Trump Just Gave Rudy Giuliani The Best Job Of His Life! Look What He’ll Be Doing…

SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

The Rumor is currently circulating that Ex Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani may be considered for a position as the Director of National Intelligence.


Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Redstate reports:


Right now, it is merely a rumor. But it is one that could lend some weight to the possibility of Mitt Romney being considered for Secretary of State.

**Rudy is a Great American & Will do a terrific job for this position! I believe Trump is making good choices!

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  1. Cactus Jack Kavanaugh said,” the VP job is not worth a bucket of warm spit” but that was back in the thirties, I believe VP Pence will be invaluable helping DJT get this country back on the right track.

  2. Rudy Guliani is a great man and a great patriot. He doesn't need a job but will serve if called. I recall when my quasi nazi son was bad mouthing the Italians. I told him to stop talking bad about the Italians. He asked, name one who has done anything. I mentioned Gina Lolabrigida who everyone loves, had this been a serious conversation I would have mentioned Galaleo, Da Vincici and Guliani.

  3. No To Mitt Romney. He has already shown what a traitor he is to his own party and we want NO part of him in the administration. He would be a terrible choice for any office.


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