TRUMP NEEDS HELP: Look What Democrats are Going to Do To Take Him Down Any Minute Now!

Well, here it come!  The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

The Democrats Intend to Call for the Impeachment of President Trump on the House floor today! 

They’ve been wanting to impeach him since the very day they all lost their minds…on election day when he won the office of the POTUS!

Democrat Al Green has tweeted that he intends to call for President Trump’s impeachment this morning:

Green initially said he wanted to wait a few weeks to seek impeachment but it seems he’s decided to jump the gun and go for it today.  According to him (any obviously the media of which he is a sheep) President Trump has obstructed justice in the ongoing investigation of alleged ties between his Presidential campaign and Russia.

What is impeachment?  It’s where the House of Representatives brings charges of misconduct against a President.  That’s it…they allege he did something wrong.  It’s up to the Senate, by a 2/3 vote, to convict him of said allegations.  That’s hard to achieve, ya’ll.

We all know the Democrats have gotten fully engulfed in the media blood frenzy against Trump.  They start salivating at innuendo and conjecture, just hoping something will stick. Like this alleged Comey “memo.”  Things are moving fast in DC, but, as of this writing, no one has actually seen it!  Geez!!!

Get ready, guys.  Things have been very ugly and they are about to get worse.  We’ve got to keep up our support for our President.  SHARE this everywhere and comment with #ISupportMyPresident.  [H/T The Hill]

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  1. Definitely STAND with our President! The loonies have NO credibility and no cause or reason to try to impeach him. The only reason I can think of for their continuing this lunacy is they are afraid of being brought to justice for all the wrongs they themselves have committed over the past years.

    • Democrats do not do fairness & justice, or reasonableness & logic. Don’t you wonder what they’re so terribly afraid of?

  2. they are jumping the gun again. He’s not getting impeached. So now the Dems just made themslelves look stupid once again.

    • Their good at that. This dumb MF is a racist Sh’t bag. Doesn’t say a word bout O but comes after the white man.

        • Lisbeth that is what you think, If you African American and democrat you can get away with crab like Obama did you are white and republican they lynch you thats what they are doing to President Trump

      • Liberals are always in the right, remember? They truly are skilled at inverting black and white, good into bad. Horrible things can only become righteous when spoken by them

    • Hell it didn’t take much to make them stupid as they proved that when they voted for Hillabeast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This whole Russian thing was made up by the Democratsa as it is – just bogus & has been all along. There is nothing to it. Frankly, I an sick to death of it & rarely read anything anymore. Our Gov’t is sicko all the way…………..They just never quit & they are the drama democrats!

    • Look’s like the old has been’s are looking for the lime light again but this time they won’t fine it because their going out as election day will soon arrive and then they can kiss our ass as we will show them the people’s justice.

  4. Based on what proof other than their lies and inuendos. . . what a sick bunch of swamp sludge. I marvel at how they show their chilcren and grandchildren . . . what hate can do and what poor sportsmanship is . . . What a bunch of slop.

  5. We STAND for the President…against.atrocious attacks from people with agendas to TAKE DOWN America. It’s not just the President they are attacking…It’s ALL OF US.

  6. You the people of America have to turn back to God. REPENT. Humble yourselves under His Mighty Hand so that in due time He may exalt you. The only prescription for this indescribable situation is PRAYER and MORE PRAYER. Not little easy peasy prayers. Stand in the Gap for President Donald J. Trump. If he is overtaken you can COUNT on a MARXIST, COMMUNIST Government led by Barack Hussein Obama and aided and abetted by Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton and the rest of the Democrats. IT’S your choice. I don’t live there., I don’t vote there but I CARE.

    • Thank you for caring! We are trying. I pray every single day for our POTUS! I know he is the Lord’s servant, and he was chosen to bring our country back to God. He can do it, but he needs our support. I read that the traitors in the White House are trying to discourage him with only negative responses to everything he is doing! Twitter is blocking positive remarks to him. He needs to know that we, the people, have his back! I am trying to get EVERYONE to send him a birthday card next month. His birthday is June 14th, and I want millions of cards sent to the White House. He needs to know we support him! Please start this in your country! Thank you and God bless you for your love of the Lord and all His children!

