Look What Happened The Minute That Trump And Pence Walked Into Church Today!

This story by Paris Swade.

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence got a standing ovation from church goers on Sunday morning at a Presbyterian church in New Jersey.

*** They got a standing ovation!!

Watch this AWESOME video below. That video link is not broken so feel free to click play.


That’s because we love Trump. They went to the church that’s two miles from the Donald Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster Township. He got there for services at 10 a.m. He walked out an hour-and-a-half later to an enormous applause!

A man named Jim Tiesi shook Trump’s hand and told him that the nation stand with him.

“I just told him that I hope he understands the country supports him and not to be distracted by the noise,” said Tiesei. “He told me, `Thank you.’ ”

God bless Trump! You can see that Pence has had such a good influence on him. He is going to make this country great again. He is going to bring our Christian values back and he is going to keep them from getting attacked any longer.

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  1. Mr. Trump, Mr. Pence,
    Continued prayers for all of you & your families as you guide & help restore God’s values in our country. Thank you for your example, dedication & resilence. With God, all things are possible. God Bless.

  2. May the Lord Bless You both and keep you safely in his arms. We have many years of wickedness to destroy. It will be long and hard and in some cases nasty. Keep the faith and know you are the chosen one.

  3. Thank you God for hearing our prayers to heal our land. Please grant wisdom to Donald Trump,mike pence and all the people who will surround them and advise them. Father God, we have turned away from your righteous laws which were put in place to build a strong moral nation. Please forgive us and guide us. We love you and want America to bless you.

  4. We are so proud to call you Mr.President. I ask God’s hands to be upon you. Give you peace..guidence.and direction. Walk with God and he will shield you from any harm.put your faith in him always.you have a whole country behind you.

  5. President – elect Trump and Mr Pence are fine Christian men and with God’s help will make America Great again. We have needed this for 8 long years and now we will have it restored . GOD BLESS.

  6. I believe God has chosen you for such a time as this. Thank you for standing up for God and staying focused on the path to making America great again. One Nation under God!

  7. May God bless and protect him and give him the wisdom needed to run this country. May he be able to undo the damage done the last 8 years

  8. When you invite God into the situation things usually get done according to His plan, not ours. He has heard our prayers and I believe He is going to lead our NEW PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT TO victory in there plan TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN☆☆☆☆☆

  9. We pray for the two of you everyday”So glad we have Christians in the White House. God Bless you and guide you all the way.

  10. I am so proud of Trump and Pence. I pray you both know that the angels in heaven are singing. We appreciate all you do and all you will do, to make us a proud Christian nation again. Our hearts are full of hape again, something we have not felt in a long time. I would love to shake yours and Pence’s hand, I think that would be an honor. God bless and keep you safe always. A grateful American

  11. Lord we ask that you protect Trump and Pence with the protective blood of Christ poured over them… Thank you Lord for everything you do for your people……. We ask this in the precious name of Jesus……..Amen.

  12. We pray that God will give President Elect Trump and Vice President Pence the wisdom needed to guide our Nation in the way of the Lord. So Blessed to have them representing our Nation !

  13. Christians in America are praying harder I believe than they have for any president in 50 years or more. We have had an awakening & realize that God has given us a second chance. I will pray daily & feel that millions of others are for our president, Vice President & our country!

  14. May God be with President elect Trump and VP elect Pence! Thank you for putting God back in America! HE never left us, HE was kicked out by the previous administration!

  15. Lord in the name of Jesus we thank you for our soon to be President of the USA Donald Trump & our CO Mike Pence! I ask that you put a hedge of protection around them & give them a special annointing of love & understanding & leadership that will spread across the country with a revival Spirit! They truly love our country & you have hand picked them for this day & this time! Open doors that need to be open & close doors that need to be closed! I BELIEVE that Real men love Jesus & they are Real Men! Bless them for their dedication & sacrifice! They did not need this aggrevation & vicious attack but are dedicated to the people of our country to give their all to give back what the enemy has stolen from each & and every one of us. Thank you Lord for having your way in this race & let your will be done!! Amen Amen

  16. I pray God’s anointing upon Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence. May His angels encamp around them and their whole administration. May their enemies fall before them. May the mouths of liars be silenced.

  17. Dear LORD, Cover Mr. Trump with your mantle of protection and keep him safe from harm. Please guide im to follow your direction to make our country a safe and wonderful place to leaveto our children and generations to come Amen

  18. I ask in Jesus name to keep Mr. Trump(president elect) and Mr. Pence (vice president elect) and their family safe. And to watch over our Country as you move forward to take over our great nation. I ask God to give you both the strength and knowledge to know what decisions need to be made and how to make them. I ask the Lord to make your transition go smoothly and bring to you both the right people to be able to trust and count on. I ask that you both be blessed each and every day. I thank God for bringing you both forward to take back our country for WE THE PEOPLE. Thank you Lord for bringing forward someone who will put Israel high on our list of priorities. Thank you God for someone who will put you Lord back into our nation. I ask humbly in Jesus name ….amen.

