URGENT: Shocking Video Exposes the TRUTH about Russia “Hacking the Election”, Watch Before It’s ERASED!


Democrats are attempting to undermine Trump’s election in every way they can imagine. First they claimed the votes were wrong and demanded a recount. When the recount failed, and Trump managed to actually get MORE votes than he received on election day, they needed to find another angle.

Enter “Russian hacking” scandal.

The dishonest far left Washington Post has put out yet another hit piece on Donald Trump. This time though it isn’t just Trump who could be affected, Democrats are actually putting ALL Americans in danger. The left is willing to risk civil war in America and nuclear war with Russia because they lost this election.

CNN and MSNBC have been spreading the lie that Russia hacked the election when there isn’t a SHRED of evidence to support that statement.  Furthermore, the left claims that “the intelligence community” agrees that Russia was behind the hacking. That is a lie!


No one knows the “mysterious source” in the CIA who is making these claims. They are likely the same corrupt members who lied to cover for Obama and his incompetent handling of ISIS. Or perhaps they are the same CIA members who edited the Benghazi talking points, writing that the attack was a “spontaneous protest” when all evidence on the ground proved otherwise.

The elites in Washington are outraged that Trump will be our next president and they will do ANYTHING to stop that from happening. As Paul Watson explains,

“The left is now conspiring with rouge elements of the CIA to initiate an internal coup within the United States and overthrow a democratically elected president.”

One thing is clear, America’s democracy is under full assault. The attackers are not the Russians however, they are the Democrats.

SHARE this video and inform others that they are being lied to! It’s up to us to expose the truth now and protect our country!

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  1. CIA has demonstrated it is a political tool like the KGB or SS. CIA Director, a Muslim, will not deny or verify and Fake News is made by their omissions

  2. I wonder how many millions are Democrats desperately investing on buying persons.
    They are terrified about Trump draining the swamp.


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