BREAKING: FBI Just Revealed HUUUGE Find in Clinton Investigation! Get Ready for President Trump…


The FBI has stepped forward today with their first big find since reopening the Clinton email investigation.

Despite all the LIES from Hillary Clinton claiming that the FBI won’t find anything interesting on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, the FBI announced today that…




Unfortunately, there are so many controversial emails that the FBI says it could be MONTHS before they are ready for public release.

Just as a little refresher, the emails were discovered on disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner’s laptop after it was discovered he was soliciting sex from a 15-year-old girl. The file the emails were saved under was called “Life Insurance.”

This is actually great news for Donald Trump. Basically, the FBI is saying that IF Hillary Clinton is elected, there is a good chance she could be impeached and jailed for her crimes.


Thank God the FBI decided to finally stand up to the Clintons and Obama. Hell, last time they tried to investigate her they got railroaded by Loretta Lynch.

Hillary Clinton has built herself a crime syndicate using taxpayer money and resources. However, the American people are not as dumb as she hoped and now we are turning on her.

Let’s cement our revolution in History and out this evil Dictator by voting for Trump and sharing this out with every single voter we know!!



  1. I’m a disabled veteran, served with honor. Only honor Hillary ever had in her life is giving life to Chelsea. And thank GOD she didn’t abort on the last day. I’m voting Trump/pence.

  2. Well wieners computer has the deleted email Hillary said she deleted. 650,000 can u imagine how much damaging information is there it going to take time to go thru all those emails. They have yet to disput anything from Wikileaks and they been releasing info for a long time. There is more than enough damaging info in Wikileaks about Hillary and Obama and if only 20% is real they should be tried for treason. Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t want to take a chance on Hillary cause it would be the end of life as we know it. Talk about KKK, we would be slaves to the clinton’s, black white red brown it wouldn’t matter if you weren’t Muslim or elite class we would be slaves.

  3. If she is elected,wouldn’t the new VP take over,or wouldn’t the Democrats elect one within their party to take over Presidency? Just wondering!

  4. Why not indite her now!! They DO have enough evidence right now for lying to the congress, obstruction of justice, money laundering!!!! Should We The People suffer any longer!!!!

  5. They need to eliminate her know she has enough against her that I wdont want her controlling my country do you wake up congress do something know get of your asses and finally urn your pay for a change

  6. Now that Trump is elected he must remove the severely compromised James Comey. Then in order to insure the American people that no one is above the law he MUST aggressively seek indictments of all involved with Hillary Clinton’s email scandals. This includes Barrack Obama. This liberal nightmare must be concluded with all law breakers receiving prison sentences. Trump winning the election is not enough. He must lead by example and that the very first example must be that if you break the law and the public trust while in office you will face prison like everyone else.


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