THIS IS MASSIVE! Watch Homeland Security Chairman Make Hillary GASP With 1 Word…


This story by Paris Swade.

THIS IS MASSIVE. You need to read this. The Department of Homeland Security just came out and said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason.

*** Seriously!


Let me repeat that the Chairman of Homeland Security just said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason.

This is Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) and he accused Hillary of “treason” on Thursday morning on Fox and Friends.

WE NEED TO GET THIS OUT, PATRIOTS! The mainstream media is not going to push this. Hillary is a traitor to this country. The left is trying to cover for Hillary. They are literally trying to elect a criminal to be President.


It’s up to us to fight the mainstream media and share this. Hillary is about to be slapped with treason. Let’s get this out!

Put Hillary in prison. If we don’t, this nation is too corrupt to fix. (h/t Talking Points Memo)


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    • If charges are brought against Hillary Clinton too soon, she will only be pardoned by Obama. Best course of action would be to see she doesn’t get elected and wait till Obama is out of office to charge her. Remove as much as the corruption insurance as possible prior to making a move.

    • It’s obvious what they’re “waiting for” — they don’t have a case for treason. Just like Clint Eastwood repeatedly saying that Obama was a fraud but never having facts to back it up, McCaul is bandying about words like “treason”without having any proof. It’s garbage like this that causes people to vote for Clinton.

    • I don’t know. I think perhaps Obama will disappoint everyone and pardon her. We want to prosecute her and Bill. They have done alot of damage.

  1. I am sick of the ‘in my opinion.’ She is guilty without a shadow of doubt. It’s treason Not to arrest her. This is our country! Government does not own us, we are not their pawns. Arrest her!

  2. We must not let the liberals take this election away with voter fraud!!! It’s rigged for Corrupt lying evil to win!! God Help America

  3. Might as well elect a Criminal we elected a Islamist Muslim.
    Hillary and OBama are right the American people are so Stupid they have no idea what’s going on.

    • I am appalled at that comment. American people know what’s going on and unfortunately we only have the power to vote. I voted Trump. I am very well aware of Hilary and her corruption.

      • We the people have all the power because we have all the money, every dime the government spends the got from the people! We have the power to overrule congress, the supreme court and even the president! The problem is most of us are too stupid, too lazy or too afraid to exercise our constitutional rights!

        • I agree I know many people That Do Not Even Vote and Know Nothing Of what is going On In This Country, I had a heated Argument With them., That they should be ashamed of themselves they are Lazy and they take take take and only think of themselves well they don’t talk to me anymore

      • We also have the power and the RIGHT to bear arms. It has come to that or else we all just accept whatever those in Washington wish for us.

      • People who never voted before, voted for Donald Trump as well. We have been so sick of Clintonism for years. We thought we had elected change in Obama. We didn’t. We think we might have now.

    • I think you mis-spoke when you grouped everybody together. What I have personally observed is the Liberals are the ones that want to “hire” politicians that have no moral compass, don’t have to be Americans, are corrupt & don’t care if they are even possibly evolved in criminal activity. Both sides are guilty of watching the same outlets of media that have been proven to have there own spin on the news. AT this point I don’t think there is truly a way to find a solid truth that can be relied upon for political news especially. I would like to believe Americans do not want the establishment to be able to continue to fill their bank accounts with money they truly are stealing from us the taxpayers. Drain the swamp!

    • You might want to look up the definition of treason: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

      Clinton has not been charged with treason because it would be impossible to make a case against her because she used an unsecured server. One cannot jump about screaming the word “treason” and get a conviction. One must actually have facts to back up one’s assertions.

      • Just using that server amounts to treason! If a person allows classified information where our enemies can access it is treason even if our enemies don’t capture any information! If Wiki Leaks hacked Hillary Clinton’s home brew server any of our enemies could have hacked it and that is treason! Hillary Clinton said using a private server was allowed, she lied it was not, in fact it violated federal law! This woman has committed thousands of felonies and the FBI has more than enough evidence to arrest her! It should be clear that there is something fishy in Denmark!

      • Kathleen, Putting classified material on an illegal non secure email server where our enemies could access them like Wiki Leaks did is treason even if they didn’t access them! The fact remains that if they could it still amounts to treason! Just like robbing a bank, even if you don’t get any money, you are still going to be charged with bank robbery!