  19. Since the Mr Trump was nominated I have prayed for him and our future administration daily. With God we can make America great again, in Jesus name

  20. I pray that you and your team be blessed with wisdom from God in all knowledge,and spiritual guidence with wisdom.God bless and be with you all.in Jesus name.To God be the Glory great things he has done.

  21. God bless you and your family president Trump. we support you and all that you want for your country. OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU AND AMERICA. AMEN

  22. Prayers go up to our Lord for Donald Trump and Mike Pence and their families. Please Lord, keep them safe, give them the confidence they need to guide our country, to be leaders you want them to be with influence for their families and us, the American people. We thank you Lord for these men, with their guidance, for being able to dream again. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  23. I believe that President-Elect will make America “GREAT AGAIN” and he has the support of all Christians.
    We believe that he is a man of integrity, honesty, ad as “America” in his heart, and we trust him.

  24. President Trump and Vice President Pence,
    We could not be prouder than we are to have y’all as our President and Vice President❣ We hold y’all up in prayer for guidance, strength, good health, and protection❣ We trust yall’s decisions as to who will serve in the various positions of power❣ Lord, we ask that you guide, lead, direct, and protect both of these men and their families from all evil and all attacks from Satan and those who Satan would use against them❣ We thank you, Lord, for blessing America with two very moral, righteous, and deserving leaders who will endeavor to make OUR AMERICA, GREAT ONCE AGAIN….WITH GOD as our leader❣

  25. May the blessings of God be upon you
    May His peace abide with you
    May His presence illuminate your heart
    Now and forevermore
    God bless you both Donald Trump
    and Mike Pence

  26. May the blessings of God be upon you
    May His peace abide with you
    May His presence illuminate your heart
    Now and forevermore

    God bless you President Trump and
    Vice president Michael Pence

  27. God bless President Trump and Vice President Pence. We haven’t seen a President go to church in a long time. Very refreshing to see. I believe God will help the Make America great Again.

  28. My prayer is for our nation to be great again. I pray that we can over come our differences and come together to bring America back to a nation we can all be proud, not a nation ashamed of our leaders and how little they seem to care about the average American not just the rich ones. Thank you President Elect Trump for giving us hope.

  29. May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His Hands.

  30. It’s comforting to know our leaders understand that they need God in every aspect of their life. They have my support and I pray God protects them from the evil that surrounds them and this country.

  31. Thank you, President-elect Trump, for the courageous stand you have taken against the liberals in this country. We have the capacity to be a great nation, and a Christian nation, once again. You have shown a tenacity that, I believe, not many candidates could have withstood during this campaign. God Bless You.

  32. Thank you Mr Trump and Mr Pence. I know with all my heart that the two of you will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I pray for your safety. God bless both of you.

  33. President Elect Trump – you, your family, and those who you are considering for government positions are in my daily prayers for guidance, wisdom, courage, humility and protection. This is a challenging time for our nation, especially in light of the open and often inappropriate hostility being expressed.

    As we enter into this week of Thanksgiving, I ask that all Americans and those who aspire to be Americans, to consider the humble beginnings of our nation, the sacrifices made then and the sacrifices we may need to consider moving forward. It is these sacrifices that will demonstrate our maturity by walking hand-in-hand in unity even if we may not always see eye-to-eye.

  34. Father God bless Trump and Pence today. Please keep then in your hands -and guide then in the way they should lead the USA. Please protect then. In the name of Jesus. Amen

  35. Praying for our new leaders that they are able to fulfill the changes this country needs. We pray every week in my Bible study for a Christian leadership!! Thank you for leading in this direction already!

  36. Thank you and God bless you President elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President elect Mike Pence on your extraordinary win! So proud of you and all your hard work and endless effort for us the American citizens, and to “Make America Great Again”!

  37. We pray for Trump/ Pence administration daily that they will seek God’s guidance in all their decisions and will realize the importance of a personal relationship with him daily.

  38. So thankful to have a president attending church again. Praise the Lord for that. It is so awesome to have a faith believing president. That is just what this nation needed. Always keep God as your senoir partner. When you leave God out everything crumbles and evil comes in. May Hod continue to give you his blessings. Happy Thanksgiving…

    • I’ve read the comment that have been written and the prayers. I agree with them all.
      The networks that say they don’t know what happened, because the polls where so wrong,well I do know what happened. Gods people prayed,I know I prayed and wept for this country like I’ve never preyed before.
      It was Gods promise that happened.
      I know the Christian all over the world where praying for this country. God answered those prayers. Thank you Lord!!!!