      • I will mark down his birthday and send him a card. Another Christian advised me to day to pray for “FACT BASED EVIDENCE”. We must pull out all the plugs. Plead the Blood of Jesus over him. Over the White House. Over everyone that comes, goes or stays in the White House. Over Air Force One and its crew and maintenance crew. Over Saudi Arabia and its government, Over Israel and its Government, Over the POPE. HE NEEDS ALOT OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER HIM.

        • me too if that’s the only way to get positive messages through to the President then I’m all for it….LET’S DO IT

  7. Senate Judiciary Committee requests all Comey memos related to Pres. Trump *and* Pres. Obama, as well as Trump & Obama DOJ officials

    • It would be best for Mr. Trump to save time and energy in not cleaning the swamp instead he should just blow it the hell up.

  8. Apparently we have Representatives in the HOuse who are incompetent at best and mentally ill at worst that should be removed.

    • he’s a brave, strong man to endure all the daily slander like he does. help from on high would explain a lot. God bless. Line from old movie “Trust in God, but keep your powder dry”!!

    • Prior to the election I prayed too God Almighty that Trump would win and he did , I realize that it wasn’t just my prayer but the prayer of million’s as Queen crooked Hillary would have flushed the nation down the toilet and enjoyed doing it.

  9. I think we should start bringing charges against these dems. also why the rep. not chargeing these assholes on all the shit they r finding out about them i swear most of them have shit over their heads i think it is time for a major change in our gov. fired most if not all and start over.

  10. Mr. Trump, don’t worry, help is on the way now.
    I can help Mr. President Trump. Since I am an US POW in Taiwan, I have repeated asked the Obama and Hillary’s treason acts, they control the whole US government for 8 years, left the US citizen behind, they have receiving bribe from Taiwan terrorist government, laundering money through Taiwan Mega Bank, the Panama account, the New York , Los Angeles Mega bank accounts, i have all evidence can prove all of these.

  11. I totally stand with President Trump! These insane left wing Liberals need to be prosecuted for intentional harassment. There needs to be something done to stop this insane madness!!!!

    • You know Barbara Vollick has a good idea in suggesting that everyone send a birthday card to Mr. Trump for support and that really should help, his birthday is June 14th, I know I’m going too do that how about all of us do that ?

  12. Trump supporters, lets all call for the impeachment of all Democrats and have just one party all the bad seed needs to go,just because he fired Comey don’t give them a reason to impeach …Obama is the who should have had his a@# impeached time for a protest against them

    • I wonder if that could really be done ? I guess we could could state a message on face book to have the bum’s impeached and just maybe it might help but everyone who voted for Mr. Trump would have to do that and all at the same time……..any idea’s on how we could do that ???

  13. Al Green, you are the dumbest, RACIST, ignant Mother F’er to walk to face of the earth. You allowed O to violate every law of the land but, the min a white man is POTUS, you lose your damn mind. STFU and sit down. You look stupid. Almost as stupid as maxine, or pelosi, or mccain, and on, and on.

    • You hit the nail smack on the head as they have no idea of what will happen if they continue…………they just might see a revolution that would make all past revolution look small.

  14. I knew Green before he was elected to Congress as a matter of fact he performed the wedding ceremony for me and my wife. He was the one of the nicest persons you could meet.

    But something changed when he went to Washington. Everyone I know who knows him cannot believe who he has turned into and it is not for the better. He has become extremely racist and everything is Black, Black and Black. It has to be from hanging out with people like Shiela Jackson-Disgrace, Maxine the Socialist and Al Sharptongue-Racebaiter.

    Many Whites who supported him over the years are deeply disturbed by his actions now. He used to be a fair Judge when he was on the bench but has become nothing more than a Democrat hack. The old Green would have waited for facts to be presented but now he is strictly party line that the Democrats demand. The Dems are so tied to party line that they would probably fit right in in Communist Russia. In Russia if you did not tow the party line you were either killed, disappeared or sent to Siberian prisons.

