefore whoever emerges as the winner without rigging, must be accepted by Americans and the entire world as the legitimate President.
    The widespread complaints and issues of Dire Warning of 111 World War is alarming to every Human being.
    All Together As One in Humanity.

  2. Hurry Trump before Putin really goes ballistic, you know Odumba and hildabeast started the Middle East turmoil and gave ISIS weapons and blamed it on Russia, its their plan for the New World Order

  3. I feel like the Clinton’s are not good people at all and they will destroy this nation and the whole world if allowed to continue on the present course, and our children are not going to be safe at all. I feel like Donald Trump will at least be an honest President and be doing everything he can to bring our country up from the mess were in. I don’t trust Clinton to me she is just as good as a Murder and we know she is a liar and she will continue to lie to us and no one will know what they do till it is too late.

  4. Lord Jesus, help us see the truth and act on it for the sake of peace to all nations. Your will be done! In jesus’ name amen!

    • NEW POLL Predicts REAGANESQUE LANDSLIDE FOR TRUMP IN NOVEMBER! Trump=359 Hillary 179. electrical votes ..It looks like she could fall 10 million votes short of Trump when everything is said and done…

    • Save the world – God says He will, if we pray, confess our sins and turn from our wicked ways. Then He will hear from Heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land. How many do you suppose are willing to do that?

    • Putin has all the e-mails and knows all the under the table deals so he is upset about being brought into a war that was not his doing and wants it stopped. He knows Hillary and her plans is why he is saying these things. I believe his words are telling us more than our own government so I am supporting Trump.

  5. To Mr. Putin, President of Russia. I am a native Indian, my name is Blackhorse we do not honor the president of the united states we didn’t vote for him he makes promises he never keeps as the people of the united states we cant help what the Obama administration is doing they are corrupt they are screwing the American people they are blaming your country for the emails the American people know different I have never voted myself we are looking for a warrior someone who will protect the people and do the right thing myself and millions of other people consider Donald trump a warrior I personally believe you are a warrior as well for your country and I respect that I believe if trump becomes president you and him can sit together and talk like warriors do I have a daughter myself and I’m sure you have a family I don’t want anything to happen to her and I’m sure you feel the same way about your family Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about anything except power and greed she is an evil woman but please remember the American people themselves don’t want war and I’m sure you don’t either I know you and Donald can be warriors and talk like men and straighten things up he is going through a lot right now he has his own party against him they have went over to the democrat side because of all the bad things being said I know they are not true please consider if you have a grudge against the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton take that out with them not the American people they have done nothing that is hard for me to say being a native Indian if you remember what they did to my brothers and sisters the native Indians so please if there is a fight let it be between Obama and Hillary and yourself your people and our people want peace there is things you can do to get even with Hillary and Obama without killing millions of our people and millions of your people I think both sides would agree to this God Bless you God Bless Russia God Bless America and God Bless the world

  6. This is retarded. I’m for her. The US could wipe Russia off the planet if they wanted to. NO ONE WANTS a SEXUAL PREDATOR for President.

    • KMG- Now who is the predator? You? You have nerve…I don’t want a liar and thief as president. I don’t want a fake saying she cares for America. Haven’t you learned yet? Hillary and Obama hasn’t done anything for America but shame her. The only one retatred here is you. I’m a woman and I vote Trump you vote for who you want if it’s Hillary and it goes bad don’t say a word because you voted for the lair.

    • That’s an ironic statement when you’re supporting the Hildbeast and willing to make her sex predator husband a part of her administration in the white house.

    • So you condone her wanting to murder Babies up to birth??? Also letting ISIS terrorists into our country to murder Americans, n We Would Not Beat Russia, They Would Obliterate Us, Your An Idiot!!!

    • Sexual predator? We already had one. You forgot? President Bill Clinton!!! You want him back in the WH? That’s exactly where he will be and doing all of that again because he and his wife think nobody can touch them. Look at her face. You think she cares? She laughs and thinks she’s got everything in the bag. BUT God has other plans. His plan includes Donald Trump. We know they are going to attack him over and over again. The media will see to it and print all the bad things. True Americans…stay strong…don’t believe all the lies. Blackhorse get all your people to vote for Trump. Words are nothing if we don’t back it up with our votes. We can do this! It’s amazing how people can support Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, birds of a feather…..

    • Your absolutely right! That’s why congress impeached President Bill Clinton, for his actions, not words or rumors! So it was ok for Bill to do these things, but it is not ok for Donald to talk about doing things. There seems to be a double standard here. You can overlook the shameful acts of an impeached President, who you probably voted for….and of course you are going to vote for his wife. Really? To partially quote you, “NO ONE WANTS A SEXUAL PREDATOR FOR FIRST MAN! Wow!!!!