  39. I am praying president Trump that God will lead you and guide you every step of the way during this awesome responsibility you have undertaken. May God’s holy Spirit be with you and your family and miraculously protect you all !! I personally believe God has chosen you for our Country in these defestating times .. Be of good cheer, for NOTHING can stop the Almighty Hand of God

  40. Thank you, my Heavenly Father for saving our Nation. I know you had your hand on Trump because the odds were against him. This is your world Lord! Please stay with us and have American become great again!

  41. Kind Father in Heaven we come before you today to ask that you send your Holy Sprit to be with the President and Vice President elect as they work together to bring America back to the Christian nation it once was protect them with your holy angels and give them wisdom to know how best to proceed with the huge job before them bless each one of their family members and Lord we pray for our enemies that you will create in them a clean heart and mind and save us all for your Kingdom! In Jesus name I pray Amen!

  42. My President Donald Trump and Pence your prayers and support our in my family prayers. May the Lord guide you both in your Journey to make America great again

  43. Mr. Trump,
    Believers know that God goes before us to prepare the way for us to accomplish His will according to His plan. Perhaps God has chosen you for such a time as this, just as he chose Esther to save the Jewish people. I pray for you every day, that God will grant you wisdom, protection, strength, and peace as you lead the country into a position of greatness that will glorify our Lord.

  44. Thank you for your service to our wonderful country and we recognize what you are giving up in your personal life. Know that you can count on us, the silent majority, to support you all the way. We pray for God’s blessings and protection on you and your admirable family and Vice President Pence’ s family. With the two of you at the helm we are back on track. We pray that in time our fellow citizens will simmer down and allow you to govern and see how they will reap the benefits. False information has been their guide until now. They need a transition guide themselves.

  45. We have been praying & will continue to pray for God’s protection & guidance for you as you lead our country out of the depths of despair & give us hope for now & the generations to come.

  46. JESUS I ask to bless him touch his mind give him wisdom on how to govern our great country, bless his hands to serve the people, bless his ears to hear to hear the voice of God and his heart to make it pure to love God and his country to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. May God bless you and your family and Mike Pence and his family I pray he will build a hedge of protection around you to keep you safe from all evil that may come against you.

  47. God Bless you Mr Trump and Mr Pence.
    Thank you for taking on this incredible job for us all. I pray God keeps you and ur families safe.

  48. I love Trump and Pence! May the Lord comfort, protect,and guide you each day. Thank you
    for all you have to put up with, just to do your job. I prayed for you two to win and you did. Lots of people at the White House under the leadership of Dan Cummins prayed 40 days for you and our country. When you feel down remember there are lots of good people who care and pray for you.

    Debbie Pike, Texas

  49. Dear Lord, please protect our new President. and his family! Give him wisdom and knowledge above his own…go before him and prepare his way and be his rear guard. Thank you for making a way for him to be our next President! Amen.

  50. I am so glad to hear that Mr. TRUMP and Mike Pence attended church on Sunday!! Mike,Pence is a good influence on Mr.Trump!!!!

  51. I pray for God’s blessings, wisdom and most of all his protection for Trump And Pence. I believe God put these men in because God’s people prayed and God answered. We are one nation under God, without him our country will fall. I will continue to pray for them and for our country.

  52. Mr. President Donald J. Trump, I am proud to call you my President. I was never proud of Obama. He has done so much damage to our Country I pray you can fix things. I’m also proud of my vice President Mike Pence. I think you made a good choice choosing him. I pray God wraps both of you in his loving arms and protects you in every thing you do. Amen.

  53. Oh Praise Jesus! We hope Precident Trunp will finally kill all them liberals and send them to the Jade Helm before Obama can send us their.

    Bless you precident Trunp!

  54. I pray for President-Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence every night and every morning. Pray God will bless these two men as they put our country back together. Pray for their families. Pray for those who are haters, my Mama told me one time “God does not make mistakes” it is no mistake that Trump/Pence won. Hillary would have finished destroying our country when she said that Christianity was going to have to make some changes, no we Christians don’t have to change. Jesus is the same today and always.