    • The democratic party has become the New American Communist Party. That’s why the old American Communist Party didn’t field a candidate in the 2016 election. Al Green was most probably introduced to the Communists within the Democratic Party when he first came to DC.. I’m sure it happens to all freshmen congressmen & women, same with freshmen senators! Speaking of Siberian prisons, try looking up FEMA CAMPS IN THE US TODAY.

  15. Just some more bullshit. He can’t do that. Total bullshit. There’s to many people standing with Trump and he has done nothing wrong. They have been after him since day one and I’m so so sick of it all. Hang in Donald we are proud of you.

  16. “We the People” better start fighting harder for what we believe! Trump cant do it alone!! Its up to u.s.!! Start praying for him with all your might. GOD can stop this, if its his will!! Please Jesus hold his hand and let no weapon forged against him prosper! Amen


  18. They are doing this because they know Trump is going to nail them all for their nefarious deeds. They feel the pull of the “drain”. Continue to pray for President Trump and let him know that we are behind him via twitter, email etc.

  19. I ask all democrats to please attempt to impeach President Donald J. Trump today, tomorrow or any day you see fit.. It will be the beginning of the end of the democratic party in the United States of America.. Be aware, that when the situation arises, just like any war time, the possible treasonous ones are put into internment camps until they are proved to be without harm to the American people.. These liberal socialist democrats and their media followers will not make it out of these camps for years.. It will be time to Lock & Load and keep these people away from the general public until they realize 85% of all American’s do not want George Soros’ “New World Order” or a country of people on welfare for life.. Today is Donald Trump’s time, not the lowly democrats..

  20. The President needs to hire a new FBI director and investigate corruption within his on ranks as well as Hillary and the OBAMA regime. That’s what the Washington elite are afraid will happen that’s why the deep state exist, if Trump doesn’t get them then their going to get him..

  21. All this is not a surprise to me, from the very first when there were so many republicans in the running for POTUS I listened to Mr Trump both then current speeches and what he had been saying for 20 plus years prior. I thought then as I do now that although he certainly isn’t the silver tongue bullshit artist that are most politicians in our government He is an intelligent individual dedicated to our country. This being said we can understand how so many in politics are in it for what they can take for themselves are so afraid of President Trump. Ever wonder how so many politicians became rich and “serve” so many years in office, it’s power and money. Mr Trump already had the money so he can’t be bought off, He left a very cushy and comfortable lifestyle for the thankless job he has assumed for we the people. He is upsetting their apple cart so be sure they will do everything in their power to try to discredit him.

  22. Each and everyone who is stupid enough to try to impeach the Best President America has ever had is too stupid to hold their own office and should not be re-elected EVER !!!

  23. If these idiot Dem’s spent as much time working in their districts as they do finding fault with the President, we would all be better off…..

  24. Didn’t happen……More unreliable information. This is getting to be ridiculous. Stop giving these Democrats attention for absolutely NOTHING. PLEASE.

  25. I support our President 100%. The Democrats are crazy.for disrupting our legislators and their important business with such nonsense. We are sick of this. Get on with important legistlation.

  26. Well now Trump can clearly KNOW these cheap criminal politicians won’t stop causing truble & I truly hope he & his people put cases on most of the left who let Obama rape American taxpayers & call us stupid & dumbed down, we who elected Trump demand he goes after them full throttle

  27. If the asshole Democrats pull their insane stunt and vote to impeach President Trump there WII BE a Civil War in our country, pitting Conservative Patriots against the Communist Democrats. There are no grounds for Impeachment of President Trump but, There were 101 grounds to impeach Obama and yet they did nothing. Trump has far more SUPPORT out here than those Communist Democrats who never venture out in public can ever imagine. Pull your stunt and you will feel the WRATH of THE PEOPLE!

    • You said it and the people will fight against the dirty , crooked , lying, money hungry , power hungry bastards.