    • The first man Bill is a sexual predator and would be right back in the White House diminishing the integrity of the office and putting his hands up all the interns skirts! Not to mention he is an advisor and a political influence and confidant of his corrupt other half

    • KMG– You say no one wants a sexual predator for President. You certainly had one in Bill Clinton, that has been proven. Obama has also almost destroyed our military, and am not sure they have the resources to wipe anybody off the planet. And besides that, apparently other nations are able to hack in to government. It is a sad situation, but we must think about who will appoint Supreme Court judges, and truly does love our country, it is obvious Hillary is a liar, and left our men to die in Bengazi . Would you want her as president if you had children, or grandchildren in the military? I sure wouldn’t.

    • Yet Bill Clinton WAS our president. You are right, no one wants a sexual predator in the White House which is why we MUST keep the Clintons out. And by defeating them, hopefully we destroy the media biases. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to return to the strength and class of the Reagen Era

    • Guessing KMG in the dictionary is the definition of mentally handicapped. If 1 nuke goes flying and hits its target it is the end of mankind. Do you honestly think that the US can destroy every nation? Come on. Do you think the words GLOBAL ECONOMY means MINUS RUSSIA? We need them as much as they need us. And that is in peace. But with all that aside it is a matter of time before WWIII. You can quote Thomas Hobbes on that.
      “When all the world is overcharged with inhabitants, then the last remedy of all is war, which provideth for every man, by victory or death.”
      ― Thomas Hobbes

    • How are you going to avoid it by voting for Hillary? She is the worse one of all. Going against everyone but herself, and she doesn’t care who she hurts going after what she wants.

    • Democrats are like dogs. You kick them in the a$$and they turn around and lick your boot. Thant is the way their politicians keep getting elected. When was the last time that a Democrat really created full time good paying jobs for anyone. They promise and never follow through. That is why so many Blacks and Hispanics are living in ghettos. President Lyndon B. Johnson invented the welfare system to keep them down and the Democrats have successfully used it ever since. it was Johnson that said, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democrat for a hundred years.’ However, , Black Panthers and other black organizations are starting to wake up and leave the Democrat party. they realize that true hope and change can only happen when you make America great again for everyone.

    • We already had a sexual preditor for president when Bill Clinton was in office…..BUT……we cannot wipe Russia off the face of the map……you are thinking about the old days…….our military strength is less than it was PRE WWII……..thanks to OBUMMER. Better rethink your thinking……you are DEAD WRONG!!

    • You’re an idiot. Our own military said “If Russia wanted to they can obliterate us. Our defense systems can only block 30% of their nukes we get hit with the other 70%.”
      On top of that Russia has this thing called “Russia’s dead hand” which when a nuke is sent at them it traces the trajectory and sends one back before the one even hits. Do your research man.

    • Are you stupid or what? Everybody knows these so called woman are paid by Clinton to get people to not vote for Trump. Don’t you think it’s odd that all these woman came out the same time and started making accusations, just before the debate. If you believe her lying ass, then you are not very bright. Just so you know, Clinton is wasting her money because she is just showing her true colors to everybody and making herself look even worse. It has not affected the people at all because we still stand behind Trump no matter what kind of garbage she or Obama’s throw out there.

    • We have already had a sexual predator or two for President. Their names were John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Maybe a Republican sexual predator will do things differently in office. Seems he couldn’t do much worse!

    • You are sick man you have no idea what one nuclear missile can wipe out KMG.o me middle can take out the whole state of New York and that is totally leveled. That is not even mentioning the fall out on other states. It would be the end total devastation of the world one country fires then all countries fire.

    • We’ve already had a sexual predator for president. Bill Clinton. NO ONE WANTS MONICA LEWINSKY’S BOYFRIENDS WIFE FOR PRESIDENT! (History states we have elected several sexual predators)

      On the topic. Hillary is playing with fire and the truth of the matter is she doesn’t care. I truly believe this woman is looking to start WWIII and as this country is so divided a chance of another Civil War. In the end as a nation we can’t claim to know what Putins plans are regardless of elected president.

    • KMG: You clearly don’t read, her husband Bill Clinton is a predator and Hillary was vicious to those he violated. Trump has been accused of a comment, comments don’t make one a sexual predator, actions do.

    • And you want Hillary – when her husband has raped women and she went after every one of them – and she is corrupt beyond what I can’t even imagine.

  7. Fear is what the media use to control people.

    The media needs a new face and heart. What they can do to people is ashamed to their profession.
    Trump is being fought so hard, because America needs him. We best try to get him in or this country will not be the same as we know it now

  8. I hope and pray that the people of the United States of America will vote for Donald Trump because he is our only hope to remain a democracy and a free nation. If every man was completely honest about it, most would admit to having said negative and possibly sexual things about women. I am guilty of an occasional “man bashing” over coffee and admiring “buns” but do not think that designates me as a sexual predator. I actually am impressed that the Clinton campaign had to dig up information from 11 years ago. If Hillary becomes our next president, she will be our last president due to nuclear war after which Russia and China will divide up what’s left of the USA. I anticipate the possibility of the declaration of martial law if Donald Trump wins to prevent him from taking office. Does this sound paranoid? Not if you review the last 7 1/2 years of America’s decline. I would suggest that Russia would view martial law a reason to declare war and, if Obama is still “leading the country” he will sell us out as he has weakened our military so significantly. Please vote for Donald Trump. Why would anyone consider voting for a known liar, cheater, money hungry individual who thinks being two faced is a normal component of political behavior. Voting for someone like this just because she is female is just ignorance.

