CASE CLOSED: Gingrich Just Exposed Mueller For Who He Really Is…and it’s INFURIATING

Source: Youtube, ABC

Newt Gingrich is continuing his crusade to expose Special Counsel Mueller’s phony and unfair investigation into President Trump’s Russia connections. He appeared on ABC’s This Week to outline his case that Mueller has been putting highly partisan lawyers on his legal team.

“You tell me why the first four names that came up, I don’t know about the next nine, but the four names are all people who gave to Democrats. Two of them are people with a record of hiding evidence from the defense, and one of them is a person who defended the Clinton Foundation.”

Boom! You can always count on Newt Gingrich to tell it like it is. He followed this up with even stronger words, saying:

“Now, in this environment with a Justice Department where 97 per cent of the donations last year went to Hillary, explain to me why I should relax as a Republican.”

One of the four lawyers Gingrich mentioned has recently been cleared of having donated, however the three remaining have strong connections to Democrats:

  • Andrew Weissmann- Donated $2,300 to Obama’s 2008 campaign and $2,000 to the DNC in 2006.
  • Janniee Rhee- Donated $2,700 to Clinton’s presidential campaign and $7,300 to Obama’s two presidential campaigns. She also represented the Clinton Foundation in 2015 and helped get a federal judge to prevent Bill and Hillary from testifying in a deposition in a lawsuit filed by a conservative activist.
  • James Quarles- Donated close to $33,000 to various Democratic Presidential political campaigns and more than $20,000 to groups helping Democrats get elected to the House and Senate.

These lawyers have spent big money to keep Democrats in power, and cannot be trusted to be unbiased investigators. Newt Gingrich was totally right to call them out. Check out his epic rant below!

The media will never report on possible corruption in Mueller’s investigation, so we have to get this past them and share it 1 million times!

(h/t The Daily MailThe Washington Examiner)


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