  28. Don’t these morons recognise the public and worse – INTERNATIONAL JOKE they are making of and presenting of the USA political system – especially the DNC!? – The stupidity of thier claims and the contradiction of USA’s claims to export “Democracy” around the world? Totally shaming USA in the eyes of the world – everyone in EU and other countries is just sneering and laughing. Even heard “Communists have taken over America” and that’s pretty common in conversations –

  29. Yes you do it for political purpose. You are a disgrace to America!!! Keep trying to railroad our President and you will risk losing your position. AMERICA is fed up with your antics and all you are doing to hurt our country!!!

  30. I call for Green’s Impeachment! Trump is the best president since Reagan! He’s the only President that has gone into office and is trying like HELL to keep his Campaign promises! We need to impeach all the DAMNOCRATS! They are useless!

  31. I definitely support my President! I also feel the Democrats need a mental health intervention at this point. Their dissillisionment, anger, and greed has tipped themover the edge. They are like dogs with a good bone, or more aptly, like rabid dogs!

  32. Senator Al Green is a total incompetent. How do people like him keep getting elected? It doesn’t say much for his constituents, This country needs another Eugene McCarthy! He was right in the late forties and early fifties as he still would be today. ALL AMERICANS NEED TO READ THE BOOK BY John Stormer TITLED “NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON” That book will enlighten readers as to what Communistic Democrats have already done and Intend yet to do to sell out these United States and other countries to a SINGLE WORLD POWER.! The book was published in 1965 and a sequel was published in 1991. I read both of them. Everyone else should too!.

  33. The DemoRATS are insane, poor losers whom are scared to death of this great President Donald J. Trump… they will NEVER impeach him… We just need to trust God’s plan.and let Pres. Trump know we are behind him and trust him 100 %. God bless America and Pres. Trump and all his family and Lord, please take the traitors out of office.

  34. Anyone connected to this is a loser. I am ashamed of them all. I definitely STAND WITH MY PRESIDENT. They must all be sick in their heads. Get over it DONALD J. TRUMP won the election and is doing a fine job. He has done more these last few months for the good of this country, then has been done in the last 8 years.

  35. This is show boating. They have nothing to impeach him on. Trump is doing a outstanding job. Ignore them and let it be known that you support President Trump. They are despicable. Please remember these acts come re election. They deserve to be voted out.

  36. ok, does he think he could open his eyes while saying this?? what an idiot.. i want to know where all these ppl were when bo was pres.. ?? Giving Terrorists Billions of Dollars in Cash.. in the night from a plane!!!!! where were all of them during his whole 8 years of evil reign???? So you call Impeachment.. I call you an Idiot..

  37. Get real this is nothing to impeach the President for, No matter what . Liberty news you should know that . Stop writing none sense.The Democrats can scream as much as they want to scream is all they can do.

  38. And WHERE is their EVIDENCE ? Empty words don’t cut it with just wild insane accusations ! And INSANE is the right word !
    And where were they when daily Obama committed Treason ? They are who should be impeached for dereliction of duty for 8 long years !
    The Entire Dem Party needs to be charged with all kinds of obstruction of justice with all they have done and WE HAVE ALL KINDS OF EVIDENCE ! So they had better watch out !
    The Dems are obviously fearful of what truths come out on each one of them as real investigations show all there pedo’s and Obstructions and crimes !
    This action right here on Green’s part exposes his involvement in it !
    Anyone who opposes Trump’s agenda to this degree are guilty of it as they are fiercely trying to hide it and cover it up with such insane actions as this ! THAT IS THEIR MISTAKE !

    Everyone take names of those who vote with Al Green for this insanity and then WE will go after them and impeach them and charge them with their crimes AND we will know who the pedo’s are !! THAT is what they are most fearful of !
    WE will put them all in prison where they belong !


  40. insane wet dream of al green. I suppose men with no real power either personal or political find all this very amusing and like a vulture coming in for the carcass…… eat him alive.

  41. There was talk of Obummer being impeached for 8 years and nothing ever happened so very unlikely they will be able to impeached President Trump in the next 8 years! I fully support our AWESOME POTUS!

