BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Is Back! Look What She Is Doing To Screw America Now…

Image Source: CNN

Top Democrats are now trying to get Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York City. Ughhhhhh!!! Just when you thought that you had gotten rid of her. Two months after Hillary lost the presidency she is now allegedly investigating challenging Bill de Blasio for mayor, according to NewsMax.

According to a former Democratic elected official, “She’s talking about it.” According to Newsmax, she is debating the idea with her inner circle.

He says that Clinton is being pushed to run by Democrats that are upset over Blasio being mayor.

“If she ran, she’d win,” another Democratic source said.


That’s not true. Let’s show Hillary Clinton that we do not want her for nothing. She is the most corrupt politician to ever run for office.

Here’s what Trump said about her –  if you don’t remember.

She should be the President of a prison. She is crooked Hillary. #SHARE this post if you think that Hillary Clinton should not run for another office. (h/t Newsmax)

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  1. Not surprising. You had to know that this repugnant woman has an ego that is driven by power and she will grab for it anywhere she thinks she can get it. Sadly, New Yorkers might actually elect her. They deserve her.

  2. I hope that New Yorker's are smarter than that. The wicked witch needs to go directly to jail. And not allowed to be any where she can harm other's. She is a lying, thieving murderer. I don't care what the CIA or FBI think. Her and Bill were connected to all those murders. All those people didn't committ suicide. No, they all were connected to the Clinton's and they all died at the hand of the Clinton's. Donald Trump needs to put all the Clinton's in jail.

  3. Our only hope is that she is prosecuted because she carried four of the five Boroughs of NYC in the election and would probably win handily. NYC is a Democrat liberal cesspool and I live here so I know.

  4. She definitely should be in Jail she is the most crooked official that has ever been in the White House, her and Obama. I certainly hope New Yorkers will be smart enough to not allow her to ever get in.If they are smart enough they would see that she would bring so many Illegals into our State that we would end up with alot of crime and deaths.


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