Denzel Washington Just Tore Every Hollywood Celebrity A New One In This Epic Rant!

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OMG!? The Golden Globes. The fancy dresses. All the celebrities got together on Sunday night to whine. There was Meryl Streep attacking Donald Trump.

*** How about a little balance?

These Hollywood-elite are all self-centered, but not everyone. Let’s take a look at what Denzel Washington said.

He was asked about what the worst jobs that he had.


According to the Daily Wire, Denzel Washington said the following:

“I was a garbage man…you get eight hours of work, but you can do it in three. So you can go home as soon as you finish. Post office, you get three hours of work, and you make it last eight. I did both. I liked being a garbage man better.”

Then Denzel Washington said this about the TV and film industry:

“They weren’t bad jobs. Just like people say: ‘Oh, the difficulty of making a movie.’

I’m like, listen, send your son to Iraq–that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. It’s like, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense.

It’s like, oh, a movie. Get outta here. Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury; it’s a gift. It’s an opportunity, and most importantly, it’s a gift. Obviously, everybody here is talented enough to do that, but don’t get it twisted. It’s just a movie. It ain’t that big a deal.”

 This is a man with some sense. There are difficulties involved with being an actor, but none of them are that bad. And the people that go to war in this country do not get the same respect as these actors…
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I agree with Denzel Washington. We should praise our soldiers whenever we can
Comment ‘GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS’ below this post! Thank you, Denzel Washington for having some sense. (h/t Daily Wire)


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