  9. “America’s #1 writer”? “One of the 10 most prominent millennials”? In what reality do YOU live, Danny. Get over yourself. Your grammar is equivalent to that of a 5th grader. There is no room for your giant ego in real journalism. You’re part of the problem in this country. Find another profession.

  10. The media and killer are working together against Donald Trump cause they do not want Trump to be president. We as woman need to vote for trump.and do not believe the media

  11. Well if you look at the middle east it gives you a good idea of how Hillary Clinton will run things she doesn’t have the ability to run the United States of America. Hillary Clinton is cunning and dishonest and thinks lying about what she is doing will keep her in power. Hillary Clinton will be the end of America and if the women of America want a women president so bad as to vote Hillary Clinton in as president they are at fault for this great nation to fall

  12. wait, wasn’t it not but like last week that Zhirinovsky said he doesn’t think Putin would initiate a Nuclear war with the US? as an analyst myself I find it very unlikely we will ever have nuclear war with Russia of all countries. It’s all just propaganda surrounding the US elections. Nov 8 will come and go, 4 years will come and pass and we will be voting again and the same BS being spewed by the media will make it’s rounds once again, just as it always has. Don’t conform to fear people.

  13. Please vote Trump in we need a new view in the white house. If (
    when)you do get in mr.Trump please don’t let them change YOU..
    Are family is a little devised about who should win. Most our votes are for trump. I live in a Trump state Kentucky.

  14. Has anyone else here realized that every single other country in the world is telling Americans to vote trump? Except maybe Mexico and a couple of others but that’s besides the point. Everyone else in the world knows the Clinton’s are horrible people and will bring us nothing except our own destruction just like Obama has turned us against each other. Think about it…this is a long thought out process from our government to try and scare Americans into voting for Hilary. Russia has actually stepped in to say if she’s president we are going to war. And yes Russia can definitely wipe us off the face of the planet and im ex military. I know they’re more powerful than us by far and there’s nowhere we could hide and what other country is going to want to back us with Hilary in office when they’re all telling us to vote trump? We will all be screwed if she gets in office. The Clinton’s don’t care about the average American people and they are nothing but disrespectful to our military. Thats not the type of leader I want representing the US

  15. Perhaps Russia should keep Its Mouth Shut & Stop The Veiled Threats of what will happen to US if we don’t vote the way THEY WANT. Take care of the corruption in your own country before you worry about what is going on in our country!!!

  16. Yeah, well I think no matter what the turn out will be . it won’t be long before war anyway . But I do hope and pray Donald Trump Win’s . And the Indian gentleman who said Obama is a lier is 200% right . But on the other hand . No should try to Push The USA . If I was The President I would be Doing all I could to Prepare for the slightest clue You were and bring it On as I would not be waiting around for the Armys of the Russians or Anyone elseThreatening USA Militarily !!! I don’t think You would like to see Our New Tron Boom !!!

  17. Wake up America//////If you vote for Hillary say good by to all your children and grand children and so on……Please read up on this woman PLEASE.Ya right it would be nice to have a woman in the white House….But not this one ,She is a walking time bomb.Read about her.

  18. It’s time for the America people to open there eyes. Mary is right If you vote Hillary in there will not be any thing but killing and rape. She has done so many god all full things to our soldiers and vet. They are helping us. She is not helping us or those that protect us. If she gets in ISIS will take over the United States. Is that what you want for your children and grand children. She lies and cheats to get what she wants. Please open your eyes before it is to late. Do not vote for HILLARY. Look what happened when we got Obama in. Lets take back our America once again and show them they can’t keep killing and cheating. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE.

  19. Clearly the majority of the American people are voting for Mr Trump because we know that Hillary would mean the end of our country. However how do we win when the elections are rigged. Whether it be the voting software changing our votes, crooked Democrats stuffing the ballot boxes with votes for Hillary even dead people voting. Then we have Mr Obama, the crooked Republicans and Democrat Representatives, BLM sponsored by Mr Soros and all the other corrupt rigging groups and countries doing everything they can do as well to make sure they control everything. We need the help of all the honest representatives, churches, law enforcement, honest countries and the American people to all stand against this corruption taking place and not observing the will of the American people who want Mr. Trump to be the next President of the United States. God help s all.

  20. If the American people vote the war monger Clinton into the White House we all may as well kiss our families goodbye , Putin will not stand for her especially with her track record from her time as secutary of state , it’s the worlds worst nightmare unfolding infront of our eyes ! Good luck , Mark ( England )


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