Right Before Comey Testifies, Trump Did Something That Will Have Him SQUIRMING

Image Source: C-Span

President Trump is always working.  He’s always doing his best to Make America Great Again, isn’t he?

This morning, in his trademark-a tweet-he announced his pick for NEW and IMPROVED FBI Director:  Former Assistant Attorney General Chris Wray.

Cool!  An attorney!  You know I like that!  “Impeccable credentials!”  And  he must be smart!  Especially since President Trump chose him.  I mean, he’s a Yale graduate…good school!  And he’s served as an attorney in the Justice Department, in their criminal division.

Here’s the Top 5 Things we need to know about Mr. Wray:

Looks like Mr. Wray is just what the FBI needs:  smart, well-educated, experienced!  And don’t you love President Trump’s timing?  Just a day before Comey is going to testify to Congress, something that has the liberals drooling like dogs!

But I don’t know why.  The President doesn’t seem too worried about it, as demonstrated by that fact that he didn’t even try to block his testimony!

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[H/T The Wall Street Journal]



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