CNN Just Caught Doing Something Sick With Muslims In This Video… WATCH BEFORE DELETED

Image Source: Twitter

This is what we call fake news. CNN just got caught creating a pro-Muslim narrative just hours after the most recent London Terror Attack. You can see it below in the YouTube video titled “CNN staging the narrative before making report, they are truly Fake News!” and it shows CNN’s reporter Becky Anderson directing “Muslim Mothers” to get behind her to rally to support the London Police.

Anderson is a seasoned veteran whose bio says that she is “based in CNN’s Abu Dhabi Bureau, allowing her a distinctive regional perspective on some of today’s most important news stories, including the deepening humanitarian crisis in Syria, continuing unrest in the wake of the Arab Spring and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process.” She is not a rookie. This is normal stuff.

Here is the final clip.

Here is what Brian Stelter, Reliable Sources, offered this explanation:

Yeah. Right. We all know CNN is fake news. They helped Hillary Clinton during the campaign. THEY DO REPORT REAL NEWS.

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Why is this channel still on cable at this point? Who watches them? … Terrorists?

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  1. This is what we call ‘Fake News’ – CNN just got caught creating a pro-Muslim Narrative just hours after the most recent London terror attack. A You Tube video titled: “CNN staging the (narrative) (before) making (report”). They are truly ‘FAKE NEWS’


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