  55. we pray everyday god will watch over trump and pence,you have to have god in your life ,if not evil and hate set in like the dems and bad republicans, keep up the good work president trump and vice president mike ,if peoples give you time ,you will prove to them you will be the best president ,you have done a lot and not in office yet never saw any one else do what you have my faith has always been in you,love

  56. I ask God to put a hedge of protection around Donald Trump, his family, Mr. Pence and his family, and all those who will be dealing with a satanic liberal/progressive/socialist left in the days, months and years to come. May every attack of the devil be as a puff of air — totally ineffective. May God grant us wisdom, visible support, the willingness to stand up and be counted, the power of a fully armored Christian against this evil foe. Keep us on guard, praying, protecting each other, being bold in our actions and words, shutting down satan whenever possible.

  57. What a blessing to see our pres. elect and vice pres. elect attending church to show that they are as human as the rest of us and need the guidance of the lord as much as we the electors do. May God continue to cover their need's and our's, in Jesus name I pray.

  58. My prayers go out to you and Mr. Pence with your families. May God watch over all of you and may he give you the wisdom to rule wisely. May God grant you Love, Joy and Peace now and in the future. May he protect you and your families. God Bless and be with you all! Our Nation is with you Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence! We are looking forward to having America become great again! Thank You for what you are doing!

  59. Dear Jesus, you know all the times that President Trump has went through to get to where he stands now. Please be with him and Vice President Pence as they try to put America back together again. We have been pulled away from God and Jesus. We want your blessings and want to do what is right in the eyes of God. I ask that you give America strength to pull herself up to where you want us and be with both our President and Vice President as they ask for your guidance in these coming years. In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen.

  60. Dear Lord being. Vice President and President are jobs like no other. These two men will see and hear things that will age them and they will need wisdom and courage to make all the decisions they must make. Please pour your wisdom out over them and guide them in the way you would have them to go. We ask Lord for your special supernatural blessing upon these two Lord in Jesus name Amen.

  61. Thank you both for loving America and the people! May The Blessins Of Our Heavenly Father keep you out of harms way and. help Make America Great Again!!! AMEN

  62. My Prayers to you Donald Trump, President elect. May our Lord Jesus be with you & Mr. Pence. I feel so good about the 2 of you as our Leader's..May God bless you Both & your families. Amen. As always, a loyal supporter. Prayers are with You. Corrine Patton…

  63. May God bless and protect you and keep you safe for your 8 + years in office. I am proud to be one of the many in my little county of Hart Co, Kentucky to vote and showed my support with flags and signs. "Make America Great Again"

  64. I pray that God will protect you and guide you as you take on the biggest job in your life. To be with you ,Mike Pence, your families and all you cabinet members. I believe this is what God created you for. You will Make America Great Again!

  65. Heavenly Father, I pray that President Trump will allow you in his heart and soul so that he may make Christian decisions to help our country and it's people. I pray he will help bring Christianity back in our government and schools. Please watch over him and protect him.

  66. God has placed you as our leader and I could not be more happy! Thank you and may God bless you and your family, President Trump. We love you and know that you are already making America great again!

  67. Father we ask that you place a hedge of protection around President Trump and his family and Vice-President Pence and his family, we ask that you guide their hands in leading our country. I ask that their hearts will be lead by your Holy Spirit. That they will not stray from your word. Now Angles go forth and prepare their way, let your wings brush the negative words from their ears and fill their hearts with praise. Thank you father that they are Godly men and they shall be a witness to those around them. That their actions will be a witness to the leaders of other countries causing their hearts to turn to you Lord. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

  68. Lord, We plead the blood of Jesus over President Trump & Vice President Pense and all the appointed cabinet members & the offices filled since President Trump took office 10 days ago, January 20, 2017. Guide and direct each decision & I pray President Trump will seek the advise of Christian people. In Jesus Name Amen

  69. God I just pray that you will protect President Trump and his family. Also Vice President Pence and his family. Take care of them and keep them safe. Thank you for allowing him to take over the office of President to take America back that our forefathers fought for.Amen!!!

  70. Lord, You put David on the Throne of Israel, he was not a perfect man but "he was a man after God's own Heart". Lord I believe You chose David so he would protect Israel and also to fulfilled Your promise to Abraham. I believe, that Donald Trump was chosen by You to lead America because like Israel was then, America is now in trouble and we need a strong leader, chosen by You, to help her. My prayer is for the President and Vice President's family. Lord, I pray that as days and nights go by that You will cover all the families of these two men with Your protection and Grace. As they both go out among the masses of people, many who wish to harm them, I pray for their safety. Lord, I want to thank You for not letting America fail. We have veered off course but we are on our way back. With You protecting and guiding our two Leaders, America will be okay. In Jesus Name, Amen

  71. Holy Father, we praise Your Name! We know that you alone are our Heavenly Father and you listen to each of us when we pray. Also, we understand that your are gracious and understanding of us and through Jesus Christ, you know our very intermost thoughts. We are so pleased that president Trump and vice-president Pence are now in office and ask that your blessings be on them each moment as they are actually working to bring America back to shine forth Your Glory to everyone! Our prayer is through the name of Jesus. Amen

  72. Thank you Mr. President for sharing your faith and live for America with us! God bless you and your family! God bless Mike Pence and family along with your staff! God is with you 24/7! America's prayers and support daily!