  42. The Democrats are afraid of all the dirt that will surface VERY SOON on them. The sooner they get Trump out of office the better.. But wait ! we the people know the dirt . The MSM wont report it. Comey covered for them… Ask Comey how Howdy Doody is ? That will get his attention…
    D.C is a very deep murky swamp filled to the rim with pedophiles. That is why they want Trump gone. Because he knows who they are. Biden, Bush sr, Kaine,Schumer, to name a few…

  43. Just shared! Everyone write “I support our President”and then share,we all need to do our job!

  44. Demtards are all idiot snowflakes that will melt soon. They are against any and all the U.S.A. stands for. Send them all to the front lines, protect our troops. Let them take the bullets.
    A VET!!!!!

  45. What lunacy, these Dems are dumber than Rocks. He has done nothing that would even quality impeachment. Keep up your stupid circus aholes, soon there will be even fewer Dems holding office. I Stand with TRUMP!!!

  46. There has to be a proven reason to impeach. What is it this time? Our President has done nothing wrong except make the Dems and Liberals look very very stupid!! That they are!

  47. It’s time for all Conservatives to fight back. Don’t go silently. Raise your voices. That’s how the liberals have won for so long. The noisy wheel gets greased.

  48. I”m going to tell you this only once. Listen closely: they ain’t taking down Trump. Trump has God on his side. Get it. Shut up now

  49. It’s so stupid, why would you impeach him? Are people so blind that you can’t even see what’s going on in front of you? Trump is already improving our country. He’s doing what he said he would, there’s nothing to be dissatisfied about. People can just make up something and try to impeach the president with It. Hahaha, It’s not going to work. Just give up already, you lost six months ago. Goodness gracious, what is wrong with people? So glad god Is on our side and Hillary hadn’t won the election, we certainly wouldn’t be here.

  50. Where are all these aliens coming from that are jerking with Trump. God o mighty let him do his work. When do they work?

  51. Sounds like we need to get some contractors into the house of reps to turn half of it into a looney bin. Get some pink pads and metal doors for the Dems offices…

  52. I stand with my President from day 1,these liberals have done everything and anything to destroy him it’s so sick and disgusting. They need to all be put in jail!

  53. There is absolutely nothing that they can do to unseat Trump unless Elohim, Almighty God Himself allows it.

  54. I read that impeachment proceedings have to initiated by the majority party, not some ugly Joe of a Democrat.
    So what voters should do is contact their member of Congress, speaking out against any impeachment attempts.
    Also, the alleged Comey memo, where Trump is said to hope he will go easy on Flynn, is said to be dated some time after that investigation was over. So it must be fraudulent.

  55. I have yet to see any evidence of collusion or anything else! These loonie toons Democrats have totally lost any credibility with mainstream America when they support someone like Maxine Water & Schumer, et al. As for the Republicans that are standing with the Democrats, just one more reason to get rid of BOTH PARTIES AND START OVER! The political scene in America has become a worldwide laughingstock because of the refusal to accept what America VOTED FOR AND WON! Are they not aware that if they impeach Trump, that Mike Pence, a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN will become our POTUS? Are they really that stupid? Well, the answer is yes! I SUPPORT TRUMP 100%! A DEPLORABLE (remember, a name given us by the corrupt Hillary) AND PROUD OF IT!

  56. I got a call from A.I.T. from Taipei, I set an appointment to meet at their Taipei office tomorrow on 5-19-2017, I will claim as US POW in Taiwan, also I will also tell them about the money laundry through Taiwan Mega Bank in Taipei, through Panama branch, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Taiwan has bribe Obama and Hillary for money laundry while I was under Taiwan’s prison terms, they left me behind and adhere to our enemy- the Taiwan Terrorist government, they have made mail attack on my California homes, and made perjuries on robbing my pharmaceutical factory property in Taiwan, and violate the free of speech to sentence me to 5 years in jail,Taiwan is completely our enemy and Obama, Hillary still sold billions of dollars of arms to our enemy, this is treason accusation. American should come first.

  57. Trump never won the popular vote, a fact he and his supporters dismissed. Do away with the electoral college (which he paid off) and he will never win another election


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