Not A Single Journalist Will Be Able To Sleep After What Steve Bannon Said Moments Ago! Trump Loves It!

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Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus held a question and answer period on the CPAC stage this afternoon and Steve Bannon had a lot to say about the fake news media:

“They’re absolutely wrong about what’s happening today because we have a team that is absolutely grinding it through on what President Trump promised the American people. And the mainstream media better understand something, all those promises are going to be implemented.”

Whew! Get em’ Bannon. Then Bannon issued a warning to the lying press that will make them scared to go to sleep tonight.

“It’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse. They are adamantly opposed, adamantly opposed to [the] economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has,” Bannon said.


Then Bannon just issued a warning to the media….

“It’s going to get worse because he’s going to continue to press his agenda and as economic conditions get better and jobs get better, they’re going to fight. If you think they’re [the media] going to give the country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. Every day, every day is going to be a fight,” Bannon said.

Are you ready to go to war with the media?

The mainstream media does nothing but attack Trump. They are actively working to take down our current President and it is disgusting. Let’s make this go viral. If they want a war with we the people, they are going to get one.

Will you join Trump and Bannon? if you will, do the following…

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God bless all the American patriots and thank you for fighting beside us to make this country great again. (h/t NY Post)


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  1. Stay the course Mr. President. My number one request is ( jobs that pay a living wage . I would like to see a federal cost of living law that we all get , not just the employees of the federal government .

  2. One way trump can utilize Alternative news sources is to invite them for roundtable live events while he goes from rally to rally t/o the country. In this way , he would get a richer sample of reporters from other sources in other sectors of american life. Example. The Lunch meeting with CEOS for jobs creation. have representation from whatever business sector analysts and reporters are available in the area.then the allow time on camera post event for news analysts /reports to have that open discussion right then and there no time for MSM to edit , cut/paste and spin before regurgitating to public.public should also have available permission to tape digitally capture and share at will.This will severely stunt fake news from both sides.

  3. we support trump all the way we will join the war against fake media i have never heard so much name calling in my life where do they get their information? fake news thats where give it up if I hear one more congress person say impeach like waters i will do anything i can to get her fired from our government the power was given bsck to us by donald trump we can and will help him stop the attacks hopefully our judicial system will wake up and arrest obama for treason operating his shadow government thinking he is outsmsrting we the people it wont work we have laws that can stop him lets enforce the laws people we need to start making citizens arrest if our government is too sorry to do it

  4. Really to bad Bannon is excatly what we don’t need in the white house. Bannon is a complete joke and his racist ties do not belong in the white house.

  5. I am with you President Trump all the way and I pray for the safety good health of all the family and others around you. I especially pray for you to be safe, I have lived a long time and seen many changes some good and some not so good I first voted for Gen. Eisenhower. I love this country and know you will do your best to make it great again.

  6. His hatred and racism will be fought everywhere and anytime. Trump needs to unify, not just ignore the majority of Americans who voted against him.

  7. ‘WE ARE WITH YOU TRUMP!’ Expose and Clean up the corruption, prosecute those who have been the obstructionists, the termites working underground to destroy our country. It’s past time. You’re in our prayers as is his entire staff. We have your back. God Bless.

  8. We are with you Trump! Thank you for standing with the people of America. God bless you and your family and may He give you wisdom and strength to continue to buck the establishment to make America great again. We believe in you!

  9. We are with you Trump.

    I thank my lucky stars
    To be living here today
    Cause this lands still made of freedom
    And you can’t take that away

    I’m proud to be an American

    God Bless the U.S.A.

  10. I’m with you, President Trump!
    Take the fight to We the American People! We want jobs! We want border security! We want safe, moral communities! WE ARE WITH YOU 100 PERCENT!

  11. I think President Trump is doing an excellent job so far and it’s only been 34 days! Amazing! Brannon and Preibus are great in their roles. “Well oiled machine” team.

  12. He can’t possibly be the best, unless he understands that there is a God. That light shines in the darkness. Unless he has the spirit of God to deal with the devil press, then he is still nothing. Just crap! Crap! Nothing! Nada! Zilch!!!!! Go away!!!!!

  13. We are with President Trump and VP Mike Pence! Sick and tired of all of the negativity. If they would shut up and listen, they might see that after eight years of a traitor to America doing nothing good, things are starting to happen, true to his promises!

  14. I / we are with you Donald Trump! For anyone that believes the Bible, I personally believe Donald Trump is our president because God wanted him to be, you may ask, why do I believe that? The Bible is specific in Daniel 2:21. this verse says, He (God) removeth Kings, and setteth up Kings! No Donald Trump is not a king, and I don’t see him as a king. A king in the Bible is the leader of a Nation, this verse is the reason I believe God put Donald Trump in the presidency! God bless the USA and Donald Trump!

  15. We are with you Trump to the very end. The spoiled brat libs have to be kept at bay. OB was a disaster and we can’t survive any more of these liberal thinkers we will never recover if we give in to them.
    Stay strong we are praying for your consistent progress

  16. WE ARE WITH YOU PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP… All the way through!
    You are America to us..! You were born to this work for Americans !

  17. We are with you! God bless you and all of those who are working with you. We need a strong leader like you! Thank you.

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