BREAKING: Marco Rubio Just Flipped Sides! Look What He Did To Betray Trump Today…

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Rex Tillerson is getting grilled by lawmakers on the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. Rex Tillerson just retired from Exxon and is up to be the next secretary of state.

Democrats have been attacking Rex Tillerson all day. Now Little Marco Rubio thought it was his turn to try and roast Tillerson.


Rex Tillerson thinks that we should have “an open and frank dialogue with Russia regarding its ambitions’ so it can chart its own course.”


*** Watch Little Marco Rubio try and act tough today. He is such a little man. He tried to get Rex Tillerson to say something dumb about Russia.


Marco Rubio is threatening to stop Rex Tillerson from getting nominated. What a turn coat. This means that Rubio is trying to work with the Democrats. The Republicans hold 52 seats in the Senate and they need 51 votes to get Tillerson into office. If Rubio doesn’t vote for Tillerson, it will be a huge attack on Trump.

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Let’s show Little Marco what we think of his little tantrums.

Thanks for reading, y’all! We need to make America great again. We need to clean the snakes out of the grass and start draining that swamp. (h/t Daily Mail)(Flickr)


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  1. We knew when he was a Presidential Candidate that the "Twinkie" Rubio was a RINO…why would anyone expect anything different NOW? Why would anyone be surprised, or aghast, at his actions at this point is beyond me.

  2. Please Mr. Rubio I'm have been a stronger supporter of you all along , in the time when running as a possible candidate for the Republican party for President position and then again when you decided to go back as a senator, I support you all the way but went I saw you in the interview with the candidate for the position of Secretary of State you really came across very arrogant and atacking approach it did make me feel as is I was washing a venditec sour person and In reality make me fell like to lower the volume of my tv .
    Make found my self woundering if I'm has been wrong in my support and appreciation of your carácter. Really get a gripp of your self and do support your President criteria.
    You are a representative and member of the Republican Party not a member of Democratic Party.
    Please do not make me feel like I have been wrong in supporting you until now.!!! Do right to the people the support you for to be able to be in the position you are now.!

  3. Rubio is doing his job. Tillerson is answering questions and showing he is a great pick for the position. He is measured and deliberate and seeks information before making a decision. One thing that does concern me is how he and maybe Trump may view Russia's possible endeavors. We cannot allow it be ok should they decide to dominate or take over another country or bomb at Liberty civilians that are not doing them harm.

  4. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are traitors. Keep that in mind. They are getting revenge for Trump winning the ELECTION.

  5. Little Marco has yet to realize that he will NEVER be president of the US…OR…Cuba…but of course there is always Atlantis.

  6. Marco needs to realize that the voters in Florida can have him recalled for not honoring their opinions. If he has such a thing about communism perhaps as a relatively young man, he would like go to Cuba and fight it. Russia is not the enemy right now.

  7. I guess Marco is not interested in another term bucking the republican block right now is not a good idea listen to the people you know the ones that put you in office.

  8. Well it's good to know now what side of the fence he is really on. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are part of the good ole boys establishment that we voted to END. Don't vote for them when they are up for election. I suppose those 3 hawks would love to put America into WWIII with Russia? Get over yourselves guys. Americans are done with politics as usual and we see through your actions. Get with the American New Program or Get Out!

  9. The citizens of the United States is sick and tired of the infighting and nothing getting accomplished! Would have thought you of all people had figured that out. We trust Trump to choose bright and exceptional people to work with him. Rex Tillerson is one of those. We expect you to do your duty and appoint him Secretary of State. This is the very reason some of you were allowed to remain in your positions, so the Republicans retained control. That can change. Remember that. Do the work entrusted to you.

  10. SHUT UP LITTLE MARCO! We all know what you are all about. You need to call yourself what you are. A liberal democrat. You could care less about this country. Just your own political party. The Democrats and getting paid by George Soros.

  11. And where dos ISIS like to hide and launch attacks from? That would be schools, hospitals and churches. In order to kill the enemy don't you have to bomb them where they are at? Who's the war criminal? ISIS!

  12. Marco Rubio you need to grow up and understand that you hold your enemies closer than your friends "to keep them in check."

  13. I get it, but Trump would win a lot of people over if he would not make descriptive terms about people. For instance, Just say Marco Rubio, saying Little Marco Rubio, while very funny, is also very 8th grade. I am a Trump supporter, but I do kinda see what a lot of people complain about…Just say what you need to say, and leave the petty insults to the Dems.

  14. Rubio don't you think you have done enough already. Join the forces and get on with your life. You are only digging yourself into a hole….that is going to be the end of you in politics.

  15. Sure glad I didn't vote for this little "Weasel". Just another "Rhine". All of a sudden the sore losers are coming out of the woodwork.

    So sad, the American people have spoken and the losers just won't shut up, they think they are impressing us, they're not.

  16. Little Marco makes a point that people who oppose Vladimir Putin wind up dead under mysterious circumstances. Oh, you mean like the people who have opposed Hillary Clinton who wind up dead under mysterious circumstances?

  17. Stop the Russia witch hunt. While we need balance with Russia and it's obvious the dollar is in trouble so people war and want to befriend oil muslim countries … I will not work with sharia, I'm judgemental, done. I hope you are too. We therefore need some kind of ally. Russia is fierce competition but unless we run to sharia oil lands which I am stone cold against we have to deal with Russia anyway, so it might as well be now. Instead of blowing up every country that challeges us, how abut we have an economy and manage our money.
    I know … telL that to the federal reserve what,that's a new one.
    I won't work with sharia … tough .. im stately against it. It's a bad idea, let's get away from that. Contain sharia.

  18. Russia is scary … they are gold based, highly advanced and militaristic. But we need allies people … Putin is actually a good man and leader that's the majority of why he s ares us but don't be vulnerable and stupid about it. Criticize putin all you want to he is the Pope and Albert Einstein compared to all the other leaders and I'm American Irish descent.

  19. Maybe those Hispanics do have hot blood and bear a grudge but his fire should be directed at Chris Christie who made him look bad in a debate. All Senator Rubio had to do was ask Christie if he didn't have a tunnel that he needed to close in NJ. I like the Senator and I hope he comes around.

  20. Marco Rubio has flipped his lid. He acts like a spoiled little boy. Hopefully someday Trump will put him in his place. Until then, trump will be very busy I am sure, and will not even think about little Rubio.


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