OH MY! After What Melania Did Last Night, Everyone In America Fell In Love With Her…

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Melania Trump is a frickin’ beautiful First Lady of the United States. She is not gettin’ down to her role as the First Lady of the Whitehouse. She has finally embraced her role. Let’s give her a cheer below in the comments!


May she bring peace and feminity to the Whitehouse! She gave a speech in honor of International Women’s day this week and her approval ratings soared by 36% to 52%. You heard that right her at Liberty Writers News. According to Daily Mail, Melania Trump is becoming beloved by the American people.

*** AND SHE’S AN IMMIGRANT. Sick that in your pipe and smoke it you race-obsessed liberals that read this page.


According to a CNN/ORC poll, 52% of Americans are now favorable of Melania. Her approval rating is skyrocketing. The new poll was conducted on March 1-4.

“I will work alongside you in ensuring that the gender of one’s birth does not determine one’s treatment in society,” Melania told guests.

You can watch the full video below:

Isn’t it great that we have a first lady that is going to make this country beautiful again. Give her a ‘GO MELANIA GO GIRL! in the comments on Facebook.

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As always, thanks for reading y’all. (h/t Daily Mail)

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  1. Loved her from the start and at that time I didn’t know she would spread fairy dust and hearts wherever she walked. Malania, you inspire this old body to get busy, get into life and sometime in the next 8yrs come to see where our federal govt eminates from. Bless you and the best family to grace the steps of the White House.

  2. Thank you Melanie Trump. You are a Beautiful Lady. We needed some true class in our Whitehouse. God Bless you and Mr. Trump!! Proud AMERICAN.

  3. Go Melania,go girl. You are so sweet and beautiful and you make the White House look like a ray of sunshine which we haven’t seen in so many, many years. You make the White House sparkle with diginty, honor, pride and beauty and much more. We The People of the United States welcome someone like you. You are a fantastic “First Lady.” We, the silent people, give you a thumbs up. We give you thanks for the peace and feminity that you have brought to our nation. You are admired by so many people. Thank you for what you are doing and going to do by standing by your wonderful husband, President Donald J. Trump. Thanks for your compassion and love of our country and we also love you as much.

  4. These writers of this, need to make a correction. Melania is not an imigrant. She was an imigrant that came into the USA legally and became a Citizen. It should be said that she imigrated to the USA and is now a Legal Citizen. The turm imigrant is only for those not yet Citizens that come in legally.

  5. Paris you are the BEST internet writer EVER!
    Enjoy your writings!
    Keep up the great News synopsis.
    I think you should get a pay raise!
    What is the phone number of your boss?

  6. Melania: I thank God that He has given you to us The American people. We so appreciate your God given talents that you use to graciously host and meet people of all races from all countries that shows the very best that America is all about. We are so pleased with your excellent consistent uplifting character. God Bless you and your family……….bill

  7. I love Melania Trump better than Obama she is such a gracious woman,Michelle was a verY bad first lady,she went for anything she could get out of us bad bad Lady!!

  8. First Lady Melania is first absolute LADY and brings intellence, brilliance, impeccable class and beauty to our Country. Always to be remembered She is. Loving Mother who rightly puts her son Barron at top of her desires to. carry her daily life. We, the citizens of this Great Country are so fortunate to call HER “First Lady of America”. May She, the President and their entire Family be Blessed and safe always.

  9. Mrs. Obama could have brought class and respect to the White House, but instead she brought liberal hate and resentment. I believe Mrs. Trump will restore that grace and class back to the White House that the American people expect.

  10. Go Melania go girl!!! I am very proud to have you as our nation’s First Lady! You are a beautiful person inside and out. May God always bless you and your family!

  11. Melania, is an awesome First Lady, and America is, indeed, fortunate to have her as our First Lady. God Bless President Trump, and our First Lady, Melania, and God Bless America.

  12. Melania, is an awesome First Lady, and America is, indeed, fortunate to have her as our First Lady. God Bless President Trump, and our First Lady, Melania. God Bless America.

  13. Go Melania go! Your awesome! Keep up the great work! You and President Trump will make America great again! Amazing!

  14. She is a BEAUTIFUL CLASSY LADY. She brought CLASS back into our WH. First time in 8 years we have a real 1st lady. GOD BLESS the TRUMPS

  15. I am so proud of you, Melanie! Thank you for your courage and grace in the midst of
    difficulties! May God bless you!

  16. Beautiful First Lady. She has so much Class she makes Michelle Obama look like an ordinary housewife. So glad She is not using clothes designers that Michelle used. They were hideous.

  17. Madman First Lady, this Country is so fortunate to have as a leader, not only for women but for what is right. Not always trying to figure out ways to take something from us, but to give back. Thank you and President Trump…..

  18. Videos suck. Why even have them when they only show the guests. Who cares about them. I was looking forward to hearing what Malania Trump said, but nothing.