  4. They will have to wait to charge her until after January 20, when Obama leaves office or he will pardon her even tho he also is as guilty as she!

  5. We, America, can fix this nation. We can, don’t say can’t, can’t never did a thing. Oh for sure it is going to take some effort. Make no mistake it will. But let’s fix this country, it is our country. The trash need to be shown where the door is not to return. Burn passports. What ever we got work to do…let’s go folks, yeah democrats. Republican. Now some may wonder I placed the democrats before us, well d is ahead of r…and that friends is why I did it. Oh don’t feel insulted. But look at it this way the “R” folks can be the foundation.

  6. Trust me right now 5 days before the election you don’t want her arrested because Obama would delay the election (Trump wouldn’t get in) and stay in power. We want Trump to clean her clock in the election then her sorry ass will be arrested.

  7. We keep hearing all this but see no action, why? I’m not understanding this. They have all the evidence right in front of them but still they do nothing.

  8. She is absolutely guilty of violation of Title 18 USC. I lived under it for 25 years in the Navy as a Radioman and then as a Commissioned Officer. Had I done 1/10 of what she has done I would be wearing an Orange jumpsuit in Ft. Leavenworth.

  9. Omg we have a sailor who is going to prison for taking 6 pictures and yet she has been proven guilty on multiple account and still they won’t share her. If it had npbeen you or me we would be in prison by now looking out behind bars. Come on government gets some balls and out her away.

  10. This is all a bunch of crap. They say something about trump he says lie and they say something about hilary she says lie. Check the fact sheet!!they r both liars. But hilary lies really aren’t as bad as they say. This is today’s politics and it is shameful.

  11. For trump to say the things he says, we can all see he will not be a team player. More like a dictator. My way or no way. He will fire whoever gets in his way.

  12. If Obama or the justice dept. CContinue to cover for Hillary and she wins because of it i garentee it will result in civil war, this time the yankees are coming with us

  13. Tell the whitehouse to hire a chef that can do “spirit cooking” and HRC’s favorite ” cabbage, urine and fart soup”. You see the President openly campaigning for her, is that even legal?

  14. Anyone that has ever held a clearance knows that her actions are beyond serious. She intentionally put America’s secrets and lives at a high level of risk for her own greedy agenda. Obama’s crooked administration and Justice Department should be held accountable as well for protecting Hillary. They are accomplices to TREASON! Hillary’s supporters need to wake up and stop downplaying her actions. A Hillary Presidency would be nothing more that a cash machine for the Clintons with no regard for America’s citizens or security.

  15. If these statements are true why is Hillary still out campaigning and not already had charges filed against her? Headlines should be written on front pages and on news channels?Where’s all the action?

  16. America is us the people but we don’t have a say in what’s going on here,it’s time we take a stand and let our voice be heard

  17. Have you all seen the Anonymous video? “Their last ever” ? And she (hrc camp) can Lou Dobbs Hannity Anon videos… last one first to be up to date watch Dr Steve P Washington inside and security with 3 Presidents.. The hrc coup attempt to take over the govt & not @President so much as Soros puppet .i don’t think they want Obama to try to enact martial law or people being violent (Democrats.. They are the violent ones always have been)! I know her arrest & Obamas are imminent and a master of time. If not a bullet to their heads! Special Ops!

  18. Obama is blocking her arrest through the Justice Department because he was knee deep involved . They both have committed Treason.

  19. They have not done anything after all the lies she’s told and letting four men to be tortured and murdered in Benghazi and I could name many more but it seems our gov’t wants a liar so what can we do??? when she was asked why she didn’t do something to help the men in Benghazi, after they had called many, many times she said “I thought they were kidding”!!! I think she’s too stupid to run our gov’t. Obama has run our country into the dirt!!!!! Get rid of them both!! Surely there has got to be better people that can handle the job!!!!

  20. our government is in shambles. Liberal democrats are crooked and want To give our rights and freedoms away. But I guess I am the only one who sees this. Because she is still out there yaking up. A storm and people say , treason…stealing. Fraud but no me does anything about it. Are they all afraid of the clinton mob?

  21. Isn’t there a declaration of war, signed by Bush administration, WAR ON TERROR, And as far as I know we still at war, she should face a firing squad, for high treason, at the highest possible high!!!!


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