Whoa! Sean Hannity Just OWNED Megyn Kelly! What He said Made Her Cry Like a Baby!

The infamous Megyn Kelly has been well known for attacking some of the great conservatives in the media.

Source: Fox News
Source: Fox News

NewsMax reports: The “Kelly File” host said on “Media Buzz” Sunday that certain hosts who support the president-elect “would arrange with Trump in advance to ask him certain critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility.”

Hannity, who is widely seen as one of the most pro-Trump network hosts, apparently assumed Kelly was referring to him, and took to Twitter with his defense.






Last month, Hannity and Kelly feuded over a Twitter spat in which Hannity accused Kelly of being biased towards Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. They later appeared to settle their disagreement.

**Next time, I don’t think Sean Hannity will be so soft on you Megyn.

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  1. I would not have been that nice. Kelly is trying to make a name for herself so she can demand more money. She is the one that wants to stir up chaos rather than reporting facts and real news. She should go over to CNN, she would fit right in.

    • She's working on it. That's no surprise! I lost respect for her, along with throngs of other Americans, when she not only embarrassed herself, but Fox as well with her partisan political games!
      It's true, we all get off track at one time or another in our lives. Unfortunately, Meghan shows no interest to get back
      on track. Is it money, ambition–who knows? But she's making dangerous sacrifices with herself and especially her family. I pray she'll realize what's happening before the damage can't be undone.

    • Interestingly she ended up changing networks and taking Three to Five Million less than she was offered to stay and Fox News. So she may indeed be trying to make a name for herself. But she clearly isn't going to end up with more money because of it. And she has succeeded in making a name for herself. But it's not a nice one.

  2. M. Kelly is a waste. Not watching her. She is a mole for HRC and Soros, and has made it very plain.
    She is so stupid. If the questions were prearranged , so what? Even in the debate that would be a great idea as long as both sides agreed and got them in advance. Surprise attack personal questions from the media waste our time. I would never agree to an interview without an agreement on the questions.

  3. M. Kelley always appeared to have a tough and unfeminine aura. Couldn't take her clipped, rapid-fire delivery, either. Her ambush of Trump at the debate — well, that backfired for her; he won.

  4. Didn't realize that so many others disliked Megan Kelly as much as I did. When her show would come on I changed my channel. She thinks she is so beautiful. When she got the picture on front of vogue her head got even bigger. Glad she is gone.

  5. I'm glad she is gone! And I Do not like SHEPARD SMITH!!!! He is on I turn off! Love Sean want to know why he isn't on 760 Detroit radio?


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