WHAT THE H*LL!? Something Really EERIE Was Just Spotted About Obama’s New Mansion…

Image Source: Google Maps

On January 20th, Obama will move his family out of the White House and into a huge mansion located in a fancy Washington D.C. neighborhood called Kalorama.

Obama says that they chose the location because of how close it was to Sasha’s school. It could be for another reason…?

According to the Daily Caller, Obama will be living just 1,096 feet from the largest Islamic center in the Western Hemisphere.

Image Source: Google Maps
Image Source: CNN

“It provides Qur’an and Islamic Literature and distribution of such publications that would create awareness and knowledge of Islamic Truth,” the mosque’s website reads.


Given the rumors about Obama and his favorite religion. It is odd that he would move within walking distance the world’s biggest mosque.

*** Gotta love Obama! (THAT WAS SARCASM)

Here is Obama’s 8,200-square-feet and eight-bedroom mansion.

Obama will go down as our worst president ever. Help us get this post out. We need to show every American.

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