WATCH Kellyanne Go on FOX News Today and DESTROY the Media with Just 2 Words!

Source: FOX News

Kellyanne Conway is REALLY P*SSED right now! She is so mad that she just went on FOX News Sunday with a single goal in mind: DESTROY THE LYING MEDIA.

Chris Wallace tried to grill her onĀ about Steve Bannon’s declaration that ALL political pundits were the opposition party of the Trump administration, not just the Democrats. That’s when she hit back with the 2 words the media guys HATE…

“Listen more!”


According to Kellyanne, Bannon was trying to say the Mainstream Media cabalĀ is so set on taking down Trump that they ignore facts and make up their own version of the truth.

She told Wallace,

“Not every network and every print outlet is created equally in this. But ‘if you are part of Team Trump, you walk around with these gaping, seeping wounds every single day, And that’s fine. I’m here every Sunday morning. I haven’t slept in in months. I believe in a full and fair press. But with a free press comes responsibility. And the responsibility is to get the story right.”

She is right. Look, the press will get stuff wrong from time to time, that’s just life. What is NOT acceptable is them using twisted and fake versions of the truth to brainwash America.

Donald Trump is not perfect. We all know it. But he is the ONLY man who could have taken down the corrupt establishment. The media SHOULD cover him completely, but with truth. They need to accept that THEIR SIDE LOST!!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. Kellyanne is so great at explaining the facts of this temporary ban of nations who are not being allowed at this time. I never heard the media come unglued when Obama was bypassing laws and writing and signing his own agendas. Looks like a one way street to me. Obama could perpetrate the dirtiest issues and no one said nothing. He gave Millions to other Country like Iran and uranium to further there goal on making a Nuclear Missile . He did what he pleased and was allowed to write his own ticket. Yet President Trump is being blocked every which way. He has done more great things in a few days then Obama did in 8 years. Give the man some gratitude Liberals. Unite not divide is what must be done. We are all in this together. Open up your ears to the truth and soften your hate . He is our President and thank God he is.

  2. You know, I've been noticing Cris Wallace has been leanig way left for quite so time, I have been a faithful watcher of his for years, but can't agree with his interviewing methods anymore, like today he had Kellyann Conway as a guest, he would not let her answer a question without interrupting her, I began to wonder why he invited her, unless it was to embarrass, and put her down. He didn't treat Durbin that way. STRANGE. Of course these days the news organizations with the exception of a few are leaning LEFT. We the people don't share their view, that's why we elected DONALD TRUMP

  3. Kellyanne is 200% right. The media distorts facts and would not report any positive facts when it comes to our President Donald Trump. They are so biased that reports even on Facebook that are pertinent and important are blocked so you can't read the full text of the report that contradicts negative issues against our President. I guess Facebook is also part of the Anti- Trump movement

  4. The media, all of them ABC,NBC, CBS, FOX and all the rest all so anti Trump. I do not listen to them. I watch Christian news which tell the truth. I would have never thought the news would be so bias and so LIBERAL.

    • Myself have difficulty in coping with the horrific moral desimation of Humanity .,,in our country had not been aware of depths of debauchery in U S PRAYER ..A MUST. GOD in his word When Enemy comes in like a Flood HE RAISES THE STANDARD… We are NOW beholding GOD turning tides.

    • Carolyn……Christian news tells the truth? Wow, Christians in the U.S. are the new terrorist spreading hate and intolerance all in the name of religion. Not sure what religion you practice or what bible you read but the Jesus I learned about was loving, kind and accepted everyone.


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