  73. Thank you president Trump and vice president Spence I know you're trying to do what's best for our country we need you more than ever … you have so many obstacles that are against you but remember they are Satan's family not gods and we pray for you everyday thank you so much.

  74. Lord, we have so much hate in our country. I ask for guidance for the President and all those in. His cabinet. Lord God Almighty please touch those who hate a turn their hate into love. Help to lead our new Administration to make the right decisions to bring all back to you Oh Lord. My heart is hurting because of the hate and violence in our country. Please lighten my heart and please protect our new leaders as I truly believe you chose Trump and Pence to lead our America back to what you wanted it to be. Amen in your Holy Name

  75. Heavenly Father, I lift up president Trump, his administration and their families. Put a hedge of protection around each one. And give them Godly wisdom as they lead our country. In Jesus name. Amen

  76. when you were nominating gorsuch you said he had been working all his years preparing for this job…I think god has been preparing you for yours.I have no doubt in my mind that you are the chosen one for this job.I pray every day for you and will continue to do so.Mike Pence and all the people you have chosen for your cabinet are excellent choices and i pray for them also. GO TRUMP

  77. Thank you Heavenly Father for placing the desire in President Donald Trump's heart to serve this beloved
    Nation! Oh God the Eternal Father, we pray for him and his family's protection, that a hedge of protection be placed around them, Vice President Pense, and staff. We pray that you sharpen his gift of discernment, so that when he is guided, the information he hears and acts upon, is from you Father, to bring this great nation back once again. We pray for his health, that he remain healthy and strong, to fulfill the tasks at hand. We pray for your continued blessing on this great man, that he not become discouraged, to know how beloved he is from hearts of all he serves, for he is the heart of America….The United States of America! God Bless you Mr. President, God Bless us all, in
    Jesus name, Amen!

  78. Father thank u for Ur great hand of Mercy n Grace over the USA right now! Please watch over our President n vice President n their beautiful families keep them so close to u under ur wings of protection safely snug in ur arms of protection so that nothing by any means can hurt them!!!

  79. I pray also President Trump, for your health, your wisdom to be at the highest level ever in your Office of President, for your safety and that of your family and the ones who work with you for the good of our country. I pray for the people of this country to serve you faithfully in your endeavor to cure this country of its evil ways, we need God Almighty every second of every day to accomplish what you have set out to do. May God give you a peace beyond anyones imagination to keep your head clear and concise on what you have to do to bring this country back to God. And God bless Franklin Graham for his devotion to preaching all around the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to turn their hearts back to God and turn from their evil ways. Thank God that many people hearkened to those prayers. Thank God for His intervention.

  80. Praise you creator of heaven and earth for you have had mercy on this land. Father God we pray that we will right the wrongs from the past 8 years and be spared the wrath of our iniquities against you and your chosen people. Father we ask that like Haman who devised a scheme to hang the Israelites but instead he and his 10 sons were hung that very same day( not to mention the 10 sons of the Nazi holocost) we plea that every scheme devised against the true saints of this nation would back fire on those who scheme. We have seen the division of our nation yet it has identified those who can only claim to be Christian yet live for your enemy. We see more clearly who we and they are. We will not be shaken because we have your word which foretells of these last days and we will live to serve you and your statutes and precepts not our own in which we have devise. As for our nation we will serve the Lord and not lean on our own carnal understanding. Why should we, when we have your Holy Word that never changes. Father you are God, not us and we praise your Holy name. Fill our hearts with love and compassion for we know how the story ends. The righteous who follow your word and your ways wins! Lead us and give us ears to hear your still small voice. Bring revival full of the Holy Spirit to this land that you may be glorified all the more in the earth. May Truth reign in our land again. Open the gates and let the King come in!

  81. Father we are so encouraged by your choice of President Trump and Vice President Pence! How we thank You for giving us another chance to bring our country back under Your Authority through men who want to honor your Word and our Constitution. We have hope again that we can return America to a God-fearing nation. Forgive us Lord and and help us to seek Your face. We ask for wisdom and strength for these two men to be bold in their work and to make godly decisions. We do love You Lord God Almighty. Thank you JESUS for your great Salvation!


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