WOW! Trump Just Did What Democrats Were PRAYING He Wouldn’t Do! Now They Have No EXCUSE!

Last night, our President and First Lady hosted the annual Governors Ball. Trump welcomed 46 governors and their spouses to the first major social event of his administration.

Every president who hosts this event gives the usual thank you speech, but Donald Trump is NOT like every president. He started out by expressing how much he is enjoying his job as president.

‘‘I can say that after four weeks — it’s been a lot of fun — but we’ve accomplished almost everything we’ve started out to accomplish. We’re very happy with the way things are working but, again, we’ve made a lot of promises over the last two years and many of those promises already are kept so we’re very honored by that.’

But then Trump made a move that surprised everyone.

Instead of just closing his speech like every president before him has done, President Trump shocked the crowd and invited someone from the OPPOSING PARTY to come join him!



Trump reached out to DEMOCRAT Governor Terry McAuliffe and asked him to give a toast!


Trump showed the nation tonight that he isn’t just blowing smoke when he says that he wants to unite us! The President doesn’t care about petty politics, he just wants to make this country as great as he knows it can be.

Now Democrats have no excuse, President Trump has reached across the aisle in a brave attempt to heal this nation. They can’t say that he refuses to work together or that he is a dictator any longer. They actually have to do their jobs and stop with the partisan grandstanding.

Your move Democrats…

To watch the entire speech CLICK HERE


  1. Great job Mr.Trump I am a Democrat but this election I went to Republican An was glad I did until you jumped on a thought that marijuana should not be I talked to many people average people we liked the new you have but your marijuana ruling is getting all of us against you please change your thoughts back to what you campaigned about God be with you and the USA

  2. Can you fix the social security cola back to ware it was 3 persent or better we seniors are loosing money when Medicare goes up faster then our cola on ssi thank you

  3. Great move Mr. President , let’s get this country on the roll again. Let’s get all this bad behind us and make life great for the future. Thank you !!!!

  4. Really…..this man is doing everything but working across the isle! Hopefully this guy is a 1 term president! Whoever posted this needs to watch the news and see what he has been doing?

  5. Kudos to President Trump! He is the people’s president and the democrats are so angry that they are not in power any more. They can riot all they want. They are the ones dividing the country!

  6. God bless our President Trump! He will make America great again. .And we the people thank him for working hard every day to do just that. He leads by example…He “does his job”! Thank you Mr. President.

  7. WOW, Trump reached out to DEMOCRAT Governor Terry McAuliffe and asked him to give a toast! That’s all he had to do after filling Washington with Wall Street Banker and Exxon CEO’s and turning the government over to corporate rule so they can continue to rape the other 99% of all the countries economic gains.

  8. McAuliffe is a Hillary enabler & Democrat power broker-maybe he’s seen the handwriting on the wall! But be careful, Donald.

  9. The two parties can work together or just keep being counter productive. But only one process helps all citizens of our Country the other continues to divide us.


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