The FBI was Hiding Something HUGE About Russia Hacks! TRUMP WAS RIGHT

SOURCE: (LEFT) Kremlin - (RIGHT) FBI -

If you thought there was something extra suspicious about this whole “Russia hacking the Democrats” narrative, you were dead right.

Today it was revealed that despite the FBI saying they KNOW Russia hacked the Democrats, they never even ONCE actually checked the email servers of the DNC! Instead federal law enforcement relied on data that, Crowdstrike, a private computer security company, gathered from the device.

So basically they are basing their ENTIRE Russian story around what one private company told them. So what the Hell did the FBI actually do? Well, a big load of NOTHING!


If you wanna hear something REALLY interesting, the founder of Crowdstrike and the man who initially claimed that Russia hacked the DNC is none other than RUSSIAN “computer specialist” Dmitri Alperovitch.

Now I am not saying Alperovitch is part of any Russian psyops. That’s not for me to decide. I am saying that if Putin REALLY wanted to take down the Democrats, making them go crazy over a fake hack attack and then proving they were wrong would definitely do the trick…

Regardless, the fact of the matter here is that the FBI did no research of their own and took a private Russian hacking specialist’s word. Now, I’ll let you decide what this means for our country, but one thing is for sure: US INTELLIGENCE IS NOT DOING THEIR JOB!!

(H/T – Daily Mail, Wikipedia)



  1. Comey should step aside or indicted on the first day, his choice. I understand he cannot be fired, except for cause, which may take a trial, but he needs to be out of that office on Jan 20 or 21 at the latest. A stupid, corrupt and lazy individual.

  2. The security system of the USA is totally in a must be state, must be totally screwed up, If we had continued the way things were going,America as we new it would have been gone,even now were fighting each other and the Islamic people are enjoying the fight, we let ideology be the judge between family feuds & most of us do not know what the word means.

  3. THE CIA& FBI made the decision for aObamqa's evil use against Trump.They Twisted the Truth and should be fired at once which I hope Trump does.The FBI is in total disaray due to Comey's leadership!Clapper is a Democratic Hack and a joke!

  4. Okay, in other words, CrowdStrike’s findings of Russian responsibility were paid for by the DNC which hired its services back in June. Strange? Yep. Essentially, the DNC paid for evidence of a crime. Their motive is pretty obvious: Blame the Russian government for disrupting the presidential election and Hillary's loss.

  5. NO there not doing there jobs! They are so use to not doing anything that’s way you got a problem. Then get all high and mighty and blame Trump for doing right what dip heads. GO President Trump get them straightened out.

  6. If hacking affected the US election then DJT should have beaten Shillary in the popular vote. This tells me hacking did not affect anyone's vote. DJT won because he had a message and managed his campaign to get the necessary Electoral College votes.


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