TRAITOR ALERT! John McCain Just Admitted to Sabotaging Trump Now He is Gonna Pay BIG TIME

Source: Gage Skidmore -

There have been lots of rumors about who was REALLY behind the Fake News leaks made by CNN that Trump did gross sex stuff in Russia because he hated Obama. Now we finally know who is REALLY behind it all… SENATOR JOHN McCAIN!

McCain issued a public statement that revealed the truth of what we all suspected:

“Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public.

‘Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI.¬†

“That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”

What we do know, thanks to CNN‘s own bad reporting, is that John McCain had HIRED a retired MI6 Agent/Ambassador from England to dig up any dirt he could find on Trump and he allegedly came back with this. Of course NONE of that can be proven.


In fact, now England is under pressure to reveal who the “source” was since they desperately need Trump to make new trade deals with them following the Brexit.

How can ANYONE ever trust those Mainstream Media liars or John McCain ever again? Their credibility¬†is shot and I don’t see McCain lasting any longer. Now I need you to Share this and end their reign of terror for good!

(H/T – Daily Mail)



  1. What difference does it make if Trump had sex with a girl every night that doesn't hamper his ability to run this Country. John McCain may be slapped with with a law suit from Trump. The people from Arizona need to quit electing this POS and run him out of Arizona. All he is doing is trying to stir up some crap on trump.

  2. When Trump said McCain wasn't a hero, it hurt his feelings/pride amongst his colleagues. Not good Karma for either the hero and Trump.

  3. He is one of the corrupt that is really a liberal demcrate. This is one of the few that shouldn't be labeled as a conservative or republican.

  4. McCain is a washed up has been that is hanging g on to the wrong coat tails! His fellow p o we didn't make him the "songbird" for nothing!

  5. McCain is a washed up has-been that is clinging to the wrong coattails! The P O Ws he was with didn't name him the songbird for no reason!

    • I have said this a few weeks a go,about when he was a POW for 6 years
      and never try to escept at any time because he had to be talking to the vet con and getting freedom and eating off the fat of the North Vet namryr.
      When he got off the plain he did not look a person or was like the others
      that were their at the same time, and i know he had to tell them something for good treatment. He was a conspire to his comrades in arms. Now he should resign and the State of Arizona should ask for him to resign ASAP.

  6. I'm moving to Az because it's a Red State and I HATE the fact that John McCain is there. I would vote him out of office in a heart beat. He's acting like a spoiled brat who didn't get his way,

  7. I've said it before as a retired AF combat crew. John McCain is no hero just because he got shot down. All of us signed up to fly, drop bombs, and exposed ourselves to being shot down and imprisoned and go through interrogation. It's something we were paid to do and allowed to fly the best of the best aircraft. It's something we loved. To be marked a hero is a stretch given our motivation to fly these cool aircraft and enjoy the "prestige of doing it" Hero, hey you got you reward. No body needs to give you a pat on the back. The American taxpayer who supported your flying excitement is the hero and you owe them! Mcain a hero Bull crap!

  8. Maybe McCAin should sweep his own doorstep before he talks about Pesident Trump. Ask him about his second wife how he got her?

  9. This decayed and decrepit old codger needs to saunter off onto the pastures of his solace, and take a chance on his secrets from Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos squeaking out as families can then search for their long lost members, and/or their remains. He has reached a point of embarrassment for this nation. I know of absolutely nothing he has done extraordinaire for the state of Arizona. Nothing what he has done for this nation that will sparkle the legacy he leaves us. His time is long overdue, and the voters of Arizona need to admit they are much better off putting him into retirement and ppt for another more alert and balanced steward of their state representing them.

  10. I sure wish he had not been voted in again! He has done so much damage to our country. Why is he so loyal to Soros? Is he willing to just throw the US under the bus? Why? It is hard to believe that he is such a RAT! He needs to be out of office go retire or something get out of politics you have done enough damage to our Country.


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