OH MY GOD! Tucker HUMILIATES Woman Who Attacked Trump’s Daughter, Now He’s Being Called “Sexist”!

Tucker Carlson has now officially become my favorite person to watch on television. On Friday, Tucker took on an editor for Teen Vouge, Lauren Duca. Duca apparently thinks that Ivanka Trump is “fair game” because of her healthy hygiene. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

The controversy came to light after Ivanka was  harassed by a fellow passenger on a JetBlue flight out of JFK earlier this week while accompanied by her children.





“What are the venues where you shouldn’t scream your political views at people, would a funeral be out-of-bounds, church, her son’s brisk, like what are the rules on that?” Carlson asked.


Duca also claimed in an article that Trump was “anti-woman” because he is pro-life. We all know that if you don’t support abortion and ripping babies apart limb by limb, the only logical explanation is you hate women.

As the interview continued, Tucker made this intellectually lazy woman look like a fool. Since Carlson clearly won the debate, liberals immediately took to social media to call him “sexist”.

The best part of this video is the last few seconds. Duca’s face is PRICELESS! She is stunned that someone had the audacity to call her out for her lack of journalistic integrity.

How dare he!!!


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  1. Tucker why would you even continue a conversation with this dim witted moronistic woman? Her mic should have been cut off and then you could have just said you’re not making any sense and your thought process is illogical AND you’re not even answering my questions!!
    It would have been better if your producers had told you to cut the interview.
    Not only was the conversation insipid her voice and mannerisms were dispicable.

  2. Tucker Carlson your my hero! LOL. I think this woman is a little loony. I love the way she tries ti back track on her comments. We all know what she is saying. Does she think we are all stupid? How dare they do this to a mother and her little children!
    Great job Mr. Carlson

  3. This woman speaks for no American woman. She is ignorant and has absolutely no knowledge of the cult and history of Islam and their mistreatment of women and children. Her attack on Trumps daughter should not be tolerated. She is no journalist. She couldn’t answer the questions because she is a liar just like Hillary. As an American woman and mother I am absolutely sick and tired of the lying attacks by these liberal mentally deficit poor excuses for women and their lies about Trump being against women. They are serial liars with no journalistic integrity. They refuse to acknowledge that Donald Trump has many women working for him and support him. The fact Donald Trump thinks it is a sin to rip babies out of their mothers wombs. We are raising a sick generation of women with no morals or values. That their hero Hillary Rodham Clinton was bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia who supports the abuse of women and children and supports pedophilia. This is one ignorant woman with absolutely no knowledge of history. God heal our nation and cast out the evil that has corrupted the women in our nation. The liberals in this country are nothing but an arm of the Muslim brotherhood. Someone needs to sit her down and teach her some history and introduce her to the 1952 law.


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