URGENT: Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know This 1 Thing About Ft. Lauderdale Shooter…

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This story by Paris Swade.

You won’t see this on CNN. You won’t see this on MSNBC. You won’t see Rachel Maddow’s lips ever utter these words. What happened today in the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Esteban Santiago, the Ft. Lauderdale Shooter via Twitter

There are 5 dead confirmed and at least 9 wounded in the attack. The shooters name is Esteban Santiago.  According to NBC News, he has a history of mental illness.

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Now, now, now Obama doesn’t want you to see this. His administration has been so full of secrets. Check out what CBS This Morning posted about the shooter today.

Santiago had “walked into an FBI Office in Anchorage & claimed that he was being forced to fight for ISIS,” says CBs.

We need to get this information to get out there. Obama’s FBI had news that this man was working with ISIS, according to CBS. They chose not to do anything about it.

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  1. This was terrorism and Obama's administration did nothing to stop it! Odumbass needs to be held accountable for the deaths and injuries of these poor innocent people! Congress do SOMETHING for once!

  2. This is not just an ISIS problem. Ephesians 6:12 points out that the battle is spiritual. The source of the problem is not Muslim people per se, but rather their Holy Book which condones and advocates extermination of all other beliefs and takeover of the government by all means possible including lying and violence. In return they get rewards of confiscated property and women, as well as virgins for their pleasure in an after-life. I suggest that immigrants should first publicly refute that book and its principles. Note that Islam has some high standards of morality within their members – which contrasts sharply with immorality present in Western Civilizations. Time for the latter to stop worshipping and serving the great God called Self.

  3. Obama is the one that recruited so many of them like this shooter today to perfect his third term Agenda, Obama can never arrest or condemn them because they are his alliance, but Obama days are all ready numbered, after 20th January, The, Administration of Donald Trump will commence prosecution of Obama immediately and jail him with hard labor, not only in USA, Even in NIGERIA,

  4. Obama said just recently that there is no treat in our country but what happened with the shooting in ft Lauderdale, how about in Boston, San Bernardino and a lot more
    My gosh I'm too tired of this aND the people are blind to see this.

  5. The Ft Lauderdale shooting certainly has the earmarks of terrorism with extenuating circumstances,
    Six years in the Army in a war zone, then being treated for PTSD and the law enforcement and the VA medical systems failed drastically. He should have had his gun(s) confiscated and should have been monitored and treated more intensely.Maybe there will be some changes resulting from this carnage.

  6. Janet, the Police need our support, bless you and if anyone has helpful suggestions to protect law enforcement from ambushes let them know.


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