SCANDAL OF THE CENTURY! Donald Trump Just Exposed Obama for HORRIBLE Crime! HERE IS THE PROOF!!

Source: (Left) Michael Vandon - https:[email protected]/ , (Right) Austen Hufford -

The “scandal-free” Obama’s may finally have just been caught red-handed. This morning President Trump took to Twitter from the Mar-a-Lago resort to reveal a HORRIFYING crime committed by Barack Obama right before he left office: Political wiretapping!


Of course, you can bet the liberal cronies at the Mainstream Media were quick to come to Fuhrer Obama’s defense. They tried to claim Trump has “no evidence” of the wiretappings to try and make him look crazy.

Well, let’s see the evidence for ourselves:

  • In June 2016, the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to spy on communications between Trump and his advisors. He was initially denied.
  • July 2016, President Trump tells a joke to his campaign audience after Clinton emails are leaked where he says, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing.” The Democrats use this one joke as the entire basis for their Trump-Russia accusations.
  • In October 2016, the Obama Justice Department filed ANOTHER FISA request to spy on a computer server in Trump Tower to look for ties to Russian banks as well as wiretap the phones. They found no evidence on the computer server but kept the wiretaps in place anyways for “national security reasons.” This is literally spying on an opposing presidential campaign using government resources.
  • In January 2017, the New York Times reports on inauguration eve that the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Treasury Department have been spying on several Trump associates “suspected of Russian ties.” This comes right AFTER Obama admin expanded surveillance capabilities of NSA to allow them to share with 16 other US agencies.

So essentially yes, Barack Obama and his cronies used a massive overhaul in federal surveillance to spy on their political opponent for their own gain and are now using it to try and force him out of office.

And, to answer President Trump’s final Tweet, you SHOULD take him to court. Shut them down once and for all. This is treason at its worst and if you have the evidence, use it to bury the corrupt Democrats once and for all!!!



  1. Trump knows with whom he is dealing. Therefore he would never say something without an evidence. Trump’s hair gray from wisdom, Obama’s hair gray because he is a wolf.

  2. Democrats spying on a Republican candidate for president, using government intelligence services, is about as low as it goes—lower than even Watergate and, moreover, is clear evidence of the actions of an emerging dictatorship that doesn’t want to give up its power.

  3. It is so sad that Trump can lie and his followers just eat it up. He has no prof and if there is any he is behind it’s existence.

  4. I would be going after Ovomit to arrest him and have his ass thrown in jail with the rest of his cronies. Never could stand the sob but at least I didn’t act like an idiot like all Killary’s people are doing. Still can’t get over the fact she didn’t get elected.

  5. these are enemies domestic and our government takes an oath to protect us from enemy combatants from within GITMO BOUND!!

  6. Yet ANOTHER reason to charge him with his crimes! HOW MANY DO WE NEED???? This man is dangerous, a snake, sneak, subversive, seditious, treasonous, treacherous, lying bastard. We do not even know if we know his true real name. He has made his commitment to the ruination of our country and our president very openly well known. WHY is he still not under arrest??? There can be no reasonable excuse for allowing him to continue to inflict his ‘fundamentally different’ agenda for our country on us. He obviously subscribes to the Muslim perception that our laws do not apply to him, and he needs to be shown once and for all that they do indeed apply to him! No one can be above the law if the law is to be enforceable at all!!

  7. Democrats do not believe that President Trump wins the election – Barack Hussein Obama thought Clinton would cover his actions

  8. why wasn’t Obama investigated in all eight years he was in office? He had terroristic ties, committed treason constantly. He hated this country, and did everything in his Power to destroy us. where were the sign ups to stop him?????

  9. It’s time we look into The Furhers true identity. Hitler opposed only one. The Establishment which is Democracy Democrat Marxist Judaism. The identity of a Jew. Jew is not a race. But the religious political left and right conservative and liberal Democrat Democracy or as The Furher along with our forefathers and Declaration of Independence describe in detail. Our Constitution along with the Constitution of The Republic of the United States and The Republic of Germany has laws pertaining to this religious political tyranny of Judaism. Also known as Catholicism and Islam. Karl Marx a Jew introduced to the world the political version of the religious political tyranny known as Communism. Communism comes from the term Communion. Communion is the ritual of eating flesh and drinkng the blood of the sacrifice. Thus is also the history of Judaism and the Jews who follow this ritual. Or The Establishment. As Hitler so eloquently put it. The financiers of every world war in the past 6016 years. We call them Democrat.

  10. I hope for your sake President Trump, that you have proof of this. I voted for you and I still have faith in you but I also know sometime you fly off the handle prematurely. If you do have proof, you need to let this country know exactly what you have. You need to get the Obamas and Clintons out in the open once and for all. If you don’t have the proof, I would advise you to admit you spoke to soon and give your “I’m sorry” asap.

  11. All this Republican / demonrat turmoil is too much like the Wylie Coyote- Road Runner cartoons.DJT is much too fast for them.

  12. Hopefully Trump will have his People in place when he comes down on Obama/Clinton and their NWO satanists who have sold out the USA.!! “We the People” are standing by, all 65 Million.

  13. “America’s #1 Writer. Considered one of the 10 most prominent Millenials in the 21st Century.”

    Hmmmm…is that according to Danny Gold?!?! What a schmuck.

  14. I hope you’re correct, but it seems you only cite newspaper reports. Do you actually know anything you put here is true or correct? What evidence is there of any order to wire-tap anyone or what they found or what happened next? Proof isn’t proof if there is no evidence. We could all be victims of a cruel hoax by the NYT, and other fake news outlets. If you know something beyond what’s floating around in the media, I’d be very interested in hearing it. Thanks, Danny.

  15. Keep blowing your trumpet Trump!!…ROT IN JAIL Obumer, Fake Birth Certificate! Fake President, AKA Barry Soetoro and his gay lover Michael! Shall we say FAKE First Lady” Gay! Along w/the Clintons, Chelsea got huge $$$$ present from Mr. Putin, Russian President on or a part of the Uranium deal! Clinton sold USA to the RUSSIANS!!! What is she talking about! OBUMAS & CLINTON CLAN… are Traitors and should be prosecuted as one! !Pizzagate! Podesta! and the rest! What is going on with the Law in DC? NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW…!!!!
    Trump is plain talking and says it as it is. None of this Political clap trap that most Politicians waffle about!!! Keep blowing your trumpet Trump!!


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