Seconds Ago Mike Pence Made a BLOODY Miracle Happen… The Media Won’t Even Show It

Image Source: Twitter

Vice President Pence donated blood to support the victims of the Republican shooting last week. What a patriot! Right? He did so to support the Republican Senators.

It’s no surprise that Pence did this. Mike is a patriot. He was on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to participate in the Senate Republican Policy Lunch.

Here is what Pence said about Scalise when the sad event just happened.

Other Lawmakers showed up with Pence to participate in the blood drive. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif) said that “Donating blood today at the blood drive in Capitol Hill.”

The media isn’t even showing this. Seriously. They aren’t showing this at all. It’s disgusting. Share this with every single Trump supporter you know and let’s show the world how amazing Mike Pence is.

Look what there is on Google when you search this.

Get this out there and help show America how great the Trump admin really is. Thanks for reading y’all. (h/t Washington Examiner)


  1. I donated over 2 gallons in my time as a teacher during our annual blood drives. We all did. It’s no big deal.

  2. People give blood all the time, including myself, since I was 18 and I’m 45 now.

    This is not something to brag about, hopefully Mile Pence has been doing this all his life, that will impress me.

  3. I’m so proud of the Republican Party, it’s over for Demacrats, as you can see, money is more important to the democrats than the American people. We the people have Won. No more lies, hatred, murders, you the democrats have lost again. God bless America and Mr Trump.

  4. Mike Pence is just the kind of guy America needs as our Vice President. He is Christian based in his thinking, honorable in his actions, and patriotic for America.

    The lamestream media (can you say communist propaganda arm of the democratic party) knows VP Pence is a truly good man. The lack of coverage for something as honorable as a simple blood draw; is just to much for the liberal press to acknowledge. That is another reason REAL AMERICANS are turning away from them every day.

    Mike Pence will make another great president in 8 years.

  5. Way to go Vice shows u r a great American..and all of us down South r behind and stand with u and our great PRESIDENT TRUMP..dont let those libs and dems bring u down ..ty Sir..We r proud


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