  19. melania you are a beautiful and wonderful first lady thank you so much you are like a breath of fresh air we the people love you and your family our founding fathers would be proud keep doing what you’ve been doing

  20. You are the best first lady this country has had in 50 years. Keep your chin up and don’t let the liberal demonstrates get you down.

  21. I think Melania Trump is the loveliest and kindest First Lady! She is very eloquent, well-spoken and sincere! I thank her for sacrificing her otherwise lush lifestyle to assume this very demanding role. I love how she puts Barron first! Great Mom. We’re so lucky to have her!

  22. I think she is so beautiful and such a gracious lady. I thank God for her and pray He will continue to guide and protect her.

  23. Melania is absolutely lovely, and she has class and kindness! What a wonderful lady to be at President Trump’s side. She is refreshing and genuine❣️

  24. Melania, it is a pleasure once again to have a lovely and gracious First Lady who is also accomplished in her own right representing our country. Your program of choice, to stop bullying, is needed so badly. It will be a challenge given today’s climate of constant bullying from various groups trying to derail President Trump! I pray for you both and your family daily, for wisdom and guidance, and especially for the safety of each of you. May God bless your efforts richly. And may God bless America! By the way, your smile is very becoming on you. I hope to see it more often!

    Very Truly,
    Sherry Yarger

  25. Finally, the grace of Nancy Reagan and Jacki Kennedy is back in the Whitehouse in the graceful and elegant form of Melani Trump!

  26. Melania Trump is truly a treasure. The last eight years have been a nightmare, a disappointment and an insult, all rolled into one. She’s proud to be a citizen of these United States and I for one, am proud to call her my First Lady.

  27. I’m one of those liberals that you’re degrading and demeaning, which tells me a lot about you as a person. We don’t hate Melania Trump at all. We actually feel sorry for her bc we don’t feel Trump treats her right. It’s like she’s just part of the background when he’s in the room. You’re getting paid to write stories like this but you don’t need to talk down on people to get your point across if you have an accurate report. No respect for the fellow man will lead to no respect being given to you.

  28. Go Melania, go girl! You are such a beautiful, intelligent, and kind First Lady. We are blessed to have you represent the United States.

  29. Hurray for Melania! The sour grapes from the left are tedious. If I was a lib I’d seriously look at how badly it’s effected my life and become an INDEPENDENT, at the very least. OMG, I’d get new friends faster than fast, and, change my name and phone number so they couldn’t get a hold of me. Cheez, was a cluster F-ck of morons.

  30. She is Adorable and must be respected as our First Lady of Nation.She is a good First Lady to represent our country, she have a good heart, she is beautiful in and out let us count on this one beautiful aspects of Melania Trump.
    I congratulate you, First Lady Trump for that awesome message!
    We love you!

  31. I voted for TRUMP, and I support Melania to. So go first lady go, it’s been a long time since we had someone in there with class

  32. Very Proud to see there’s peace and caring with the people together it’s not over anything negitive in the world but just to enjoy!

  33. We were soooooo overdue to bring class, dignity and honor back to our White House, Thank You President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump!! We are so proud to have you as our first family along with adorable Barron and extended family.

  34. I think that anyone who says they don’t like Malania (or Ivanka) is jealous of them. How can you dislike someone you do not even know? I like what I have heard about both of them. They have done nothing to harm anyone.

  35. I have thought that from the beginning,she is a very classy lady,class is defined your demeanor,style,poise and knowing how to carry yourself in public and knowing when to talk and when not to.

  36. I’m so sorry that our nation is being so rude and disrespectful to President Trump. Thank you for being a strong and beautiful first lady. You have a beautiful family and we are here to back you. Thank you for making USE great again.

  37. “GO MELANIA GO GIRL”. We are so lucky to have a most beautiful, intelligent, elegant, FIRST LADY. Melania, and the Trump family will bring CLASS back to our White House. GOD BLESS OUR FIRST LADY!!

  38. I am so pleased that we Americans finally have a First Lady with class.
    The White House wasn’t respected for 8 years. Happy that we have a family who came about their appearance. Happy to see children back.

  39. OMG, and what a lady she is. Maybe she comes across even more stunning than she already is is because even when we thought the first lady’s position couldn’t hit the skids after Hillary Clinton took it there, The Obama woman completely trashed the position and took it into the gutter. Bad enough one was a thief and stole the People’s property from the White House, the next one robbed the already empty coffers with all her vacations traveling the world on borrowed money we are going broke trying to repay.

  40. Mrs. Trump will be a shining First Lady if folks will stop being ugly and give her a chance to step into her role. The both of them are new at this political mess. I give both of them an A+ for the great job The are doing in just a short time. I pray Gods multiplied Blessings Upon The Both Of Them and Their Lovely Families. In Jesus Name. Amen. Marilyn

  41. Go Melanie!! You are a truest beautiful person inside and out! Thank you for bringing class back to the whitehouse and our country.

  42. Thank you Melania from representing all women all over the world very very well! Also thank you for supporting your husband as president of the United States of America! We are honored to have you serve as the first lady of the United States of America !


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